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  1. Hi All, Hope you all are doing good. We are having cutting text/contents when printing or printing/exporting to PDF. We usually print stuff on Letter Size, however sometimes a different page orientation or size is requested. Is there an option to auto fit all the contents (fields, text, headings, graphics etc.) on the page no matter what page type and orientation is selected? Please help, thanks
  2. Hi All, Hope you all are doing well. Not very FM savvy, need your help! I'm looking a syntax solution for something like this: If condition meets FormIsGood is Yes, then a button appears that will be able to trigger script that imports/copies(append) current record(or few of the fields of current record) into our MASTER DB. In a little more detail: We have two databases, one is transition and other is master. The registrations we receive stores inside transition, an admin staff verifies that registration record and then copies(appends) the record (some fields) to the m
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