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  1. Ok, by doesn't work I meant that it does not perform the calculation leaving the field with no data or only with the zeros contained in " " Thank you for the help/patience, I'll try to post the example file.
  2. Lastly, I am trying to condtion this calculated fields to generate data only if related to the special client, but I find its only working in some cases. Example: Works If ( c_client = "VIP" ; GetAsNumber ( Lot ) ; "" ) Doesn't work If ( c_client = "VIP" ; SerialIncrement ( "00" ; Day ( ProductionDate ) ) & SerialIncrement ( "00" ; Month ( ProductionDate ) ) & Right ( Year ( ProductionDate ) ; 2 ) ; " " ) If ( c_client ="VIP" ; Right ( "0000000000" & LotQuantity ; 6 ) & ".00" ; " " )
  3. you are my hero, it worked flawlessly, thank you so much!😁
  4. Thanks Ocean for the quick reply, your advice solved my issue of removing the unwanted separators and letters! 😀 Comment, is there a way to take the date and display it or store it showing DDMMYY? In my original post I forgot to mention that in my barcode the date needs to show up in 6 digits. I think FM lets you display 2 digit year dates on layout mode but stores them as 4 digit years for better data accuracy... is there a way to take the stored date and convert it to a 2 digit year via a calculation ?
  5. Hi guys! I am new to the forum and certainly not an expert on FM, I am currently implementing a Code128 barcode for some labels a client of our small business requires us. Created a field that combines the data I need into one string of data for the barcode generator plugin of FM19 to use. The issue is with two of those fields First a date field: I have a production date field 01/05/2021 and I need that data displayed without the separators (01052021) Second a lot field: I have a lot field formated M00045 and I need that data without the letters (0004
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