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  1. Sorry, I'm at a loss. Following your description my system behaves differently. Setting the variable like you wrote and running the Send Event Set Variable [ $filepath ; Value: "Dynatect/T&M's/GC/PDF/RA-87060/RA-87060-1.pdf" ] Send Event [ “aevt” ; “odoc” ; "cmd /c md " & Quote ( "c:\Users\Test\Desktop/" & $filepath ) ] it creates this folder structure: and this won't work as I said before. You'd have to set the path to "Dynatect/T&M's/GC/PDF/RA-87060/". Maybe it's your OneDrive setup but I don't really think so (have you tried a regular, not synced location?).
  2. It may be a timing issue. The "Send Event" sends off a command that runs parallel to the FileMaker script. Maybe the folder is not created fast enough before FileMaker tries to save the PDF into it. Try inserting something like Pause/Resume Script [ Duration (seconds): 3 ] after the Send Event. By the way, all this wouldn't be an issue in the current version of FileMaker. "Save Records as PDF" can create the missing folders on it's own for some time now.
  3. According to your description your are using the "Send Event" to execute the "md" command with the parameter "c:\...\Desktop/" & AA File Path. That would be something like md "c:\...\Desktop/.../PDF/RA-87060/RA-87060-1.pdf" This would create another folder(!) called "RA-87060-1.pdf" inside the "RA-87060" folder. FileMaker cannot create the actual pdf file by that name if a folder with the same name already exists. Do you see that pdf folder after your test run or did I understand your description wrong?
  4. You are passing the file path including the filename to the md command (AA File Path). Won't that create a folder with the name of the file at that location, like a folder called "RA-87060-1.pdf"? Then that folder is blocking the creation of the actual pdf document.
  5. VPN usually does not require that much resources. It's more likely a network configuration or a bandwidth issue. Another machine probably won't help much. If there's no error and you are limited by network speed, you might consider doing the "heavy lifting" on the server by running the import script there (script schedule or Perform Script on Server). You'd need a server license for the plugin, though.
  6. My guess would be that "EmailReadMessages" does not actually complete on your home machine and that's when the underlying Java process shows up with the retrieval message. I'd check that in the debugger. If it does go to the next script step, check the return value of EmailReadMessages and/or Get(LastError). I'm a little confused by your "Import" screenshot, though. I assume there is an import script step later in the script but I don't see the direct connection to EmailReadMessages. As you suggested, limiting the number of emails might also help.
  7. Did you check the second/third option mentioned in that article? AFAIK the app does not have to be running to transfer files that way.
  8. Your description is pretty abstract "I see a FileMaker window", so I'm not sure if you are the developer of this solution. If so, you should probably use the debugger to check where the script actually hangs. Check return values / error codes of the single script steps. Maybe try to replicate the problem on a local file (not the hosted one via VPN) to narrow it down. Otherwise I suggest contacting the developer. This could an issue that the plugin has on your machine or a networking problem (although those usually result in a timeout and an error message).
  9. There is just a version history with nothing but the version number and the corresponding FileMaker version (latest is 19.3.1), license info and a link to this guide: https://help.claris.com/en/data-migration-tool-guide/content/index.html
  10. My account over there is type "partner" and I can open the page (with download links). AFAIK the developer subscription is included in our partner membership.
  11. If you haven't found a solution yet: I don't see, why find wouldn't work, maybe something is wrong with your relationship between Control and Customers. You say, find doesn't work on any field - can you at least search by fields of the Control table? Can you find records as admin user? Is the privilege restriction defined for the Control table or the Customer table or both?
  12. I'm not sure, if I understand the semantics correctly. But shouldn't you add gTank_Name=Tank_Name as a second match field pair to your relationship?
  13. We're using these ACL style lists to manage record-level access. The FileMaker privilege set checks the record id against a list of ids in a protected global field for access. This global field is filled by a startup script with the allowed ids from this ACL table. Would you see this as "mimicking"? We need a way to dynamically control who has access to which records.
  14. Thanks for the suggestion and sorry for the confusion. I just used the attendance scenario in my example file, my actual use case felt harder to explain.
  15. Sorry for the confusion. I just used the Courses relationship in my example file for easy explanation. Actually we're assigning access rights between accounts and entities in the database in a relationship like this, but I didn't want to complicate the basic problem. Your "object attributes" example is probably more to the point. Thank you so much for the example file! I think I'll go with this "fake checkbox" idea. In my experience, unstored values in lists or portals can become a little sluggish pretty quickly, but the involved tables are not very large in this case. Thanks again for the quick replies!
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