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  1. I created this before your comments, as it was requested before. I appreciate your frankness & honesty.
  2. Anyone had a chance to look at the sample database? Still struggling with this. I appreciate it.
  3. Here is a sample file. I would like the Quality field to max() and then have a way to make that into something that will allow my conditional formatting. Thanks for all your help Sample_Database 2.fmp12
  4. Maybe. I don't think it helped me fix my problem with min max of a field for multiple records. I am still very much stuck.
  5. I have a feeling from googling, that the answer may be similar to this post: But as the answer is behind a dead link, I cannot find it. I assume reporting (which is something I know nothing about may hold the key)
  6. A Smiley would be a good idea too. I still don't really know how I would get the logic to work to calculate the value though. Basically I have a table called Hole Information, the tab filters by value in Field 1 which is say Hole 01 or Hole 02 for example. So each tab is Hole 01 and Hole 02 data. I then need it to take that search and match all records with that Hole number and the quality_index of 1-6. There could be say 20 records for that hole and I just need to find the Max or MIN. I did have the thought of having another table that has a field for each hole that was based on the calculation and produced the min number for that hole, which I could then easily look up for either smileys or formatting I think. but again how I write the min or max for all record within that filter is beyond me at this point.
  7. Hello. I may be aiming to do something that isnt possible and hence not able to do it, but thought I would ask before I gave up. I have a set of tabs in a layout, that shows multiple records below (based on a portal record filter.) It is cell tower information on signal strength. I have a field that for each record shows if the Quality of service is good or poor etc. I want to be able to make a conditional format, so that if there are say 5 records, if 3 are excellent, one is good and one is poor, the tab is marked with a colour to indicate poor (Being the lowest quality on that tab. I have gone around this by using a calc that marks a field as 1-6 numeric value with 1 being best and 6 being worst. My aim in this was to make it easier than words for the coding, but I just cant get it to work. My process was to take the number and try and use a Max() for that field and then if that number equaled 6 say, it was red and the same code but if the value was 1 it would be green. Currently my formatting is as such as a test as to any formatting of the tab by a field at all. I cant even get this to work on the tab. Hole Information::Quality_index = "1" But originally it was this with the max qualifications. Max ( Hole Information::Quality_index) = "1" I hope that makes sense.
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