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  1. to give a short answer: one file = one broad class of data (companies, people, vendors, cases, etc.). the more detailed answer: (1) If I want to extend any of the broad class definitions (e.g. add “notes” to cases) just extend one module rather than having Notes.Cases, Notes.People, Notes.Companies, etc. all cluttering lists, relationships graph, and getting very confused. If I want to extend an extension (again using notes as an example adding “attached files” to a note for example) it’s only valid for that occurrence of notes (it might make sense to have “attached files” in say a customer support notes module (For things like attached PDF documentation), but not in the notes for a person where things like abusive customer warnings would go. (2) By keeping “system” and “user” data separate, if the user is doing regular backups (which they should be) and only cares about *their* data and not things like user accounts, preferences, etc. they can reload from scratch, drop in their backup files, and re-configure… like it never even happened (3) was having some issues in scripting a fallback OnLastWindowClose (Original Idea: everything in one file possibly multiple windows, if the user closes the launchpad (with all the buttons to do things, it should re-spawn unless the user explicitly does something else to close the application (accidentally created an endless loop doing that). As opposed to new idea: have all the front-end layouts, developer credits, about screen, help, preferences, accounts/privileges, etc. in a separate file distinct from actual data files thus it acts as a single front-end and the user never really sees behind the curtain (unless i can call layouts from external files)). Thus, if user closes it… they meant to close it. (4) I’ve seen it done a few times and wanted to “try a stupid idea that’s probably more trouble than it’s worth…” since I’m not distributing my work right now… why not move fast and break… uh, (things?)… yes, “things” is the right word that goes on the end of that sentence…. the only way to get better is to learn by doing, learn by trying new things, etc. for awhile (when i first started out), I wasn’t even touching scripting (looked daunting and my attitude was “Who needs scripts? Everyone who runs this is going to have FileMaker, have a mouse and keyboard, and be proficient with it… fast-forward to now and I’m trying to push scripts to some weird places) back in the day… now that i’ve got a few scripts under my belt, while not perfect or very good… I’m getting better and more confident with that capability hope this explanation helps
  2. Hello again: i’ve decided to re-architect Vendor Experience using a multi-file approach as follows: -VX.fp12: Main file with all scripts, users, credits, etc. —vendor.fp12: vendors file with only a single vendor table —Address.fp12: address file — person.fp12: the person file containing a person table and a notes table (one person can have many notes) my questions are as follows: 1. Do I need to define the layouts (people, person note, vendor, address) in their respective file or can those be stored with the main file? 2. Do I build me relationships in the sub-files (e.g. bring in the vendor table from the vendor file to link vendor ID to managing vendor ID in the person file) or should all tables have an occurrence in the relationships graph in the main file? 3. Is there a way to cascade accounts down the chain (create them once and no matter which file is opened in FileMaker Pro/Advanced, the user must log on? the reason I decided to go this route is if I decide to add more functionality in the future, I’m not trying to stuff everything into 1 database. Thus each module of the system gets its own file
  3. It’s a mix of OSs all on a completely isolated network. The newest thing on my lab network is my windows 8.1 laptop else all servers run 2003 and all clients run anything from XP to 7. The only computer that moves between my lab and the real world is the laptop so yes, still running old software because that’s all my fixed income can afford unless I get a 2nd hand from a friend or relative and for the love of God I refuse to run windows 10 or newer. It’s full of spyware, it runs too slow on my old hardware… forced updates that more often than not break things…Need I explain more? So, I will probably be running outdated software until the day I die because good luck getting Microsoft to change a thing
  4. A little bit of time with the script debugger quickly found the errant script and fixed it. You’re a lifesaver! i intend to learn ok at implementation of this options in future as i get more comfortable with scripting and back into the flow of FileMaker Dev work. thanks to you both! @bcooneyfor the immediat fix that got me up and running and @Steve Martinofor thr suggestions that I plan to implement. Both credits enrties for you
  5. Quick update to this thread: the sealed FileMaker Pro 12 arrived yesterday. Here’s the link to the body cam video… it might’ve been shot using a body camera, but no matter how I positioned the camera, the box or my hands were just not in frame so we had someone here physically hold the camera like a traditional camera Share link: https://youtu.be/W67DEOY0iWs Have fun watching me struggle to get it open please note, no FileMaker products were harmed during the production of this video. The box might have gotten a small ding while I was fighting with the plastic wrap… but otherwise the software is safe. 3 more boxes and 1 more key and my collection will be complete. hope someone gets a chuckle out of this
  6. Hello: It seems if if I've somehow gotten myself stuck in an endless loop of sorts on my Vendor Experience database project as follows: 1. Created a script somewhere that closes a window 2. added another script to fire when the last window is closed that should always take a person back to launchpad... that somehow failed 3. added a script to add a new user based on forms input 4. While testing my new script and form I needed to log in and back out with the new user account. Once the desired behavior was verified, I attempted several times to log in to my dev account and somehow by whatever miracle of Murphy’s law I get the "developer mode" dialog and the last form I was on (the create user form) I click the "go nuts" button and boom! bang! wham! the whole thing closes on itself. Even using the "Admin" account with the password "admin" account yields the same self-closing behavior just not developer mode message. is there a way (short of re-building this whole project from scratch) to start a file in "safe mode" thus disabling all script so I can try and troubleshoot? Edit: I forgot to give the password to the dev account. To login to the dev account use the following credentials account name: Dev password: “Make you pay!” Without the quotes and with the spacing, capitalization, and punctuation. to try the default admin account: account: Admin password: admin to try with a limited test user try the following: account: fdurst password: DemoDemo123 –OR— account: test password: test any help would be beyond appreciated in this one Vendor-Experience-v1_Carly.fmp12
  7. @commentthanks for your help with this! For your insight on this (and probably other issues I might have in future… I’ve listed you in the credits as a thanks for the help The below might look like junk but this is the preliminary credits screen: it looks better in person, but I can’t take a screenshot of my remote desktop session on windows and get it to my iPhone without a bunch of headache so, I just point the camera at the laptop screen, take a picture and crop it down to the bit I need. Then I open it up and pinch-to-zoom verify that at least it’s possible to read the text I’m after. my developer credits are a table so I can easily add more people who help out. there… as promised in another post, I gave you (and anyone else who will provide help/answers/fixes when I’m stuck) credit as it was your answer that fixed it you, my kind friend should get paid for your knowledge
  8. Hi Again Everyone: A Quick Note Before We Begin: I don't know how far back I can edit a previous post so to be on the safe side, I'm putting this update in its own post (admins/mods please feel free to merge this post into my previous post if you find it necessary) I don't necessarily know how "complete" this one is.; by using the Wayback machine (archive.org) I was able to track down copies of every PDF an sample file along with some application specific documentation for users of JAWS for Windows Screen Reading Software versions 12-15. Effectively I have every 12x. PDF listed in the linked page below*. What: FileMaker Product Manuals and Documentation Where: https://support.claris.com/s/article/FileMaker-product-manuals-and-documentation?language=en_US#FMP12 Last Access: 2021.09.16 @ 19:59 PST. * Note: a good bulk of documentation links still work in the above link; however, There were a few items that did not work and had to be pulled from Wayback machine. The (non-exhaustive and probably incomplete) list of files needing to be pulled from archive is: 1 Tutorial (and accompanying sample file) 2 Functions Reference 3 Script steps reference For the sake of completeness I archived each linked file (even if the same file appears in more than 1 section) Find attached the ZIP File with Everything I could reasonably get my hands on. Please also note that I do not own nor do I claim to own or have any interest in the included PDFs, or other files included in the attached (including copyright, patent, or other intellectual property rights). I simply obtained these files and packaged them up for archival purposes if someone needs them in the future. All IP an other rights remain solely with FileMaker, Inc. (FMI) (now Claris) and its suppliers, partners, contractors, and other relevant 3rd parties. All documentation is Copyright/Trademark FMI. Any trademarks, service marks, or registered trademarks where used are the property of their respective owners. FileMaker_12_PDF_Bookshelf.zip Hope this helps someone in the future
  9. Hello: I seem to remember (probably incorrectly) that for the longest time Claris/FileMaker had a "Graphics Kit" of sorts that had things like icons for tasks like adding, deleting, sorting, and finding records as well as other FileMaker tasks. Does anyone know if they ever made one of those for 12? If they did; where was it on their website so I can use the Wayback Machine to see if I might find it? I've got my own graphics but don't want to have to go through the trouble of deciding on graphics an re-inventing the wheel if it was already done by someone
  10. Greetings all: while looking for information about a recently asked question, I was able to find that Claris still has this absolute goldmine of information on their website: what: FileMaker 12 Documentation where: https://fmhelp.filemaker.com/help/12/fmp/en/index.html last accessed: 2021.09.16 @ 17:54 PST Does anyone know if they still by any miracle have a fully tagged/bookmarked version of this as a PDF? by tagged/bookmarked PDF I mean the document has to have a navigation tree like the example below screen 1: Example PDF with navigation bookmarks displayed in a mobile PDF Reading app (not Adobe or iBooks) screen 2: Example PDF with no navigation bookmarks displayed in a mobile PDF Reading app (not Adobe or iBooks) does anyone know if they still have a KnowledgeCenter like the one linked for server 12.x and/or a PDF manual containing such knowledge? again, I thank everyone for any help given in the pursuit of this increasingly hard-to-find documentation. I’ll make an edit here if I happen to stumble across the server KnowledgeCenter EDIT: While not a web KnowledgeCenter like the above link for FileMaker Pro and Advanced, a bit of googling turned up this link What: FileMaker Server 12 Help where: https://fmhelp.filemaker.com/docs/12/en/fms12_help.pdf last access: 2021.09.16 @ 17:54 which was linked from a page in their forums: https://community.claris.com/en/s/article/11237 the link for FileMaker Pro 12 help points to help for 19, so I don’t know if that link would’ve originally pointed to the web KnowledgeCenter linked above or another PDF manual. But I might have partially answered my own question
  11. ** Quick Update 2021.09.16** the pkg was supposed to arrive today via FedEx but by a miracle caught a weird delay until tomorrow. So it’s at the destination FedEx location… progress! when I receive the package, I plan to do an unboxing video recorded on my body-worn camera… I might post a link to that video up here… I haven’t decided. Huge thanks to everyone who’s helped out in this mess with their thoughts
  12. Hi everyone: I am at present working on a “just for fun” project to rebuild the original version on an internal tool called Vendor Experience (VX) which was originally a 3-table database one vendor can have many contacts and one vendor can have many addresses thus contacts and addresses can be linked to only one vendor… really simple relationships. the newer versions of VX have had way more features and tools added over the versions like multiple notes for each vendor, contact, or address… a flag that exempts a vendor or address as exempt from body-worn camera activation, etc. so, my logic was rather simple… “What if I rebuild the original three table no-nonsense version of VX with some of the more modern comforts like a launch pad, and about screen, and a few others? That should allow me to dive headfirst back into file maker database design, and brush up on skills… Simple project” and that brings me here to the present with these questions: 1. Is it still worth my time to build “new” database applications and repackage them as stand-alone runtimes to either sell or give away? Basically has the world moved on from FileMaker and I just refuse to get with the new way of doing business? 2. If I wanted to build a stand-along runtime application for Windows using FileMaker 12 Advanced but also make it cross-platform without having access to a copy of FMPA for Mac; what would I need to do? Could I just include my *.fmp12 in the installation as a separate component and say “*cross-platform and multi-user support require FileMaker server software 12 and FileMaker pro 12 on each workstation?” 3. Would the world benefit from me releasing my (several years out-of-date) projects as open source*1? Just release the *.fmp12 file and say “if you’ve got FileMaker 12 advanced you’ve already got all the tools and source files you need to make my solutions better fit your needs. Go nuts, modify the original, share it around, learn from it… just 1) don’t blame me for your questionable choices in software, and 2) don’t claim you came up with the whole app on your own if you just rebranded and re-colored it. *1 my FileMaker file itself could easily be open source, but the runtime components for the standalone application and any dependencies along with the FileMaker Pro/Advanced and FileMaker server/advanced 12.x are covered by their own license terms which are different (and probably more restrictive) than my license I chose for the source *.fmpa12 file. hope these questions make sense and someone can help me in determining some answers. note: still on 12 because: 1. I Don’t like change and never have 2. My computers would grind coffee for 30+ minutes if I upgraded the OS so… not worth it on development and lab machines 3. Financially I’d be out on the streets if I bought all the current generation FileMaker programs and the hardware and software to support them 4. Some of my original medical apps were built on FM so I wouldn’t mind going back to one of my first real programming environments (no, basic HTML doesn’t count) well rant and questions over… any thoughts on these matters would be greatly appreciated
  13. Thanks for your help: find attached the FileMaker 12.x file. Right now it's just filled with testing data so I don't mind sharing this pre-release version. To access the file use the following developer credentials: account name: dev Password: "Make you pay!" it's important that the password be entered without the quotes, with the spaces, and with all caps an punctuation inside the quotes in tact In the final version, I intend to have a credits layout to list all the people who helped... so you will be recognized for your help. Also in the final version I plan to keep the "dev" account in place so if a user forgets their password, they can send me their file an I can reset it (if that was the only admin user)... still working on getting basic functionality working before I worry too much about polishing it up for end-users the script in question for this thread is the one called GetWinDims I have some other questions regarding some scripts in this file but let's troubleshoot one problem at a time. should anyone have any further questions about this please let me know. thanks for any help and feedback given Vendor-Experience-v1_Carly_demo.fmp12
  14. I think that’s it… I’ll have to get a look at it in the morning as I’m winding down for the night after a long Dev session as a quick work around, I took literal measurements of the screen in inches, and searched the appropriate conversion from inches to pixels. I still intend to provide the script just to be on the safe side
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