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  1. Ocean West

    Save As PDF

    Was this solution a legacy solution that has upgraded over years? Have you tried to recreate the script from scratch? Have you tried to delete all print or page setup script steps close the file open the file add them back in? Does it happen on all computer or just a few? Did you delete and reinstall all print drivers, or on mac install CUPS Possibly try to recover (notice last checked checkbox) Years ago we had this problem where when printing it showed a competitor on the lcd of the printer for the client as I had a vertical market solution and each new client was a clone or derivative of a production version - this was back in the fm5 or 6 days.
  2. Ocean West

    Renewal Issue.

    I did manage to get the website to renew.
  3. Ocean West

    Renewal Issue.

    (Sorry for doing this on Sunday but you know - IT Life. ) I upgraded to v5 thinking our auto renewal was in good order, turns out it says it will auto renew 23 days ago. Figured I'd renew and sort the payment out with client later but now stuck - users won't be able to sync in a few hours..
  4. Ocean West

    Duplicates and Empties . . .

    assuming field A and B are in the same table and not looking at related fields. In find mode put ! in field A and put = in B or you can find for ! in a then once you find that set find again and put = in B and select constrain found set.
  5. Ocean West

    CNS Plug-ins

    Don't forget our Texas-sized DevCon Discount is available until the end of August (31st, 2018)! Take 30% off all orders, even upgrade and renewal orders. Just use the coupon code "DevCon 2018" when you check out.
  6. Ocean West


    Enjoy a 20% FMForums run of site banner advertising.
  7. Ocean West


    Don't miss the offer - In the occasion of FileMaker DevCon 2018 in Dallas, we give you a 25% discount on all our products! Use the code: DEVCON18 (available until August, 31st 2018)
  8. Ocean West

    How to ADD the two payments?

    How about this... FMF SAMPLE.fmp12
  9. Ocean West

    Local Notifications and Sync?

    Thanks Jesse, do you know if "Configure Local Notification" treated the same as an onTimer/window trigger or do you know if it's FMGo Application or File specific? I'd think it would be more FMApp tapping in to IOS api's since it operates when db is in background or closed.
  10. I haven't tried or tested, curious to know if you deploy local notifications, like a reminder to for something in your FMGO solution an a few hours from now. And then perform a sync only to be informed that you have a 'new version' does the iOS device remember the notification and execute at set time or does removing the individual file remove any pending local notifications?
  11. Min ( Field1 ; Field2 ) * Field3
  12. Ocean West

    SSL Certificate Installation FM Server 17

    In the past I have had to re-issue a certificate either because the password was wrong or there was some issue with the copy & paste. You may need to restart the process and delete prior CSR's either in the admin panel or via the command line - a restart of the machine for good measure. Generate CSR with your provided details and password. Use a text editor to copy the CSR and send that to the provider. If the provider sends you the CERT via email and you are using a BROWSER based email client please make sure you copy the CERT and use a plain text editor to save the cert. Grab the intermediate cert: https://search.thawte.com/support/ssl-digital-certificates/index?page=content&id=INFO1384#lightbox-03 I believe FMS needs SHA2 under SHA-1 Root - that's the one that worked for me.
  13. Ocean West

    SSL Certificate Installation FM Server 17

    The private key is in your cs store folder. I used this file to generate the csr and used the console to import the three files you must use the password you entered when generating the csr.
  14. Ocean West

    SSL Certificate Installation FM Server 17

    did you get you intermediate certificate?
  15. Ocean West

    Only show tabs with script

    you will need to use slide panels and a button bar or regular buttons to navigate to a tab and conditionally hide the buttons

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