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  1. Random missing pdf

    Is there a way to check a log determine why some records would be missing a PDF in the container? users in the field will generate a PDF and store that pdf in to a container when done with inspection then later sync that to the server the operation is one way sync Remote > Server. Yesterday's inspections had a few records with out pdf attachments and users reported no errors
  2. Can I Exclude Duplicates from a Running Total Count?

    This may help Duplicates.fmp12
  3. Can I Exclude Duplicates from a Running Total Count?

    A boolean field that is set to auto enter 1 on every record which would indicate this is movie that is to be counted. You set it to 0 to indicate that the record is a duplicate Create a summary field to Total the this BooleanField which would sum all the 1's to give you a true total of the movies that are not duplicates. otherwise you would need to inverse the logic and create a other field to count. isDuplicate = Yes FlagMovie = If ( isDuplicate = "Yes" ; 0 ; 1 ) Counts = Total [FlagMovie]
  4. Trouble controlling window position

    Left is from edge of window measured from left edge of screen. Your adding to it the width of the current window + any margin.
  5. Trouble controlling window position

    try this.. window.fmp12.zip
  6. Portal Aesthetics

    make sure your using a theme designed for FMGo and all elements are saved into the theme, Although it may seem duplicitous to have layouts for Desktop and FMGO or WD it is really the only way to go there are just some things that won't work the way you'll like on both platforms.
  7. Trouble controlling window position

    Try setting $width $left and $top as variables at the top of the script before you open the card then in the card use $left + $width by the time the card is open your getting the values from the card itself not the parent window.
  8. Selecting records based on user choice

    https://fmforums.com/guidelines/ this is the new permanent link
  9. Selecting records based on user choice

    Branching logic on surveys can be come difficult. If their survey is recorded each question would have a response, and you can create a "score" to help your decision tree. For example 10 questions: 3 marked easy, 5 marked medium, 2 marked hard. - the sum of each result may help you on the first past in finding the next set of questions. for surevy's a list view is really easy to display and its just a matter of found set of records - however I typically would have a master template of questions in a separate table that you would find a subset of questions (sorted however) and then script the creation of these records for the given user.
  10. Useful pdf

    use the sort by field option when exporting you can choose the field then you pick the summary field it will add an italicized summary field for that group.
  11. The issue with any "plugin" for FileMaker the code has to execute once the user has authenticated to the database - even if the user is logged in with a very basic account. Any processing that is done is after users entry point. Not too dissimilar with Potentially using something like 360Works Scriptmaster could work with a third party tool and you could purchase and distribute a custom plugin made with ScriptMaster but haven't tried. Your goal is to prevent piracy of your runtime solution. There was one solution while back that used a standard USB Key which was a physical object required to run the solution. http://content.24usoftware.com/SimpleHASP
  12. Selecting unique records

    Here is one example. Concatenate the fields that you determine need to be unique. A&B&C then a self join relationship that test for the Num = Min ( showUnique::num) will always show 1 if it is the first one of any duplicate records. Find 1 in the isUnique field. this method does require schema change (fields & table occurrence) a complete scripted method is possible too. unique.fmp12.zip
  13. No questions are silly you are correct exporting excel is not a server supported function. You could generate the excel file (client side) into a container field and a using BE you can export the container field out to a path. (been a while since i tried) BE_ExportFieldContents ( field ; outputPath ) there are other options perhaps building a CSV into a text field - by looping thru found records or using SQL statement to build the data needed. Then exporting the content with filename hard setting the .xlsx file extension or .csv Other options would be writing to a text file with ScriptMaster plugin here is a caveat about permissions and FMS directories. https://baseelementsplugin.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/203885818-File-Permissions-when-running-under-FMS
  14. Select folder just prompts you to choose a folder useful to return the path needed but would not work on server since it spawns a dialog. try making $path the hard coded string.
  15. You may have more power with using a plugin (local and on server ) to target other folder paths - take a look at BaseElements Plugin.

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