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  1. 15 users for teams would cost $2520 per year, a 25 user site license is $2175 bringing the seat cost to $87. with a site license you will be able to have 25 versions of FMServer where as the team licensing you can only have 3. Additional if you are going to deploy the DataAPI a 25 license nets you 600 GB of outbound traffic annually, vs 360 with 15 seats. Let me know if you would like me to facilitate placing your order, may be able to apply a small discount to your purchase. Cheers
  2. Jesse mentioned in another post that in a future version of MirrorSync the plan is to replace the JDBC and to implement the DataAPI. I am curious if there is any sort of data metrics that can be implemented in the current version so that we can plan for data consumption for synchronizations? Is the data API used to communicate to for setup of each sync and thus minimal data consumption and use the current process for moving the data, or is all the data pushed via the DataAPI? Curious...
  3. "USER" is a person who uses the database someone in it all day and the random user who logs in and views or edits or creates record. Each user will have access to use Desktop, FMGo and WebDirect (simultaneously) My take is the Home/Work is the same user unless you are trying to use them at the same time. If you have < 25 users but more than 13 users it may be cheaper to get a Site License. the 2GB data is for use of the DATA API this is once you build your solution to utilized the api it only meters the DATA being served out. Container data is not included in the meter unless you convert your containers to base64 text then it would be sent thru the API. how many users do you have?
  4. You could create a Custom Menu and assign items in that menu to scripts with shortcuts - however you have to be careful not to assign OS or other existing shortcuts.
  5. as long as its backing up the backups your good - i have used that with ChronoSync - and have even setup a backup schedule that is set to keep exactly 1 copy then the backup software CrashPlan or Backblaze will come along and back that up. (with backup tools like that just make sure you tell them to ignore the live database.) just a thought also check to Wasabi backup its cheap way to stop files.
  6. maybe this https://hbase.net/2014/06/30/filemaker-pro-server-setting-up-a-dropbox-backup-copy-of-your-databases/
  7. you can't do that directly you should back up locally and use some other means to move files to remote location.
  8. This morning after they resolved the issue on the back end I restarted Mirror Sync Server console resolved the issue..
  9. From the console it keeps showing it's not licensed but a second click show it is.
  10. In the past when I have created directories to the server is to include that in the base path typically to help manage resources ( future size restrictions ) i would typically create a folder structure like: YYYY/MM/UUID_of_file/ this way when ever you create a record the record knows the date it was created if you have a field set for creation date, then when you upload it will create the directory automatically.
  11. I have been trying in vein to push a feed up to MWS every time i get errors about the MD5 not matching then i try to base64 encode things but then that will end up with == at the end of a string and that creates it own error. Has any one successfully pushed feeds up to MWS thru their API or have a third party remedy?
  12. Updated Links: SansScript Here. Helpful Harry Technique Updated and for versions 11 or higher here. Revisit - Adding records to a portal
  13. Each attachment has its Primary key associated with the path for the image - if you want the image to be duplicated to each record you could store it in a global and then on each record upload the image on that record. Or you would need to move up one level to a parent record that groups records 2-10 which need the same shared resource (scanned image) and upload from that context.
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