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  1. Was looking at the Auth.net API and there seems to be a method to capture a payment and also create a payment & customer profile, in one request. Is this something that could be presented via the Plastic. So you don't have to do 3 separate calls to auth.net? Create Customer Profile Take customer profile create payment profile Take both profile id's and charge profile.
  2. Welcome Jules would you have an example spread sheet you could post to further explain the data set?
  3. sadly no that is not possible things on my wish list for cards... work with WD adjust corner roundness adjust transparency adjust shadow adjust blur for windows in general - ability to adjust existing window to other window styles.
  4. In Catalina the default shell is now zsh not sure if that may alter paths or require changes to original script.
  5. there seems to be some duplicate functions between these plugins Is there any advantage or speed improvements using one over the other?
  6. whoa the is crazy Yes was able to reproduce. wonder if there is a terminal command to see the trash directory wonder if the file gets 'hidden' and then deletes once it gets closed. It is interesting if you delete the file and it is still open - you can still save a copy as...
  7. Create a data entry form use some global fields when you hit the button to add new invoice to the vendor you set the VendorID to a global field then have the user enter the invoice number in another global field use these fields as predicates to the invoice table and do a test to see if Count ( invoice::uuid ) ≠ 1 then it would be safe to add this invoice. The goal here is enter the values in to globals and validate before you actually create the record. alternatively you could create a concatenated field VendorID & "-" & InvoiceNo and then GlobalVendorID &"-"& GlobalInvoiceNo then relate these fields and single equal join link between them
  8. Hi Stefan This is the behavior when a field is styled as a popup menu. And you choose only to display the second field. One caveat about this is if you wish to do a free form search or a search where you need to insert operators. You would really need contact name field on the layout vs the ID field. - typically i have such field stacked but it is only visible in find mode and the other field is only visible in browse mode.
  9. welcome to the forums a field can't have two types of style formatting applied with regard to entry - or drop down you may stack two of the same fields and use hide object when logic to hide the field based on you yes/no field.
  10. I am not sure if this is possible with plastic, you can use it with a mag stripe reader connected via USB. At this time i don't believe Plastic will work with CHIP readers or NFC readers. Some merchant terminals may have some sort of api where that device after payment capture happens you click a button on the computer that which knows the device id and your api key you do a request to there merchant api and get back a result from the recent transaction, including the payment approved amount or if it was declined etc.
  11. It largely depends on the structure of your database, FileMaker is a relational database and depending on how it was architected yo may have to "flatten" out the data set in order to make it moderately useful via excel exports. your database may contain a 'join' table that links donors and contacts or other data, it may only contain parent & foreign keys that make the business logic work. you need to look at the base schema how many tables you solution contains and export each table in to an excel file then you can bring all tables in to excel as separate tabs.
  12. You need to use the IOS ShortCut app by apple (may need to download it) from there you can target a URL
  13. Try using Shortcuts to open the file with URL ( fmp18://~/FileName ) then set the shortcut to save on Home Screen
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