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  1. Ah - i see, I do this often when providing a field for user entry so that we scan a barcode on entry it performs a find in the appropriate table. Its usually a global field once a global field is entered with value 12345 for example and there is a matching record via relationship you could just GTRR to that record OR - you could script a find to go to layout and enter find mode and use the value from global to the key field and then perform find.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Simple example of using button bars to show/hide segment based on toggle state.


  3. View File Button Bars as Toggle Switch Simple example of using button bars to show/hide segment based on toggle state. Submitter Ocean West Submitted 06/17/2019 Category Samples FM Version 15  
  4. I agree with @comment please consider carefully before rolling your own login.
  5. What is the nature of the validation? Do you not see a "Revert Field" button?
  6. When ever we have to deploy new links to users it's a bit of a process - you have ensure they have deleted old links from email or shared notes. In addition it always felt much slower to download the files via the Safari on iOS which has to toggle between FMGo and Safari. However once installed and you pushed out changes with the MS 5 version update feature, is very smooth. So I managed capture that file from my iPhone and modify it a bit, I am calling it MirrorSyncDeploy Once you download the file and host it on your own server, then from the desktop add a record for each unique file, that you deploy - Then just have users log in to the hosted file and select the file you wish to deploy (add your own business rules here ). Keep in mind if you run this and they have an existing file with the same name and they have not performed a sync it will OVERWRITE their existing file loosing data. The trick here is to modify the link that MS generates, for some reason the native link will not download via Insert URL command, so when you paste your link in it will do a simple substitute. So I modified it to a url that seems to work by removing the client-side or server-side and append ?status=0 The end result for the user is a pretty seamless and they don't need to leave FMGo. And the file opens directly and starts initial sync. Please feel free to give this a go and will appreciate any feedback. MirrorSyncDeploy.fmp12.zip Admin Credentials: Admin / blank User Credentials: sync / sync
  7. What does the change in license terms for Oracle's Java mean for 360Works products.
  8. I was able to finally Edit Configs and Grab new Links - it appears it was client side badly cached data. - It was odd that it was not purged when I removed and reinstalled Java from my machine, and that it happened to have the same bad cache on two separate Macs running Mojave.
  9. Ocean West


    Just use the UUID from the Estimate for that of the ORDER as it is a 1:1 once the the estimate is accepted you move the data in to the Order. In practice I would create a JSON array of the Estimate / Estimate Items / and then in a script extract this array into appropriate Order / Order Item records from there you can add or remove items to the order that perhaps that have changed from Estimate (or insert your business rules here) - if they share the same UUID they would naturally align with a separate occurrence of the Notes - you wouldn't have to "move" or create duplicate notes. This same logic could apply to the invoice - it may seem duplicitous but each instrument (document) is a snapshot record that could have other items such as shipping fees or processing fees that get added at each state - applies credits / or payments to reflect amounts to pay.
  10. There are no log files at this stage as I mentioned I had un-installed reinstalled MS several times and completely rebuilt the VM. The current errors in the first post can be seen by launching the console on Mojave using Java 8u211 when doing this is where the the error occurs, actually never communicating with the server. We are NOT using server side initial sync we are downloading a clone and doing all initial syncs client side. All tables for PDFs/ images are always a one way sync spoke to hub so on initial sync we don't download PDFs or images out to the spoke.
  11. Further: Each time we requested a new clone using the link the server took forever to generate a clone - i think because it was trying to make backup first before it made a clone - on server we had the checkbox enabled to include remote containers in the backup - We have since disabled that on the server had had to configure server side r-sync of the container data to the Wasabi backup so that the containers are backed as well as the databases.
  12. what a wonderful weekend... had to get the hosting provider involved to do these upgrades/downgrades to vm. uninstalled / reinstalled MS 10+ times had to purge 20gb of MS temp files upgraded from 17 to 18 downgraded 18 to 17 redeployed new fresh VM tried on 18 tried on 17 Each and every time getting the same errors as above. for giggles - logged in to RDC on server and tired the MS console locally and was able to edit the configurations and generate links no problem files downloaded and syncs performed as they should upgraded back to 18 links and local connect to MS work Conclusion: Java 8u211 on Mojave is incompatible with MirrorSync 5
  13. Server was running fine however MS starting performing very badly taking forever to download clones Temp Folders were 5-GB or more Took the opportunity to upgrade to FMS18 and un installed and reinstalled MS imported the configs and now this error: Need to get this back on line Sunday Evening for the field inspectors. When walking thru the config right after the selection of layouts it fails here.
  14. I think the only reason why some developers create mirror TOGs (one set with "cascading deletes" enabled ) is by no means intended to limit the effects of this feature/function - but only has a memory /graph management so if you need to disable cascade deletion when doing mass data acrobatics you only need to toggle the check box these sets of TOGs and not have to open every other relationship or add text objects adjacent to each relationship as a note.
  15. edit the relationship and turn on delete checkbox that will delete records in child when records in parent is deleted. (backup before you test)
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