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  1. If this is something you plan to do quite often you may consider https://www.65bit.com/software/easycatalog/ I've used this works great.
  2. Try creating a calculated container field with: Base64Decode ( Base64Encode ( TABLE::ORIGINALPDF ) ; fileName )
  3. Not sure how relevant it is https://www.filemakermagazine.com/videos/publishing-indesign
  4. Looking at the documentation when running the plugin call CCProfileProcessPayment it shows there is an optional parameter: "verificationCode=" & Transaction::Verification Code; However this doesn't make sense as I would have possibly made the Customer Profile and Card Profile way before a profile payment is processed and that value is gone from memory as its only used to create the profile, it doesn't exist at the time we process a profile? I would think that this would be an option too on the CCProfileCreatePayment but i don't see that as an option?
  5. Dear Partners, Moments ago at our 24th annual DevCon, I announced several significant changes to reenergize our company’s identity, growth, and path forward. First, we have rebranded FileMaker as Claris International Inc. This company name may sound familiar to many of you who have been with us since the early days. It honors our legacy while at the same time reflecting a new direction for growth. FileMaker will live on as a service offering under the Claris banner. Second, I announced the acquisition of Stamplay, a service that helps businesses of all sizes integrate data from third-party cloud services such as Box, DocuSign, Mailchimp, and others into their apps. This offering, renamed as Claris Connect, provides customers with an intuitive interface for automating workflows across cloud-based services, saving them the task of building custom-built, backend integrations. These changes reflect both the start of an exciting new chapter, and a continuation of the vision we have been executing against for more than 20 years: to make powerful technologies accessible to everyone. During the coming weeks, months, and year, your passion and buy-in will be critical to our community’s success. We have an ambitious vision, and your participation in developer recruitment, events, and marketplace will continue to provide power to problem solvers worldwide. Learn why we chose the name Claris and how we arrived at our brand identity in this blog post by Ann Monroe, our VP of worldwide marketing and customer success: https://content.filemaker.com/e/526331/-2019-a-clear-future-as-claris/93l74b/1409098725?h=XLI584qCr21kDZCURUfJp3YzBUGCYt0Og-zON333_2M Discover more about our product roadmap and Claris Connect in this blog post by Srini Gurrapu, our new VP of product management and design: https://content.filemaker.com/e/526331/-future-of-the-claris-platform/93l74d/1409098725?h=XLI584qCr21kDZCURUfJp3YzBUGCYt0Og-zON333_2M To read more about this new chapter and learn about the ways in which we plan to continue to invest in community and services, visit the blog to read my official introduction letter: https://content.filemaker.com/e/526331/nergized-brand-vision-strategy/93l74g/1409098725?h=XLI584qCr21kDZCURUfJp3YzBUGCYt0Og-zON333_2M Drop me a line with your thoughts. I’d love to hear them. You can reach me directly at Brad@Claris.com Best, Brad
  6. Oh the irony AutoUpdate out of date
  7. Ok i discovered the issue! I opened the Auto Update on your server Demeter then went to the layout Host your own Auto Update File clicked the download File That file is out of date.
  8. How odd I just downloaded it yesterday and the last one in the each is all out of date. I must have somehow down loaded an outdated AutoUpdate
  9. Yea looking at AutoUpdate it doesn't contain the current versions - i tired to run the update from S3 but that didn't do much.
  10. Email said it wasn't signed I just tried to install them from the AutoUpdate
  11. FM18 wants Signed Plugins - did I down load older set or are the 360 Products not digitally signed at this time?
  12. That depends if you actually have had a field ModifiedDate for the past 2 years, that has auto entry values entered. Then its a matter of entering Date1...Date2 in a find request on that field.
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