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  1. I think you are requesting that the data entered be formatted to match ###-##-#### https://www.briandunning.com/cf/872 Format.fmp12
  2. it is unclear what you are asking.
  3. I believe so or you could just use the standard send email script substituting the SparkPost Injection credentials . Here is the API method i use. https://www.teamdf.com/blogs/sending-email-from-filemaker-using-sparkpost/
  4. I also recommend a good transactional email service such as SparkPost you can either use their API or you can send mail by injecting it as SMTP just like your doing now, your just going to use a different set of credentials.
  5. I am not certain the reservation for using a plugin - I would highly recommend using BaseElements plugin (free) BE_FileMove ( fromPath ; toPath ) will allow you to rename the file.
  6. made temporary work around by making the field a text field vs Timestamp
  7. It seems to be doing this on OTHER tables in this solution where there is a timestamp (without auto entry options ) being populated with that same date - and subsequent sync will write that date to the hub. ---- Confirmed systemic BUG on a different solution new MS setup created a new field stampTest - Timestamp without auto entries On initial sync it gets populated by MS.
  8. I have a timestamp field on a layout it does not have any auto options - it is used for data and only scripted to indicate a record is expired. On initial sync all the blank records now contain 12/31/1969 4:00 PM making navigation invalid as that is part of my test. Not sure where this is coming from other then MS The MS Config does not use this field as a Modification timestamp or any creation timestamp.
  9. I am seeing this as a Registered License name showing up multiple times with different IP address including mine - I have no devices named this way and I had only synced with my iPhone. It seems to be taking over my username of my device. or burning extra licenses.
  10. So if you have one field or more then one field that are used in a calculated field on each field (entry field) a validation (Trigger) you would perform a script that evaluates the your logic and either open a card window, a dialog window, or a simple modal dialog box (show custom dialog) These speed bumps are a way to help ensure the data is accurate and complete by forcing them not to proceed until the value is correct. You can enforce some things at the schema level on the field level validation and somewhat customize the warning dialog where a script wouldn't be necessary. However if you wished to erase their entry to force them to renter data that is possible only with a script. An alternative way would be to have some text on the layout "Please Review Your Calculations" which would appear when the value of the field in question is zero and would hide (Hide Object When) the value is > 0 or < 0 depending on your business logic. This guidance is an affordance to the user giving them instruction without necessary hindering them in their data entry.
  11. What is a pre-determined event? A value in a field, or user navigation (to layout/record/object), or user action (clicking a button?) All of which would require a script to target the desired layout, the method of invoking such script would be by use of a button on a layout (easiest) or a Trigger either on a layout a field, or object. Ideally the window open event should be caused by user intentional action vs at seemingly random times based on data or record or manual layout navigation.
  12. here are the log files - fresh install with out Deploy installed Logs.7z
  13. No joy... I can't seem to get it to install, so i have stopped the service, uninstalled Depoy and MS and tried again but it still results in the same error - even after rebooting server.
  14. Tried installing MS6 today several times but couldn't install. Server had no previous version of MS on it however it did have FMDeploy installed.
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