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  1. perfect timing - going to go bake this in to an appointment process in am setting up
  2. Ocean West

    Federated Identity Management, Zero Trust, And The FileMaker Platform

    Yes this is a PDF white paper.
  3. Ocean West

    Page titles

    try now - I just found a checkbox setting, down the hall around the corner in the cellar of the admin configuration.
  4. Ocean West

    Downloading list of zip codes and US cities

    curious why would want to maintain this data, bloating your solution - don't get me wrong I've done it myself it does increase the size of your backups and can be slow to 'lookup' you might consider just using an API call to a service to validate an address. smartystreets or googleplaces come to mind. You can see an implementation of this over at https://www.geistinteractive.com/2018/10/01/introduction-to-karbonfm/
  5. Ocean West

    SafetyNet for Wasabi

    Any plans for integrating Safety Net for Wasabi? Wasabi’s Unlimited Egress pricing plan offers the cloud storage industry’s lowest total price of $.0049 per GB/month ($4.99 per TB/month) + unlimited free egress + no charge for API calls so you don’t pay to access your data.
  6. The issue here is that images stored as a reference is listed on the official deprecation list. It would be ill advised to start business venture requiring this feature with this knowledge and it may pain existing developers to increase efforts to find a suitable alternative. Product Deprecated Operating Systems / Technologies / Features FileMaker Pro Image formats: EPS 32-bit architecture FileMaker Pro runtime Support for EPS files (*.eps) Container field option: “Store only a reference to the file” DBF import/export format Support for Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 Send DDE and spelling script steps DDR HTML format Type 1 fonts
  7. Ocean West

    Show active field in portal

    look at the fields in the tenant file i have ActiveTenant you could create one for each attribute activeRent then in your unit table you see the corresponding field. this would allow you to show all the active units and attributes from the context of the property - unit portal
  8. To achieve this (separate volumes / drive / computer ) I would recommend SuperContainer where you could put your files on a separate machine altogether. As soon as you move the RC folder elsewhere it opens that up to the case of the cleverness of users and IT people and may damage the contents. The RC folder should be sacrosanct. Not to mention the impact of backups that it would cause because backing of a different path.
  9. Ocean West

    Show active field in portal

    in the rental realm, typically a tenants are one or more persons residing in the dwelling, if you must serve notices on them you would need to have full legal names of all persons over 18 and should you need to send 3/60 or termination papers you may have to list all dwellers plus "Doe's 1-10". A tenancy will have a effective date (move in / move out ) there I can think of cases were roommates agreements where people move on and you would need to accommodate for such transitions, or where one party dies and a new roommate/relative is added. In one system i have to have roles of each resident are they the registered owner, a guest, a caregiver, etc. and some may be "trusts" or other legal entities lien holders they may be party to the lease but may not be allowed to take possession or reside on premises - these designations are needed for other processes. In thinking thru your comments it sounds like "tenant" is really an 'account' that is either active or inactive has other attributes such as rental rates and other terms and it may have one or more residents. A Unit can only have ONE active account (as much as we'd like we can only collect rent once )
  10. Ocean West

    Show active field in portal

    here is a sample that may help illustrate an approach to this. FMF SAMPLE.fmp12 2.zip
  11. Ocean West

    Show active field in portal

    H, So you have a "status" for each tenant one option is to filter the portal to only 'active' the other option is in the "tenant" table create a field that calculates to only show the unit when the tenant is active: ActiveTenants: Case ( status = "Active" ; unitID ; "" ) Then create a relationship from unit to tenant using UNIT ---< ActiveTenants put that as a portal on the unit or property.
  12. Ocean West

    Export Global Field to Print Temp Path

    here is an example. script.pdf FMF SAMPLE.fmp12.zip
  13. Ocean West

    Export Global Field to Print Temp Path

    Remove file: from your variable
  14. Ocean West

    Design Advice

    Moving data from real fields to globals and then back to real fields may be dangerous in some business rules and use cases - as you cannot guarantee the time between - storing - editing and -committing someone else may have done this quickly - then if you are to commit afterward you would have just destroyed their changes. In this case you may need to open the record locking it from others attempts to edit it. if you decide to cancel your changes you can revert record.
  15. Fantastic - thanks for the clarification!

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