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Community Answers

  1. As an alternative you may have better success with FMGo depending on if end users have and could use FMGo on their device.
  2. You could create a separate file that is just for the WD audience, replicate what is needed to provide functionality without changing code on the main system. Another option is Apps On Demand you could setup a server where users can access FMP thru a browser they would have access to the full solution but wouldn't need to have them install FMP.
  3. WD is a different animal that you will need to create specific layouts for and also pay attention to theme and styled elements. Also scripted processes will change depending on the task at hand in a lot of cases you could perform scripts server side. A seasoned FM solution will not simply just work on WD without a fair amount of effort to optimize for this platform.
  4. The API is dependent on the merchant that you use they don't just give it to you. Also you need to have an account and credentials in order to access their services. https://dbservices.com/blog/payment-processing-in-filemaker-using-stripe https://www.productivecomputing.com/blog/connect-filemaker-to-the-stripe-api/ https://360works.com/credit-card-plugin/
  5. You would need an API and merchant account possibly a plugin to take payments from customers.
  6. As a suggestion any graphic you put on the layout you might consider using ImageOptim app to compress the file for better performance.
  7. Unfortunately that's not available in the product. (incidentally it is a function of FMGo) On FMP only the hosts window for given server, or File>Favorites Menu. However you could create your own file on your desktop that has a record of all your files and launches them, via the open command or the url. Alternately give your files a distinctive icon so you can pick them out.
  8. You may need to use a sequence table that has no records - if your entire process is scripted then when you wish to create a new invoice you go to that table if it has no records us the script step to Set Next Serial Value to 001 then create a record which has a field that auto generates serial numbers grab that number into a variable go back to invoices prepend the YYMMDDnnn to it and set your field. if records exist and the last record date <> today's date then truncate the records and use the same step.
  9. I've just updated the site to the latest software (currently in beta) let me know if you discover any issues. There are some new feature changes that I'll post about soon.
  10. I would not put fields on your receipt in this case I would write the following script that sets a global variable. And print that, by using tab stop. List ( Case ( not IsEmpty ( sample::FCCT ) ; "Fire Code Construction Tax" & Char (9) & sample::FCCT ); Case ( not IsEmpty ( sample::RealtyTax ) ; "Fire Code Realty Tax" & Char (9) & sample::RealtyTax ); Case ( not IsEmpty ( sample::PremiumTax ) ; "Fire Code Premium Tax" & Char (9) & sample::PremiumTax ); Case ( not IsEmpty ( sample::SalesTax ) ; "Fire Code Sales Tax" & Char (9) & sample::SalesTax ); Case ( not IsEmpty ( sample::ProceedsTax ) ; "Fire Code Proceeds Tax" & Char (9) & sample::ProceedsTax ); Case ( not IsEmpty ( sample::FSIF ) ; "Fire Safety Inspection Fee" & Char (9) & sample::FSIF ); Case ( not IsEmpty ( sample::StorageFee ) ; "Storage Clearance Fee" & Char (9) & sample::StorageFee ); Case ( not IsEmpty ( sample::ConveyanceFee ) ; "Conveyance Clearance Fee" & Char (9) & sample::ConveyanceFee ); Case ( not IsEmpty ( sample::InstallationFee ) ; "Installation Clearance Fee" & Char (9) & sample::InstallationFee ); Case ( not IsEmpty ( sample::AdminFine ) ; "Administrative Fine" & Char (9) & sample::AdminFine ); Case ( not IsEmpty ( sample::OthersFee ) ; "Total Other Fees" & Char (9) & sample::OthersFee ) )
  11. It would be nice to have an option to query if where this is deployed if you need mac / windows / windows 64 / or linux and logic to purge un needed plugins (save space) also a way to PRUNE plugins to the most 1 or 2 current versions also to save space.
  12. Just downloaded auto updater but all the plugins are stale? I have newer ones that are not apart of the AutoUpdater file. Isn't the AutoUpdater suppose to get all latest plugins too?
  13. wow, I learned something I've never used Serial Increment that way, brilliant @comment I been using - Right ( "00" & day ( date_field ) ; 2 )
  14. Filter ( table::date ; "0123456789") this will filter out slashes and the same for the LOT if you only want numbers only
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