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  1. So I watched a documentary on the Newcomb- Benford’s law and I was curious what practical application it could have on datasets contained within our files? Would any thing meaningful be derived from say comparing how long sales people are on the phone in a given month or number of calls they made or sales amounts or number of sales?
  2. Ok first question - is your file LOCAL or HOSTED? because this behavior change depending. Hosted The field order will be what it was the last time it was closed as single user before uploading to server. Changing and sort order will revert when you log out of your hosted session. Local Ways to change sort order intentionally or accidentally. click (field name/type) column header in the Manage Database > Fields click and change the View by: option drag one or more fields in the list - will switch to "custom order" layout mode field panel use of t
  3. if you accidentally change the order and leave the dialog box it will now be the new default order and your custom order is lost. In later versions doing so form the field list panel will also change your field order, with out evening going in to manage database. if you sort alphabetical and move a field (drag) and then put it back it is now your new "custom order" with no way back to your old custom order. The behavior is different when using a file locally vs when it his hosted on FMS.
  4. Its hard to tell what is your script doing?
  5. Yes you can open 15 in 18. However you may wish to review all your themes and fonts. You are correct runtimes have been removed from 19.
  6. Actually MWS uses XML as native language to communicate with their services. The JSON stuff is not as clean as you would expect, and most of the results come back as XML which would have to be translated. I recommend using MBS plugin for the XML to JSON results back - its fast and easy. My client has contracted with 360Works to produce a custom plugin that will push data to Amazon MWS you pass your credentials and a file on the desktop or a field with tab separated data, to update your inventory.
  7. Field Order Setting by Type/Custom/Alphabetic is a setting that can be set when the file is opened locally before the file is hosted. That will be the "default" sorted order. Once you make a custom order that will prevail until it is changed and then custom organization will be lost especially if you add new fields or not realize the list is custom and switch views or arrange a field. If you sort your field list while in layout mode with the side panel it will change order.
  8. you only need port 443, 5003 and 16000 open to the public you're right our passports won't get us very far these days.
  9. sorry forgot to disable a few settings.
  10. Well best option is to totality script it or if you know you only ever want to send the ONE invoices then you can create a self relationship and do a GTRR this way you would only have 1 record then the setting on the PDF generation doesn't matter.
  11. some script steps are legacy which are not much more then a macro that has a dependency to a layout object - (typically copy/paste functions or other things in Edit menu. ) In reference to data layer would mean you could edit data without being bound to a layout however you may be dependent on the schema or relationship. Unless you employ FQL or Plugin to capture data out of context. I am curios why you are copying data to clipboard?
  12. https://support.claris.com/s/answerview?language=en_US&anum=000035242
  13. Does it have to be a value list? How many "options" do you anticipate? Other options would be to use a card window and a portal or even list view and allow user to search - or you could constrain search when you open card window https://share.getcloudapp.com/KouBP4pe
  14. A method to create record in another table: Create a Global Field in your table - Create a relationship between main table and target child table from the global text field to the UID in the other table turn on create related records check box UID_TEMP ----- UID In your script you would set the UID_TEMP to Get(UUID) and then you can set any field you want in the other table with new data it will create a new record - just remember to also set the foreign key in that table with the primary key from the table you are on. Once you are done setting fields you can remove
  15. You will need to contact Claris to get your link sent to you so you can download your License Certificate No - this is called a crash upgrade You will need to have a dedicated FMS 19 server with no prior version installed. Clients users version can only be 1 generation prior ie 18 can connect to 19 but 17 cannot.
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