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  1. The original file was sent to me via PM, i chose to reply here the same original file is in the container field. which include % symbol, and other characters.
  2. The issue here is the original file needs to be cleaned up. It starts as a CSV but doesn't have quotes around the fields, so it is harder to parse - also i have detected invisible charters in the original file, could be some conversion issue? So in this example you drag the CSV file to a global field then the script will move the file to known location and then look at the contents of the file and perform some substitution on the data and write out the data to a known location to a .txt file then the data will be imported. The final part is to put the data in to your repeating field
  3. I would import the file and all the fields should be text then you can create shadow fields that sanitize the text data and then export these fields and or import them in to another table.
  4. That is because the field is related you need to use a local calculated field if you want it to be duplicated in the each row of the excel file.
  5. lol yea good idea... I thought of doing something with the file name and if it has the word BACKUP in it also bail out. either case i have to remember to either change the file name of the backup and or the log in account
  6. Ah sorry, Main solution hosted. IPads sync with a clone file. When the file is on server MS knows that and drops out of the the script - in normal use a user opens a empty clone it will try to run initial sync. Hosted file is backed hourly/nightly. A few days go by I download a backup file and open it locally to review data but as soon as i open the file it wants to start syncing.
  7. Occasionally I have to review a backup file, and since the file is the same file that is used as the remote (spoke file) how do i prevent it from ever attempting to sync - with the server. I wish it will never attempt to sync. right now i have to be caffeinated enough to remember to turn on script debugger to halt the sync script when starting the file.
  8. a single user license will not allow you to share (peer to peer) to another computer VM on the same network using the same license number. The subsequent user will get a notice that the serial number is in use. $900 annually is the minimum for 5 users (less if your EDU or NonProfit)
  9. I hate to tell you that only 19 is available to purchase - and older versions are no longer supported and Claris Partners in good faith do try to support the latest versions. You could find hosts that can possibly help you on 14 before multi tenancy was eliminated but trying to find licenses older versions may not be viable plus your always 1 OS version away of being obsolete - meaning you won't be able to even open the app, or experience undesirable issues. Also too server and client only work with in 2 versions so 19 & 18 or 17 & 18 or 17 & 16 etc. $900 USD is t
  10. Awesome (what version number is SC plugin. need to update my hosted AutoUpdate db.
  11. If you have any FTP betas you want me to test let me know.
  12. I am on Windows Server SuperContainer and FTPeek will not start with 19.1.2
  13. Never run a file stored In Dropbox it will corrupt your file.
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