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  1. You could do some math store in a variable the current record compare that to the record count and when approaching bottom of the list go to last record then go to record +- adjacent then back to the target record. It's not ideal.
  2. MirrorSync has the option now to perform initial sync on server so that you could restrict the amount of data the file needs.
  3. is the distributed file the same as the main file or do you have separate Hub and Spoke files?
  4. Feel free to send me a message we if you want we can setup a screen share.
  5. when you say distributed version are you saying it is off line or is the main file hosted? One solution to my mind is use of MirrorSync to keep a central database of all data hosted and users could sync down only a subset of records.
  6. Internally you should use a meaning less id or UUID for relationship purposes you could create another field that contains meaning should something happen where you realize you entered S1 and meant M1 then that would change or orphan records. You could maintain a table of objects that know or set the next sequence number and then append that to with the "designator" M or S Or scripted you could isolate the known set of record for a given material then figure out the MAX value by various means then create a new record for this material setting the identifier to the max + 1 such as
  7. perhaps use a web viewer with some javascript that uses a different JSON parsing library that can manage paths with characters that FileMaker can't.
  8. After download it wanted to launch BBC News.
  9. I seen it and my client has seen this and can't figure out why... After sync we had a new build ready to update and starts downloading And then get a message that FileMaker 19 is opening BBC app.
  10. Pretty ugly but... Let ( [ a = $JSON ; b = JSONGetElement ( a ; "putExpDateMap" ) ; c = JSONListKeys ( b ; "" ) ; d = Position ( a ; c ; 1 ; 1 ) ; e = Replace ( a ; d ; Length(c) ; "MYKEY" ) ; f = JSONGetElement ( e ; "putExpDateMap.MYKEY" ) ; g = JSONListKeys ( f ; "" ) ; h = Position ( f ; g ; 1 ; 1 ) ; i = Replace ( f ; h ; Length(g) ; "MYKEY" ) ; z = "" ]; JSONGetElement ( i ; "MYKEY[0].mark" ) )
  11. You're going to have a hard time with this because keys have a period in the json object "52.5" fmp can't handle json key's with periods.
  12. in layout mode right click and customize the tool bar or when in layout hit command-option-k to get access to Open quick layout start typing to find a layout.
  13. Really depends - one way you could ease the transition is to perhaps use Apps on Demand where you could provide users mac/pc access to a hosted provider that will provide an App On Demand experience. All users would essentially be remote in to their session. The users would experience FileMaker running on windows which may allow them time to assimilate to working on windows - which may be difficult to die hard mac users.
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