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  1. The only time a child record is created from the context the parent records is if the relationship has the allow creation of related records enabled and you either script or have a portal and enter a value in any field in the related table. If you set field in a script it will only ever create one related record to create subsequent children records you would need to have a portal on the layout and go to the last row of the portal and populate a field. Also if you are on the Parent record with a portal to related records and you create a new Parent record and then proceed to create
  2. That was me the other day trying to add a CASE as a script step - lol
  3. The Get() functions are not script steps they are available in the calc engine inside a Set Variable / Set Field or Set Calculated Result
  4. Interesting we used that command and a few times and it did not work for us.
  5. @DougRawson were you able to get server running - I ran that Enable_HTTP2.sh script and it worked on the server at my clients.
  6. A client of mine on Thursday had this issue where SSL would not work for admin console and would not work for any WPE but 5003 for FMP client access worked with green padlock. We had to setup a new machine temporarily on Big Sir while the old machine is in quarantine the goal is to contact Claris tomorrow to see if they can learn anything why the WPE and SSL is going deaf and reinstallation didn't help. From the release Notes: A new version of Java JRE or JDK is no longer required when enabling the Web Publishing Engine. If the JAVA_HOME system environmental var
  7. that won't work the best you would be able to do is to covert the images to base64 and display the text string in a web viewer wrapped in HTML.
  8. Not directly it's best you set your layout(s) specific to each page orientation.
  9. Greetings Syed first you have your boolean number field that will have zero nothing or a 1 if you press a button to add a 1 to the field you want another button to conditionally show on the layout for the user to click the button and perform an action. On the button that runs your script you will notice in the inspectors panel on the last tab Hide Object When you can simply add the boolean field to this as Not FormIsGood or use one of these it depends on what is easier for you to read FormIsGood ≠ 1 or FormIsGood ≠ True or FormIsGood = False This will hide the b
  10. Yes it was mentioned that it is on the roadmap to enable NFC writing. I could imagine that it would be nice to walk up to a tag and read it after you got the data write back to it who / when took the last read or have the tag keep a list of the last 5 reads.
  11. Claris is now on an agile development cycle eventually we may not have "version" numbers and we will have quarterly updates to address performance, features, compatibility, bugs each release could include any or all of these goals. They will be updating again shortly as the New M1 chip Macs are out and will most likely want native code for that processor.
  12. You could always get a VM and install older OS and then use 8.5 on that VM of High Sierra. Working on doesn't me it's designed to or fully compatible; your mileage may vary on using older version on new os, it may work but there are things that just won't and could damage your data. Did you check out the FDS Program?
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