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  1. In the past when I have created directories to the server is to include that in the base path typically to help manage resources ( future size restrictions ) i would typically create a folder structure like: YYYY/MM/UUID_of_file/ this way when ever you create a record the record knows the date it was created if you have a field set for creation date, then when you upload it will create the directory automatically.
  2. I have been trying in vein to push a feed up to MWS every time i get errors about the MD5 not matching then i try to base64 encode things but then that will end up with == at the end of a string and that creates it own error. Has any one successfully pushed feeds up to MWS thru their API or have a third party remedy?
  3. Updated Links: SansScript Here. Helpful Harry Technique Updated and for versions 11 or higher here. Revisit - Adding records to a portal
  4. Each attachment has its Primary key associated with the path for the image - if you want the image to be duplicated to each record you could store it in a global and then on each record upload the image on that record. Or you would need to move up one level to a parent record that groups records 2-10 which need the same shared resource (scanned image) and upload from that context.
  5. At FileMaker, we have more than two decades of experience in helping people work better by making powerful technologies accessible to workplaces of all sizes. And now I’m thrilled to accelerate this mission in my new role as CEO. Dominique Goupil has led this company for twenty years. As he steps down into retirement, he leaves a legacy of high product quality and impeccable integrity. I’m grateful to everything Dominique has done for the company, and I’m looking forward to building on this foundation. It’s an exciting time for FileMaker. We’re seeing top and bottom-line growth. Last year, we introduced the Workplace Innovation Platform category. We are accelerating our strategy and will continue to invest in our brand to drive this forward, including considering potential acquisitions. As the ways and places people work change, we’re evolving our technology as well as our core organizational system – all with the goal of fostering innovation and accelerating successful outcomes for our customers and partners. At FileMaker, we believe strongly in Stanford University Professor Jennifer Aaker’s concept that "employees want to be valued members of a winning team on an inspired mission" and I feel privileged to be a part of such a team. As part of our community, you are an essential component of our mission; our strong ecosystem has always differentiated us. We have in you a robust community of developers who enable us to provide customers with the solutions they need to do their best work. We also have an outstanding network of FileMaker Business Alliance partners we intend to nurture. I’m particularly proud of the work we’ve done in the past few years to offer more education resources for learning, from the launch of our Custom App Academy to the work we do with our 42 Silicon Valley internship program. Enabling the next wave of workplace innovators is core to our mission. As I step into the role of CEO, I look forward to hearing more from our community and working closely with our partners and customers. We have a great journey ahead of us. Sincerely, Brad Freitag https://community.filemaker.com/community/news/blog/2019/03/05/a-welcome-from-filemaker-s-new-ceo
  6. I will be embarking on a task to save a client from themselves. - Moving CCN out of plain text data and using Plastic to properly setup profiles. Are there any limits to doing this in a looping script or batch operation for the way to many accounts, then deleting the this data once we have stored the tokens?
  7. I believe that is the intent of the add-on configurations so that you can do limited syncs either directional or bi-directional. or tie a sync logic to a particular workflow. clicking a button does a limited sync for a subset of data, before you can proceed to another task. In MS 5 there is a new feature that allows you to initial sync server side where it would create a clone hosts it and do initial sync server side based on your logic then deliver to the user the file intact it could greatly increase initial speed of first sync - however good bandwidth would be ideal for delivery of the file..
  8. Anything here that Plastic users should need to worry about? https://support.authorize.net/s/article/MD5-Hash-End-of-Life-Signature-Key-Replacement
  9. Downloaded a fresh version, and disabled froze on this
  10. FTPeek Sample Client.fmp12
  11. FMPA 17 / Mac OS Mojave / FTP
  12. it must be a bug or something with the Sample File because I started a new file with the exact settings and it just works. When it crashed i looked at the logs it never wrote anything the it froze.
  13. I am testing a proof of concept for a new project using FTPeek latest version using the FTPeek Sample Client Enter the credentials the same as I put into Transmit. However when I try to connect FMP just beach-balls - and FMPA stops responding and I have to force quit. I have no issues with a FTP client.
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