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  1. Create a calculated field that is i_deliverTo = LastName & Case (Not isEmpty( Trim ( Phone ) ) ; ", " & Trim (Phone) ; "" )
  2. I would probably use a Popover with a portal that shows all related estimates based on the customer or the 'Base Estimate Number" the portal will list all the versions a button assigned on the portal row would GTRR to the related record. (it could be styled to look like menu) Using a dropdown menu based on a value list may not be as efficient. - And this way you land on the record you clicked - with a drop down the best would require a find operation to isolate the record.
  3. So i was able to move a file from /root/filename.txt to /root/fmp/20190425/filename.txt the /fmp/ directory is known, and each pass I create the folder in the directory it seems to create the directory but never returns a 1 When using function as script step for FTPeek_Rename i don't see any way to trap the result of the function. As it never returns 1 on success even though it succeeded. it appears that rename only works if your change directory to (in my case) /root/fmp/ i am able to create and move from root to destination folder
  4. I don't see a function to move file from FTP root to a sub folder and create directories on the fly (if they don't exist) - is this something that is done with RENAME or would come kind of execute command be needed?
  5. I would recommend a hosting company or FM Consultant vs FM Cloud you'd get much more personalized service if you interface with these folks - even if they ultimately host your files on FMCloud. If you bring your own server licenses hosting costs starts about $85 per month I have several Non-Profits using this method of hosting.
  6. View File The Everything Reference 3... For FileMaker Developers This edition of this book was published back in 2009, we had First and Second editions in 07 and 08. Even though the contents is somewhat out of date much of it is still valid, to preserve this as a historical document it is here for your enjoyment. Originally we had produced double sided wall posters back in 2006 Submitter Ocean West Submitted 04/21/2019 Category Tutorials FM Version legacy  
  7. Version 3


    This edition of this book was published back in 2009, we had First and Second editions in 07 and 08. Even though the contents is somewhat out of date much of it is still valid, to preserve this as a historical document it is here for your enjoyment. Originally we had produced double sided wall posters back in 2006


  8. An app/solution built in FileMaker Pro Advance for - FileMaker Go or even with the SDK ($99 FDS - FM Dev Subscription) to build an app that could be sold on the AppStore you are free to design, sell, distribute worldwide - royalty free with regards to FileMaker Licensing of your single copy of FileMaker Pro Advance. (https://www.24usoftware.com/xgode/) Should your design require you to remote access FileMaker Server you will need a License for each 'named' user - In as much the user is a known individual - It is a violation of the license to use the "for user or Teams" license for individuals not associated with your organization. In this case you would need a concurrence license for the maximum number of unknown users who would need access at the same time (plus the cost of server license / hosting or self hosting ) If however you have server that publishes out using the XML content or css data to a web page and your users can sip up this raw data as needed importing in to their solution - or even sending data out of their souiton using email or REST calls to a server - this would not need license.
  9. if you do not need server you can distribute a .fp12 file to people via email or download they will be only consuming data on FMGO no additional license is needed - if they make changes that need to be integrated perhaps you could have the device send data as csv via email or an API to you then FMGO could if needed be updated devise a way to replace file or import data from csv or via HTTP Post.
  10. 15 users for teams would cost $2520 per year, a 25 user site license is $2175 bringing the seat cost to $87. with a site license you will be able to have 25 versions of FMServer where as the team licensing you can only have 3. Additional if you are going to deploy the DataAPI a 25 license nets you 600 GB of outbound traffic annually, vs 360 with 15 seats. Let me know if you would like me to facilitate placing your order, may be able to apply a small discount to your purchase. Cheers
  11. Jesse mentioned in another post that in a future version of MirrorSync the plan is to replace the JDBC and to implement the DataAPI. I am curious if there is any sort of data metrics that can be implemented in the current version so that we can plan for data consumption for synchronizations? Is the data API used to communicate to for setup of each sync and thus minimal data consumption and use the current process for moving the data, or is all the data pushed via the DataAPI? Curious...
  12. "USER" is a person who uses the database someone in it all day and the random user who logs in and views or edits or creates record. Each user will have access to use Desktop, FMGo and WebDirect (simultaneously) My take is the Home/Work is the same user unless you are trying to use them at the same time. If you have < 25 users but more than 13 users it may be cheaper to get a Site License. the 2GB data is for use of the DATA API this is once you build your solution to utilized the api it only meters the DATA being served out. Container data is not included in the meter unless you convert your containers to base64 text then it would be sent thru the API. how many users do you have?
  13. You could create a Custom Menu and assign items in that menu to scripts with shortcuts - however you have to be careful not to assign OS or other existing shortcuts.
  14. as long as its backing up the backups your good - i have used that with ChronoSync - and have even setup a backup schedule that is set to keep exactly 1 copy then the backup software CrashPlan or Backblaze will come along and back that up. (with backup tools like that just make sure you tell them to ignore the live database.) just a thought also check to Wasabi backup its cheap way to stop files.
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