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  1. when making this switch is it best practice to ensure all users are synced then make the change then force everyone to update? Or can i make the change and do the vRev update when ever they perform a sync. once its on JDBC will it ignore the customization constrain find in the script for the SQL on the config? Just trying to find a clean way to cut over with out coordinating down time.
  2. Can't Find MirrorSyncUpdater.fmp12

    sure thing... will send you a PM
  3. I had gotten this a few times and the script lans on the internal tab of the MS layout.
  4. Can't Find MirrorSyncUpdater.fmp12

    after first sync and everything worked fine. I made a small change and updated the version number and then synced again got the prompt to update but thats when i got the message
  5. In an offline file a traditional sync would mirror all the data from the host to the files however in some work flows that could take longer for the initial sync especially for a lot of resource tables needed just for navigation or system logic. now that we have native JSON parsing in FM16 would it be faster to sync a single table with arrays of information and then logic on the remote device to explode out to interface tables or virtual lists table based on the array over mirroring multiple tables and records. Especially if the sync is only a one way push out to the remote and business logic doesn't require these tables to be modified or sync back to the host.
  6. When using MirrorSync, backend development doesn't stop and it can be tedious to get the word out to inform all users that a new version of your solution is available to download. Here is a technique to do just so: Step 1: Create a table in your solution VERSION this table will have the minimum fields of a UID | version | URL | Time Stamp Create | Time Stamp Modify Step 2: Add this layout to your existing mirror sync layouts sync_version and put all fields on the layout as required by MS, and configure the table to sync hub to spoke ignoring changes in spoke and hub always wins conflicts. Step 3: Add a record to this table and start the version number at 1 and copy and paste the download link url provided by the MS config tool. Step 4: Make a cartesian join between this table your your main interface table where your users naturally perform the sync operation. Step 5: Add a Script: Version ( Check | Update ) the two parameters will either check the version and inform you of a new update, and a way to copy and download the URL. Step 6: On your main layout add a button that will hide when the variable $$version_update ≠ 1 (and also you can test to see if your not on the live version by testing of host name) Step 7: Button passes the "update" parameter to the script that simply copies the URL from off the side of the layout and presents a dialog box to the user to close the file and paste the URL into Safari where it will download the file and replace the original. How it works is fairly simple. When you have a new build ready, you go to the version table (single record table) and increment the version number, then open the script and update the version number there. When the user performs a sync they will be given the newest value from the version table - then you can run this "check" portion of the script to compare the value against local value from their script version which would be out of sync. The end result will light up a button informing them that a new build is ready to download.
  7. I believe it depends on how you generate the Link - if you choose "clone" or "full" file, I believe updated file of the chosen link.
  8. And just like that this feature is now native in MirrorSync 4 great work Jesse!
  9. window maximizes in FM16, didn't in FM15

    Typically if file was opened locally and the window size and position was set. Once you host it that window size and position I believe is remembered. If you turn off the On First Window Open trigger and it still does then it's not in your script.
  10. Exporting Field Labels?

    you can, if you export as Merge file format and just change the extension to .csv
  11. Expenses (with attachments)

    Are there any examples of this tables & scripts functioning in the wild? Would like to push pull this data.
  12. How to properly shutdown my server?

    the os issues a shutdown command, this will terminate the server processes
  13. Let's all get along? It's been rare for our forums, but on occasions I have had to step in to keep the peace and harmony of the site. At times personalities clash - and the typed repsonses are often done in haste - and the sort of thing that wouldn't be said if we were all in same room together. I am encouraging everyone to re-read https://fmforums.com/guidelines/ our guidelines. Let's please keep threads on topic. - and not abuse the "reporting" system. Please be courteous of others and if you have offended someone please extend a sincere apology. The least thing I enjoy doing is to put people in 'timeout' or ban them from the site. Thank you.
  14. Deleted thread

    threads may be hidden from time to time while we have a chance to review and moderate individual posts to keep the thread on topic.
  15. The site is now running on https, please let me know if you experience any issues. You may need to re-log in for things to work correctly.
  16. Log In Working Not Working ?

    There is an issue on the beta of the site please keep the remember me checked as a temporary fix.
  17. Table with many fields or table with generic field?

    This was a solution I worked on years ago in FM 11 I have not upgraded yet for 16, there are a lot of better ways to make it more efficient. setting up a survey you setup all your questions and answers and you can decide the type of information you require as an answer text number currency date duration single choice multiple choice likert scale branching logic can be made so that if you choose a particular question you could go down a chain of new questions. The end result is a table of records for each participant that will have a record for each question on the survey. Various means of formatting this for a printed report obtainable. however because data is not normalized out additional logic and thought would have to be considered if you are wanting all respondents answers be aggregated. https://cl.ly/0p310i1K3S1P
  18. Export to CSV column order

    I haven't tried on FMGo but on the desktop you can save as a merge file format and just use CSV as the extension that will include header columns.
  19. Loss of Layout Functions in FM16 User

    you need to direct select the object from the object layers window and then you can edit them in the inspector.
  20. Removing Spaces while printing

    vertical lines and boxes won't shrink to fit.
  21. Removing Spaces while printing

    Sliding will not work if any fields are set to align middle (vertically) and borders on lines can sometimes be a factor, also check on the layout setup and un check the boxes.
  22. FileMaker 12 to 16

    SuperContainer data is stored in a directory on the server - you can make sure you backup your HD so you have copies of all the original files. The default locations for the file storage is http://docs.360works.com/index.php/SuperContainer#File_Storage you can get the version number of SC by going to: http://domain_or_ip.com/SuperContainer Upgrading to a new version will update the server tomcat files and resources needed to serve images it will not delete folders where files are stored.
  23. I am trying to decide on a schema approach to a small add-on to a vendor/supplier evaluation process, we will have this 'survey' done at intervals, and I am deciding to either put data as a fields or as a table with a key value pair which would require a scripted creation of the data set. Or storing the data as a JSON array and pivot it out to a virtual list. The jury is still out if we need to have aggregate data across all vendors to get a tally if say one of these items is a no. If data is stored in an array computing the aggregate across dozens of records can present its own challenge. Curious to entertain some concepts and suggestions.. During the evaluation period: These questions have Y / N / NA Quality 1. Were the correct materials shipped? 2. Did received materials arrive in good condition? 3. Did all purchased materials met specifications and requirements? 4. Did all purchased materials maintain the quality standards for products? 5. Did we receive prior notification of any changes to purchased materials? Service 1. Were orders processing correctly and efficiently? 2. Were orders received on time and undamaged? 3. Were payment requests handled correctly, efficiently and courteously? 4. Was customer service courteous and helpful? Value 1. Have product prices remained unchanged? 2. Have shipping and handling costs remained unchanged? 3. Was prior notification received for any pricing changes? (no answers above require a text explanations field) Resulting actions (can be more than one): 1. No action required 2. Inform supplier of concerns 3. Submit a formal complaint to supplier 4. Request CAPA from supplier 5. Move to APPROVED | PROVISIONAL | NOT APPROVED list
  24. Summarize 3 time fields?

    caffeine running out - fair warning - how about.... create a field that is Sum ( time1 ; time2 ; time3 ) this will sum up the rows, then a new summary field to get the total hours of that field.

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