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  1. Was working fine now on some profiles we see this error.
  2. I have the autoupdate (fresh copy installed last week) file that is on the server and the main file tries to install the plugin by calling the script in the auto update but it fails to update. I checked the plugins table in the file and it is reporting that it is enabled and running when there are no plugins installed. Even the install button there doesn't work, if I go to the actual detail view then from there it will work. I think there is an issue with the 'installed' version field that is not getting properly updated.
  3. Drawing app integration?

    GoDraw https://www.geistinteractive.com/products/filemaker-drawing-tool-godraw/
  4. License Key Conflict

    firstly I am a bit dubious of purchasing license keys of FM on eBay - not sure what the terms of service is for resell or transfer of ownership for licenses keys. Personally I would not run that many mixed versions of client and server at once - its just too many version differences that will introduce possible corruption in to your solution. Plus there are many security updates that have been made over the years.
  5. Will there be an update soon to plastic to resolve the issue of the plugin not being active? Users process transactions and after a while the plugin in is no longer active in the plugin prefs.
  6. I had gotten this a few times and the script lans on the internal tab of the MS layout.
  7. Forum bug-views vs. comments

    thanks for the heads up - resolved.
  8. I don't how to solve this - PLEASE HELP!

    Here is a quick example. Hope this helps. Observation.fmp12
  9. Now that the plugins are using 16 script step functions - what is the proper way to get the error of the call made? CCTestMode How can I query and know what current mode it is? Or if you did something like CCProfileCreateCustomer - is there another function that you follow up with it to gather the results?
  10. Just FYI the installation of the plugin doesn't seem to work flawlessly either using a container field and install plugin - it had force quit/crashed FileMaker on several users computers. also using the AutoUpdate Plastic 3 is not listed in the hosted version and also I think because your server doesn't have a valid SSL there is a dialog box that will show up and end users have no idea what to do with that.
  11. Plastic 2 to 3

    Any changes that need to be made to existing scripts in a solution when upgrading the plugin?
  12. Headers do not show or print

    Top and Bottom navigation parts are non printing objects - all other body parts will print. (if it shows up in preview it will print )
  13. Newbies to the forum (those with less than 6 posts) will be highlighted now in a different color box. This will be useful for all members, so they will now know they are new to the Forum, and we can greet them appropriately, encourage them and inspire them, make them feel welcome and a part of our community!
  14. Newbies Highlighted...

    somedays always need more coffee
  15. Can't get this relationship to work

    make a new Dates table occurrence and attach it to enrollment by the program ID from there you can create a drop down list once you choose the program you can select the corresponding dates. - however that wouldn't prevent users from picking dates that had already passed. Ideally instead of a drop down picker use a popup with a portal or a card window where you are presented a list of Dates sorted by Program and omitting past dates then when selecting it would set all the needed fields.
  16. While testing various builds I will download a version do the initial sync and then do testing but never sync back the data. Currently my workflow for this is, to quit the solution, go to my Notes app on the device, and click a link to go to safari to download the build again. I would like to have some means to pass a parameter to the MS script bypass the sync operation and just like when it detects a new version prompt to download a new build, but in this case just ignore the version and get a new clean build, using the same architecture all from with FMGo using the MirrorSyncUpdater file. I would burry that button on a developer layout or other means to prevent it from being used in standard operation.
  17. Download new build without Sync

    Hmm was thinking that wouldn't bypass the sync? After initial sync perhaps a few hours goes by and I am tapping buttons adding data testing the flow of info. Intent is to do just the update part without sync.
  18. when making this switch is it best practice to ensure all users are synced then make the change then force everyone to update? Or can i make the change and do the vRev update when ever they perform a sync. once its on JDBC will it ignore the customization constrain find in the script for the SQL on the config? Just trying to find a clean way to cut over with out coordinating down time.
  19. Can't Find MirrorSyncUpdater.fmp12

    sure thing... will send you a PM
  20. Can't Find MirrorSyncUpdater.fmp12

    after first sync and everything worked fine. I made a small change and updated the version number and then synced again got the prompt to update but thats when i got the message
  21. In an offline file a traditional sync would mirror all the data from the host to the files however in some work flows that could take longer for the initial sync especially for a lot of resource tables needed just for navigation or system logic. now that we have native JSON parsing in FM16 would it be faster to sync a single table with arrays of information and then logic on the remote device to explode out to interface tables or virtual lists table based on the array over mirroring multiple tables and records. Especially if the sync is only a one way push out to the remote and business logic doesn't require these tables to be modified or sync back to the host.
  22. When using MirrorSync, backend development doesn't stop and it can be tedious to get the word out to inform all users that a new version of your solution is available to download. Here is a technique to do just so: Step 1: Create a table in your solution VERSION this table will have the minimum fields of a UID | version | URL | Time Stamp Create | Time Stamp Modify Step 2: Add this layout to your existing mirror sync layouts sync_version and put all fields on the layout as required by MS, and configure the table to sync hub to spoke ignoring changes in spoke and hub always wins conflicts. Step 3: Add a record to this table and start the version number at 1 and copy and paste the download link url provided by the MS config tool. Step 4: Make a cartesian join between this table your your main interface table where your users naturally perform the sync operation. Step 5: Add a Script: Version ( Check | Update ) the two parameters will either check the version and inform you of a new update, and a way to copy and download the URL. Step 6: On your main layout add a button that will hide when the variable $$version_update ≠ 1 (and also you can test to see if your not on the live version by testing of host name) Step 7: Button passes the "update" parameter to the script that simply copies the URL from off the side of the layout and presents a dialog box to the user to close the file and paste the URL into Safari where it will download the file and replace the original. How it works is fairly simple. When you have a new build ready, you go to the version table (single record table) and increment the version number, then open the script and update the version number there. When the user performs a sync they will be given the newest value from the version table - then you can run this "check" portion of the script to compare the value against local value from their script version which would be out of sync. The end result will light up a button informing them that a new build is ready to download.
  23. I believe it depends on how you generate the Link - if you choose "clone" or "full" file, I believe updated file of the chosen link.
  24. And just like that this feature is now native in MirrorSync 4 great work Jesse!
  25. window maximizes in FM16, didn't in FM15

    Typically if file was opened locally and the window size and position was set. Once you host it that window size and position I believe is remembered. If you turn off the On First Window Open trigger and it still does then it's not in your script.

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