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  1. Ocean West's post in Post Format Display? Did something change? was marked as the answer   
    moved it from the side it will show after the first post once a topic ≥ 5 replies.
  2. Ocean West's post in Activity does not show new post was marked as the answer   
    The site just got updated and a background tasks are running when it completes things should be indexed properly.
  3. Ocean West's post in Import dialog - "Update matching records" greyed out was marked as the answer   
    i assume the table you are setting up has zero records currently - add 1 record to setup the script then delete the record.
  4. Ocean West's post in Portal Elevator Control.... NOT was marked as the answer   
    Hey Ron check this out http://www.modularfilemaker.org/2013/03/master-detail/
  5. Ocean West's post in Topic Prefix Required But Not Available In Server Forum was marked as the answer   
    this issue has been resolved.
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