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  1. I've been testing an iPad app named "Jump" for remote access to my desktops (Win or Mac) over the internet. Works nicely providing there's not too much to do. Haven't tried to reach my desktops from within a FMGo database.
  2. I want to take advantage of the FM16 BOGO offer by 12/20/17. I am presently using FM13 Adv. Are there any special concerns I should watch out for in going from FM13 Adv to FM16 Adv? Thanks.
  3. Tim: No. I updated the host database two ways: 1) directly on the server & 2) by uploading a total replacement host database to the server. The replacement has no design changes; just new data. The mobile database on my iPad was only used to sync with the host. Thanks for your reply. Dave
  4. I’ve succeeding in syncing an empty “fresh” mobile db on my iPad with my hosted populated db on a server hosted by a 3rd party. It works very nicely. I’ve also succeeded in removing records from the hosted database and re-syncing from the mobile db and found that it synced correctly; i.e., the records deleted from the host were also deleted from the mobile. So far so very good. Now, I changed some of the record-level data on the hosted db and re-synced from the mobile and found that none of the record level changes were made in the mobile db. Am I expecting too much? Also, sinc
  5. I've meticulously followed the directions. My solution host file has been uploaded to a remotely hosted FM13 server at 888, which supports Easy Sync. My solution mobile file is on my iPad2. I am assuming that I should run the "Sync to Server" script in the mobile database on the iPad to trigger the sync. When I do, I get an "Unable to Connect to Server" error message. Any clues to what I may have missed? Thanks.
  6. Wim: I tried to find the original reference to this and could not find it. I recall that it said all you had to do was to change the .exe to .fmp12 and it would work. Probably bogus info. Thanks for your reply. Dave
  7. I've read that this is possible. Since each run time has multiple folders (Extensions, etc.) and many individual DLLs, how does one go about transferring all these to the iPad FMGo app? Is that even necessary? Thanks.
  8. I need to segregate some FMGo13 files with the same names into separate folders by date, and then move db files into those folders. I use Disk Aid for the transfers. Can this be done? Thanks.
  9. It seems this is not possible. Am I missing something? Thanks.
  10. I've developed a solution for analyzing horse races using FMP. For each race it produces a list of Factor Analysis Points such as below for a 4 horse race Horse 1 = 7.6 Horse 2 = 10 Horse 3 = 4.7 Horse 4 = 5.4 Is there a source of a custom function to translate the % of points earned by each horse into its probability of winning and then into Projected Odds :1? Thanks
  11. In a similar discussion on Linked-In, I suggested that Filemaker-Go developers use an eBay store for the eCommerce component of the App Store. Our apps can be sold as fixed priced digital goods, for which eBay charges a flat fee for the listings. Sellers just need to be responsive to purchasers quickly by providing links for downloads of the apps they purchase. I use Box.net for mine and have a link at the ready at all times whenever I get a message from eBay about a new purchase. If anyone wants to test this approach, I'd be willing to use my eBay account for the test.
  12. For those who enjoy the annual Kentucky Derby and all the important prep races leading up to it, Hometown Information Technologies and Racing Ventures, Ltd. are pleased to announce the availability of the 2013 version of the One Minute Handicapper (OMH). Designed entirely using Filemaker11Adv and produced as run-time implementations for both Windows and Macs, OMH scrapes raw past performances data from industry sources and scores horses using 24 variables that are well-known indicators of success on the race track. This product is well-suited for casual players who don't want to pore o
  13. Sorry. I use v11Adv to create kiosk run times. There is some data off the screen to the right that is invisible in kiosk mode. I'd like to the user to scroll over to see that data on occasion and scroll back.
  14. I need to place arrow icons on screens which drive script steps to allow users to scroll right and left. Any ideas? Thanks
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