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  1. Full-time and Part-time Positions now available for: - Certified Lead FileMaker Pro Developers - Junior FileMaker Pro Developers EXCELISYS, Inc. (www.excelisys.com), a custom database solutions development and consulting group, is currently seeking talented and motivated, living and breathing, human carbon units to join the Excelisys FileMaker production team. Our goals are to foster solid long-term technology partnerships with our customers, and provide a creative and positive environment for our team members that empowers each with the confidence to thrive and do his
  2. are you on the same subnet (i.e. the same router) as the FileMaker host machine?
  3. Odd, very odd. Start by making sure that you are using the lastest version of FileMaker Pro 8.0v3. Get the updates from the FileMaker, Inc website. See what happens after that.
  4. Not that I think that FileMaker cannot do this, I know it can as I have seen it used for exactly think kind of thing. I have personally worked with 2 publications that layed out thier entire magazine with FileMaker Pro as the controling element. These were the kind of publications that you might find on a stand at the gas station or in your mail box which have all the local advertising, classifieds or job listings. However in each of these cases, the organizations employed graphic designers who supervised the final layouts. FileMaker Pro was used to store and track all the information,
  5. Are you printing to laser or ink jet printers? Sounds to me like it is an issue with the printer driver that is being used to print. Are you setting up the layouts with the destination printer selected? Often times you have to format for the least common denominator, so you might need to make your print area smaller to account for the changes.
  6. Hmm, my recommendation is to NOT run FileMaker Server 5 on OS X...keep it on OS 9.x Lots of problems with it and not much can be done, since it was not designed in the era of OS X. Either that or convert over to FileMaker 7.
  7. You need to open ports 5003 and 50003 on your firewall.
  8. Outside of the problems already discussed about using simple sequential serial numbers, there should be any problems with transition. Filemaker does not care what it matches on...so a 1 character key and a 101 character key can happily live togther.
  9. I am trying to implement this...not as a key match...but as an actual date range creator. I would like to then use this text field filled with actual dates for other functions. Any idea how I might modify your function to do this?
  10. Well this could also be house cleaning...a major release was just made available. Then the top developer has left...whoever is coming in will surely be reorganizing the division. Not entirly surprising.
  11. Here is a set of custom functions for formatting an auto-entered field instruction when the field is blank. It formats the instruction in a light gray italic font, while the data in the field is formatted as black plain font. Of course you can specify your own colors and styles. AE_Instructions (fieldData; displayText) Case ( fieldData <> displayText and not IsEmpty ( fieldData ); NormalText( fieldData ); InstructionText ( displayText ) ) InstructionText ( Text ) //Makes the selected text light gray in color and in italics TextStyleAdd ( TextColor ( t
  12. I have used XmChart from X2Max (one of FMForums.com advertisers) and found it to be quite powerful and versitile.
  13. While there are native Filemaker techniques for doing charting...I have found that the plugin make is SOOOOOOOO easy that there is little reason to use native Filemaker functions.
  14. I would not say that you will find many problems or limitations of the Filemaker calculation engine. Most likely it is a user/developer error or a rounding error. I have often found that people tend to think that it has to be more complicated than it really is and add alot of problems simply on that basis. If you could be more specific as to what the problem that you are seeing and what you are expecting the result to be we could be of more help.
  15. Build a 1 record database...with enough fields to store all your parameters. Some files write to this, some read from it.
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