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  1. Hi, I have a runtime solution that I distribute on Mac and Windows. I had a windows 7 user have an issue with a damaged file so had him go to the Runtime folder which was installed in the Program Files (x86) directory. When he checked he noticed that the file had a modification date several weeks old and he uses the software daily. He sent the file, I recovered and found that the data was several weeks back. After searching we found that another copy of the runtime data files had been copied to “\users\%user.name%\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\%Runtime_Name%” Apparently Windows wants data files stored here and the FileMaker runtime engine does access them there. This is confusing for many of my users as the AppData directory is hidden. The only solution that I have found so far is to install the runtime folder to the root (C:) rather than to the Program Files. Any ideas or thoughts on this? Thanks, Thomas
  2. I just realized my error. I was having the 11.02 over write the 11 version. I removed the 11 version from the runtime folder and then rebuilt into the empty folder and all is well. Thomas
  3. I've just built a new runtime with the new 11.0.2 update on Mac OS X 10.6.4. The runtime builds fine with no issue. When I try to run the runtime it hangs and must be force quit. Building on 11.0 with the same files works fine. Is anyone else having this issue? Thanks in advance. Thomas
  4. Yes, the libraries are now included and the rutimes actually run as they should. Best regards, Thomas
  5. Hi, Thanks for the reply. I've actually resolved this issue. When the files are bound into a runtime, FileMaker Developer 7 will check the box to "select file" in the import script step. I leave it unchecked so that the user can select the file. The resolution was to open the runtime files in Filemaker after binding and uncheck the box again. Best regards, Thomas
  6. Hi, I have a FileMaker 7 solution on Mac. I have a script to import records from a user selected text file. The script works fine in Filemaker Pro however when I generate a runtime the script step Import Records does not bring up a dialog to select the file to import from. Is this normal behavior for FM7 runtimes? Thanks for any help. Thomas
  7. Why, when running a Filemaker 7 runtime does the application want to connect to the Internet? Best regards, Thomas
  8. What happens with MenuControl on Panther? Do the custom menus simply not load, or does the application crash? Best regards, Thomas
  9. I have used both MailIt2 and SMTPit. I use MailIt2 regularly with no problems. I've never had to contacct Dacons about Mailit so I don't know how their support is with that product but I also use MenuControl by Dacons and have had quick responses with fixes when I had problems there. The "no returns" policy is irrelevant. Pay with a credit card and get a charge back if it doesn't work. my 2 cents. Best, Thomas
  10. Yes. Sorry it took so long to notice this quesion! I've been updating. Thomas
  11. I just tried it again. This time I compiled the original files with "Prevent Modification" and "Rename Files" and I renamed the accounts file. Created, sent and received mail with no problem. Then I minimized and did some other stuff. Came back and sent and received again. I switched to another program without minimizing and created some new documents. Switched back and sent and received again. I have still been unable to get it to crash. I hope this helps. Thomas
  12. Hi, I just made a runtime ( version of the Personal Mail solution included in the Dacons download. This is on Windows XP. I ran the runtime, created and sent email as well as received email. I then minimized it and opened Explorer and Word. Create a Word document and saved it. Switched back to the runtime and created and sent email and received. No crashes. I can send you the version I made to see if it works on your system. Email me if you would like it. Best regards, Thomas
  13. Hi, I just tested it on my XP Home Version using Filemaker Developer 6 and Mail.it and my own solution. I sent and recieved then ran Explorer and Quicken, switched back and sent and received again. No crashes. Thomas
  14. You can have mail.it check without the progress bars by skipping the "set field" steps that show it. The plugin will check whether the progress bar shows or not. The standard set fields to show the progress bar are: External("Emai-Set-AllowCancel", "OFF") External("Emai-Set-CustomProgressSize", "1") External("Emai-ShowStatus", "SHOW") I hope this helps. Thomas
  15. Thanks for the suggestion but Dacons did answer me quickly and the problem was that I had not set the scripts to be listed in the Scripts menu. My own oversight. All works well now. Thomas
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