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  1. I restarted FMSE, bypassed EmailRegister... Now it hangs on the very next 360Works Email step, EmailConnectIMAP. I added logging script steps just before it and just after the call, the first log entry works, but the second one never triggers. It appears to be halting whenever calling the plugin. No logs on the server give any indication.
  2. Can seem to get the Mail plugin to respond on FileMaker Server. At first it wasn't initializing, which we fixed. Now, it simply doesn't respond. We have a script which works fine from the client side, but when run on the server via PSoS, when it gets to the RegisterEmail step, it simply stops. No errors, no logging from either the event.log nor the 360 logs. For now, we're using PSoS, but the intent is to get a timer schedule to run it. The setup: macOS 10.13.6 High Sierra Mac Mini i5 2.6Ghz, 8GB RAM FM Server 360Works Email 3.34016 At first we couldn't get the plugin to initialize, this was resolved with the Common Issues post, and by fixing folder permissions. Numerous restarts, etc. At a loss here.
  3. On EmailConnectSMTP for both Gmail and iCloud, I get this error when trying to use TLS. Is my syntax wrong, or is there a bigger issue here? EmailConnectSMTP( "smtp.mail.me.com:587" ; "[email protected]" ; "XXX" ; "tls=true" ; "timeout=10" )
  4. Something I just discovered, it seems OSX no longer auto-includes the Full Name in the user's list of available aliases. Â HOWEVER, if you manually add the Full Name as an alias... it authenticates when logging in via FM. (see screenshot)
  5. I am running into the exact same problem and the answers in this post have not helped me solve it. This was running perfectly in my test environment.
  6. Actually, I figured it out. You have to first delete the MirrorSync table, layout, and scripts before running the config utility. They should have packaged the demo file with them already deleted.
  7. I'm having this same problem. The client in this case is FileMaker Pro Adv 12.
  8. James, I have been searching online for any answers to this as I am having the same problem. I'm noticing it not only affects script behavior but also affects developer-accessible screens. As you stated, it's very intermittent (although I'm noticing greater frequently in 10.7 Lion). When the problem occurs, shift-click and option-click ceases to function in the following areas: When calling Get ( ActiveModifierKeys ) When dragging objects on a layout in layout mode. When dragging objects in the relationship graph. Oddly enough, it works fine when typing letters or shift-selecting items in lists (scripts, layouts, tables, fields, etc.)
  9. A real simple solution is to create a second email address dedicated to SMS, since all carriers today offer email addresses to their customers' phones. e.g. [email protected]
  10. Try: - Enter Find Mode - Show Custom Dialog (for Input Field #1, select the date field) - If Get ( LastMessageChoice ) = 1 - Perform find else - Browse mode - End if You have to verify that the user presses button #1 before proceeding. FileMaker treats buttons 2 and 3 as 'cancel' buttons and fails to set the field.
  11. This is precisely the problem I am having with 8.0/8.5 access the FM Server. I just wrote this letter to FM Tech Support... ------------ Highly irritating erroneous license conflict issue with FM Server 8: Single user license of FileMaker Pro Advanced 8.5. If it crashes or needs to be force quit, while connected to a FM Server, the app will NO LONGER LAUNCH when trying to access files on that server. It yields a license conflict error, to which there is none. The fix is... we have to SHUT THE SERVER down and restart it. My guess is to reset the license access list. Other info: • We have 3 other licenses, all do the same thing. • It occurs on 2 different servers and the problem sticks with the server (whichever was being accessed at the time) • It happens with FM Adv 8.0 and 8.5. Is there anything that can be done about this?? It really slows things down, not to mention the inconvenience to our clients for repeatedly having to restart their servers.
  12. I don't know if anyone is experiencing this. We have FM Server 5.5 running on a G4. During peak times, when someone initiates a find, they have been getting the "network" cursor which stalls their session, as well as the server. This has been happening everyday now for the past few weeks. - We have 68 dbs running with an average of about 40+ users accessing them. - We have tried recovering EACH file, just in case something was damaged. - We have read through the performance section of the FM Server manual and everything appears correct. - We actually just recently switched our files to another seperate server and the problem still persists. I don't know what else to do. Help??
  13. I'm noticing the same problem running FM Server 5.0v3 on a G4 AND on a RAM disk. For a while there we thought it might be the RAM disk (RamBunctious) as we installed both at the same time. I will try downgrading. You guys, please post IF the problem is still occurring on your machines. Thanks!!
  14. We are trying it here over a network servicing 70 users. We have a G4 w/ 1Gb of RAM with a 750Mb RAM Disk. It does makes downloading images and disk-intensive services much faster. Other functions like sub summaries, unfortunately rely on processing power. We're not noticing too much of an advantage there.
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