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  1. One of the higher end group fax solutions is 4SightFax http://4sightfax.com. It's a little pricey, but will handle many fax lines/modems and a lot of users. I'm not sure how you would distribute it with your solutions as it requires its own server and licenses. I've used it in a 4 fax line solution with 20 users and 2000 faxes a day with good success. I've done one solution with WinFax, but is was so buggy as to not be worth the effort. Another approach might be to use an online fax service. HTH, Brent
  2. Here is some data on the subject that was found online by one of my associates: ======================================= Apr. 12, 2005 Data Loss And Corruption Peter Trist In your followup Kim Kohen mentioned experiencing problems with FMS 5.5 under OS X. As a FileMaker developer who shares responsibility for the smooth and reliable running of ~20 FMS [5.5] units around the country (Australia) we have found the following to be the best an most reliable setup. The Filemaker Server folder / application should 'live' in the default 'Application' Folder - no where else. Regard
  3. The export feature in FM allows you to export a summarized set of records. I would export a summarized set of records by course in the format of your choice and reimport into FM. -bd
  4. First, recognize that a database is NOT a spreadsheet. Beyond some limited things that can be made to look the same, you will not be able to gain much of a spreasheet's functionality. For example, in a spreadsheet "records" can be made to flow up/down or right/left. In a database list view, records flow down the page only. Other work arounds can display records across the page, but these can require one field or related field per data item. Functions such as fill across, fill down, or insert rows or columns are the stuff of spreadsheets, not databases. In general, be prepared to complete
  5. What exactly do you mean by "reset" the case number? -bd
  6. I'm afraid that's way to little information to answer your question. The devil is in the details and we'll need a few more. The general approach is to import data and use whatever native information is available to make temporary links between the tables and use these relationship with lookups to populate the final keys. -bd
  7. Oops! I went back and read the original post. There is NO KNOWN PROBLEM with automatic backup corrupting files under OS 9. We have 20 server years experience with this approach and have never had a problem. I'd look at the general integrity of the machine by running Disk Warrior first then Norton Utilities (7 or 8). ==================== I'll post the following relative to question about automatic backup file corruption under OS X....... I'll qualify this response with the comment that I'm not sure how much of this applies to Server 7, but this is a post with credit to MacInTouch
  8. What you need is some concept of a room, either in a separate table with relationships to the people in the room or by marking the individuals as both in "Room 1". In the first case you can print the rooms needed list from the "Rooms" table. In the second case, you could print the list of rooms needed as a subsummary by room. This would eliminate the duplicated entries on the room list. -bd
  9. In reviewing the whitepapers,don't feel that everything has been said. The creators of a software package most often don't have any idea of the best ways to use it. It will take years for the developer community to try a whole bunch of stuff and come to some sort of collective understanding on the best ways to use this new tool called FM7. Myself and my associates are still having this discussion and probably will be for years! -bd
  10. First, the Categories and Subcategories need to be in a table (not just entered into a value list). The Category field is setup to display as a dropdown list or menu using values from the Category field in your new table. A relationship is setup between your Category field and the Category field in the new table of values. Next setup the field display for Subcategory. In this case the value list for Subcategory is setup to restrict the displayed values to those related to the Category. Perhaps and example is better, one is attached. -bd Example.zip
  11. You've picked a topic for which about 500 pages of whitepapers have been written. There are many reasons you might what to break your solution into multiple files (and many reasons you might not). Some of these include: - Separating the user interface and the data into separate files to facilitate interface upgrades - Breaking a shrink wrapped solution into modules for independent sale - Enhancing security by only giving user the part of the UI they need You can download many informative whitepapers from the FileMaker Inc. web site which discuss this topic in much greater depth.
  12. The usual solution to showing only one record in preview is to isolate that record in a one record found set. The easiest sequence of script steps to do this is: Show All Records Omit Record Show Omitted You can also use the Go to Related Record (show) script step, as appropriate. IMHO, the best FileMaker 7 book is Special Edition Using FileMaker Pro 7 by Steve Lane, et al. -bd
  13. LiveOak

    Read Only Field

    How about setting a calculated field equal to the field and displaying the calculated field: cDisplayField (calculation, text) = Field The display field can be set to allow entry and use of the scroll bar, but since it is a calculated field, you really can't change the contents. -bd
  14. In FM6 & FM7 you can perform a find and establish a found set, enter find mode again and then perform a second find that will "constrain" the current found set. This can be done manually using the Requests Menu to execute the "Constrain Found Set" operation or scripted in ScriptMaker. In FM5, you must build the composite find request equivalent to the find + constrained find. The duplicate part on names gets tricky. The "!" character will find duplicate entries within a single field. As to names, are Rob Smith/Robert Smith/Bob Smith duplicates? If you create a composite field, say Fir
  15. I'd have to second that motion. Having owned FM books since Singer's book on FM2, I'd say this is the best I've seen. -bd
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