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  1. I have the same problem. It's really noticeable on the defining relationships and layout screens. It's sure annoying.
  2. FMP7 & FMP7 Server We have two different files that we have container fields that contain pdf files. In one file we can double click and open the pdf and the Export File is greyed out when right clicking on the field. In the other file we can't open the file by double clicking and the Export File is the only way to view the pdf, but it must be saved somewhere first. Can anyone tell me the difference? They were both setup the same way. I'd like to be able to have users just click on them and view.
  3. kwatson

    Can't View .pdf's

    Server/Filemaker 7 Server Advanced (Win Server 2000) Users - Filemaker 7 (Win XP) We have a database into which we are dragging and dropping .pdf's into a container field. Suddenly we can't open the .pdf's from within FMP anymore. Are there any limits on using FMP to store .pdf's? Any ideas why it would just cease and desist after working for weeks?
  4. Does anyone know if Groupwise will work with the Send Mail script step, if Groupwise is designated the default mail client? I have some new users to our system who don't use Outlook (for some silly reason).
  5. In FMP6 and previous versions we had a simple script which said Open URL(fieldname) where field contains the complete URL of a .pdf containing submitted documentation. For some reason with FMP7 this has ceased to work on some of my users machines, but not all. I guess the workaround would be to put the .pdf's in a container field, but before I start converting everything...any clues why it won't work and what are the advantages/disadvantages of using a container field to do this? Any help will be appreciated.
  6. We're in the process of migrating to FMP server 7 advanced from FMP 6 Unlimited. Is it possible to run both versions on a one dedicated server running MS IIS on an entry server?
  7. I just downloaded a trial version of FMP7 and tried it. (I can't wait until all three versions get here). The export field contents script step does it just fine.
  8. Are you talking about FMP7? I'm talking about some type of export that would emulate a cut and paste action, holding the formatting.
  9. I've been trying to write a script to pull information out of one field and put it into a plain text (Notepad or WordPad) file. I'm aware of the FMP7 (have ordered it for our network and expecting it any day) new "export field" script step, but I'm not sure exporting it will put it in a plain text format. Any suggestions?
  10. I'm interest in knowing if there is a way in a script to check to see if a file of another format (pdf) exists. If it exists, it can be opened by using the Open URL script step.
  11. We use FMP 5.0, Server, and Unlimited on W2K servers and Professional with no problems for over a year, no problems. Are you talking about Server or regular desktop version?
  12. We have successfully used all versions of FMP5 with W2K.
  13. I have had very similar frustrating problems with both importing and exporting. I won't go on, but some of the problems we experienced were really erratic. I posed the question to several discussion groups to which I belong without receiving any responses. The only solution we came up with after many days of trial and error was to not use import/export to do the job. We ended up creating scripts to copy field values to globals and then populate fields in a receiving database. This is a much safer solution and works 100% of the time with 100% accuracy. Hope this helps.
  14. What is "Pragma"? We have the same problem and are going to try the code using W2K.
  15. We've had the same problem and have come to the same "fix" you have.
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