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  1. Okay, I've played with this too long. I want to be able to use 1 double quote (") to search in an HTML string (so I can remove it). Since I need to repeat this process many times, I tried to insert the quote into a global text field using various constructions including (but not limited to) the Quote() function, and escaping the string. Will someone kindly show me the correct syntax? Thanks, Steve
  2. I use FM 9 on XP. Anybody know how to include a hotlink to a webpage in the body of an email? I want to direct a user to a purchase page. Thanks, Steve
  3. "VBScript in a Nutshell", published by O'Reilly. You can buy it used for a few bucks on Amazon. Has a tutorial, and a list of all VBS statements.
  4. Found the problem...I use Dacons Menu Control, and it wasn't the latest version available. Steve
  5. It's NOT the particular file. Before I called FMI, I created a new FM7 with just 1 field, 1 Table and it crashed when I went to rename 'New Script' to something else. So, it's not file corruption. I called FMI and they said to re-install Windows, which I can't see as having any impact, since this is internal to Filemaker (FM8.5 works properly, and I rarely have a problem with other software). That was the best I could get out of them. Like I said before: Yuck. I have multiple versions of Filemaker on my disk going back to V5, altho I can't see what any of this has to do with something that is internal. I believe that if I ever do find the problem, it will come down to a DLL that doesn't get erased when I un-install FM9, and doesn't get replaced when I re-install. Steve
  6. Thanks. I was able to remove that 1 script, but FM 9 still crashes back to the desktop when I go to rename a file...happens everytime. I think I'm going to call Filemaker directly (Yuck). Steve
  7. Thanks, Vaughn but that's the standard answer. I'm working on a developer copy, so I don't have to worry about the data. I don't have an idea of exactly when this script got 'partially deleted', but I can't go backwards since I've done way too much. I'm stuck with this file. It's a very odd bug, since the same file runs in 8.5 but not in 9.0 after a crash in 9. Nine shouldn't be crashing if I go to rename a script. Steve
  8. I'm running FM9 Advanced on XP. If I try to change the name of a script, FM crashes back to the desktop. If I then re-start, I get a 'Recover the file...' message. I can open the same file in 8.5 with no problems, but I can't delete it there either. I've tried repairing and re-installing 9 with no luck. Here's a clue which I believe is related: There is a script called 'New Script', that can't be completely deleted...I get an error msg that says 'it can't be found or has already been deleted'. It can't be edited...same error message. But I can move it up or down in the list. I also can't remove its check box to remove it from the Scripts Menu. Anyone have any suggestions, as I am stumped as to what to do? It's a real pain not being able to rename a script unless I go into 8.5. Thanks, Steve
  9. I'm using 8.5 Advanced and 9.0 Advanced on a Win XP platform. I'm about to move my solution onto a commercial hosting site, and I need to make some changes. Currently, I store graphics in external files and only save the file path/names in the data record. Somewhere along the line FMI added 'Export Field Contents' (anyone remember which version?) that would allow me to store the graphics on the record, and then get them out. If I store them on the record, I'd have to export them to an FTP site. How (remember the DB will be on a hosted server) do I do that? Should I not store them in the records and put them directly on the FTP site? Then, to display the graphics, I assume I'd use the Web Browser. The rest of the data would be exported as a CSV datafile. Can that be done directly to an FTP site? How? In total, there might be 4,000 JPEGs, each about 50K. Since I've never dealt with a server, would having my own server (or dedicated, commercially hosted server) make moving files around any easier, ie not needing an FTP site to write the data to? Steve
  10. See this site for a Win solution (maybe) Link Steve
  11. I don't know anything about VB script, but I'll give you another alternative: WinBatch from www.Wilsonware.com. Its considerably more powerful than VB Script, easy to learn, and can automate almost any function or application in the Windows world. I use it constantly and have linked it to FM. Wim Decorte, a frequent poster and VB expert pooh-poohs it, but line for line it's very powerful and efficient. If you buy the Compiler, you can distribute runtime .exe for free. Steve
  12. How about it comes from me trying to use the plugin and documentation. I happen to use Dacon's Menu Control which I think is a great plugin, and I'm not saying that mail.it isn't good (since I purchased it), it's just that better documentation would make a user's life a lot easier. Steve
  13. No, you don't have to copy any of their scripts. However, I can tell you that their documentation is poorly organized, and each of the functions really need examples which they haven't seen fit to provide. You'll need to spend a lot of time going through the scripts and docs to make anything useful out of it. On the other hand, it is a lot cheaper than its competition (maybe 1/2 price). The examples have 1 file with 3 Tables, but you can organize the functions however you wish. Steve
  14. Yep Genx...just kidding. It shows how we've both matured...me too fast...you about right. Steve
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