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  1. This is very basic but should do what you want. I can elaborate if you like. Go to Layout["layout name"] Enter Find Mode[pause] //Allow the user to enter find criteria, pressing return or enter will continue the script. Perform Find if [ Get ( LastError ) = 0 ] Sort Export end if
  2. Yes, it's possible. You need to create an External Data Source. Assuming you are using FileMaker Pro 10. 1. Open the database you want to add the relationship to. 2. Choose File>Manage>External Data Sources... 3. Click New 4. Enter a name for your data source. 5. Click Add File and then Remote 6. Navigate to the FileMaker Server and then choose the file you want to relate to. At this point you should be able to go Define Database and add a Table Occurrence(TO) to the Relationship Graph. Then you can add relationships as needed just like that TO was part of the local file.
  3. I'm testing out using VB to add records to a FileMaker database served from FMS via ODBC. As part of this test I first decided to see if I could just query the records in a certain table and get back some results which works fine here's my code..... Dim ws As Workspace Dim db As database Dim strConnection As String Dim rs As Recordset Set ws = DBEngine.Workspaces(0) Let strConnection = "ODBC;DSN=TSHC" & DatabaseName & ";UID=Admin" & UserName & ";PWD=" & UserPassword Set db = ws.OpenDatabase("", False, False, strConnection) Set rs = db.openrecordset("ENGLISH_NATURE") Do While Not rs.EOF 'Put the code here for what to do with the information. 'The field information can be access by the field name intID = rs!ID intTitle = rs!Title 'Or by the order number it is in the list (starting at 0) MsgBox intID & " - " & intTitle rs.MoveNext Loop The next part of the test was to see if I could create a record. Here's my code which results in the following error at the rs.addNew line: "Database or Object is read only". The database is not read only. I am using the Admin user to connect which has full access to the file and also has ODBC access privs. Dim ws As Workspace Dim db As database Dim strConnection As String Dim rs As Recordset Set ws = DBEngine.Workspaces(0) Let strConnection = "ODBC;DSN=TSHC2" & DatabaseName & ";UID=Admin" & UserName & ";PWD=" & UserPassword Set db = ws.OpenDatabase("", False, False, strConnection) 'DAO - Add New Record Set rs = db.openrecordset("ENGLISH_NATURE") ' ERROR OCCURS ON THE NEXT LINE... rs.AddNew rs!ID = intID rs!Name = "Test" rs!Status = "Popular" rs!Author = "Graham Sprague" rs!Publisher = "Somepublisher, Inc." rs.Update
  4. I found one. 360Works EMail Plugin. Have any of you ever used it? Can you speak to it's ease of use/reliability?
  5. I am wondering of anyone out there knows of a FlieMaker Server Plugin that can send email. I'm looking for a Server Plugin here, not a Plugin for a FileMaker Pro Client. Thanks, g
  6. I too have this problem installing FMSA 9 in a two machine configuration. I am attempting to use the existing php install as well. I am using two xserves running 10.4.x Server. Each time I try to hit the page with a CWP call I get the same error 956. Did you ever find a solution?
  7. I added the IP for the webserver in there. I even moved it into the local network for the sake of determining if the separation was the cause. Still no dice. I just keep getting the 956 error?!
  8. Thanks, I have read that and made the IT dept aware of the port requirements. But, I think it maybe due to the fact that the Web Server is outside the local network and the FMS is inside the network. On the old WPE Admin Console you could specify the address for FMS. Since the config takes place on the Server side now I don't see any way to tell the WPE machine how to talk to the FMS.
  9. I have a client that is having this problem as well. Could you elaborate on the firewall issue and how it was resolved?
  10. I understand your reasoning, but there is a layout based on the Contract and a Portal showing the Projects. The php query is looking at that layout. That layout shows the values I need when viewing via FMP.
  11. I am having a strange problem accessing related unstored calcs. Here is a simplified version of code that I'm having the problem with. This is just a small chunck of code from a much larger page. $projects = $contract->getRelatedSet('Company to CustomerContract to Projects'); // an array of contact record objects if( !FileMaker::isError($projects) ) { $i = 0; foreach ($projects as $project) { $id = $project->getField('Company to CustomerContract to Projects::ProjectID'); $title = $project->getField('Company to CustomerContract to Projects::ProjectTitle'); $total = $project->getField('Company to CustomerContract to Projects::JobServicePriceTotal'); $total_tax = $project->getField('Company to CustomerContract to Projects::TaxTotal'); }//end foreach }//end if At this point in the code the total and tax fields are = to "0" for the first record and = "" for subsequent records. The stored values like Title work fine. Anyone have any ideas what the problem might be? I checked all the permission to the tables involved and they are all wide open. Is there a known bug with accessing unstored related data? Any help would be great.
  12. I have a client that is having this problem too. FMServer 8v3 and client 8v3. I have recovered the offending file and it is still happening. Do your records go away for good or do they just dissapear until the file is closed and re-opened?
  13. You can also use fetch style addresses like this. They tend to be less prone to being broken by OS updates. afp://user:pass@address/volume
  14. Create a FileMaker script. Add the Export Field contents script step. Specify your container field. Make a file reference that points to a common place(like top level of the hardrive) and use a generic filename with no extension. Like "Preview". Then add the Perform applescript script step and use the following code tell application "Preview" open "Macintosh HD:Preview" end tell
  15. I need to locate a record on a specific layout and set one of the cells to a value. I have done this thousands of times in FMP6 but am having great difficulty in FMP7. Can anyone help me please?! Here's my code... tell application "FileMaker Pro 7" tell database "IMS" go to layout "shell [imageTemp Lookup]" show(every record whose cell "id" contains "T0000003") set cell "status" of current record to "Completed" end tell end tell --This causes "Event Failed" error.
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