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  1. I've just installed a login/logout program for a computer lab; it's running on a Mac and works fine, but the screen display still shows the menu bar and status bar. I think I've read somewhaere that there is a plugin for kiosk mode that hides them (and limits access to the records too?). Is it possible that the Web Security module would apply to this one? ------------------ Stan Bevens Learning Technology Albuquerque Public Schools New Mexico, USA
  2. The username says it all...rookie. Working in FM4Pro, developing on a Mac and porting to PC. I'm trying to do a simple sign-in roster, where users enter their user ID, hit OK and are logged in, date/time stamped, and set active (an entry in Timein field). Users are stored in the employee database. New users will set up a new record (userid, firstname, lastname, and orgid) in the employee database as part of the log in. When they log out, all users just enter user ID and the program pats 'em on the bottom, says goodbye, and calculates the amount of time on. Simple. Except when I por
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