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  1. Have a look at this product www.alphasoftware.com Has runtime, frontend to MySQL, separate data files from rest of application, no plugin "pay-in" necessary for expected functionality, affordably priced, cross platform capable with Web Application Server...
  2. Just wanted to let you know that Alpha Software has released version 6 today with its own web application server and ability to interact LIVE (not import) with ADO / ODBC compliant databases, like Access, Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL. www.alphasoftware.com or HERE for their slideshow!
  3. Given the facts of the above software license purchase requirements to distribute ones application to their respective clients, the math seems to show who is really giving the developer the potential for profit. Additional objectivity from this link:
  4. Kurt, you are right as to my membership here. I began using Filemaker at ver3 and helped to co-write a point of sale app in Alpha Four (DOS). I have an appreciation for both programs but, don't like the plug-in "patch work" that Filemaker has continued to force down it's userbase. You know as well as most users of this forum the numerous requests/rants about each FM ver release being lite on past developer tool wishes by users. I applaud the fact that you can SEE posts of Alpha's management personel contributing to Alpha's company maintained message board! Where is this userbase communica
  5. True but... did you read their plans
  6. http://newsletter.alphasoftware.com/nw146.htm
  7. Since this is an invoicing system, it will always vary. As you can see from the image, if I query for Dept "ER" and WT >= .95 my report should include the 2 items in row 3 and 4.
  8. Thanks Ray, My specifics would be: In the Header I query for Salesman: Ray, Invoice date >= 1/1/2002 next I have added for query purposes, the 2 calc fields c_Dept and c_WT, which tunnel to 2 fields in Invtry, in the portal. Pseudo code is this: Since 1/1/2002, how many items of this weight, in this department has Ray sold.
  9. I have 3 files as follows: Header to Items; Items to Invtry. For tunneling I have created 2 calculated fields c_WT and c_Dept in Items. The 2 fields are in Invtry. My header form has a portal of Items fields plus these 2 calculated fields. When I perform a find on the Header form, one of my records that matches my find criteria may be on row 3 of the portal but the report only displays the item and amount of the incorrect record on row 1 of the portal, causing my report to be incorrect. How can I have the report use the correct record in the report? Thanks
  10. I did get the date argument to work with the following: ----------- "SELECT * FROM HEADER WHERE `HEADER`.`DATE` >= " & "#" &Year(lastupdate)& "-" & Month(lastupdate)& "-" & Day(lastupdate)& "#" ----------
  11. I could not get the SQL to work with the date value so I decided to use another field to choose my "new" records to import. What I have is a Calc field SQLquery("SELECT * FROM `HEADER` WHERE `HEADER`.`INV_NO` >=" & lastupdate) and a Global field (lastupdate,Text). I then created a script that first sorts by Inv_no then goes to the last record and sets field(lastupdate, "'"&Inv_no&"'") then executes the execute sql by using field value of SQLquery. The script runs and goes through the DSN prompts but does not add the records. To test my sql statement, I created a text field
  12. Thanks Bob, sorry about the horizontal post. I eventually did think to use the asterick for my columns like in the following SQL statement <<< SELECT * FROM `HEADER` WHERE `HEADER`.`DATE` >= 2001-01-12 >>> problem now is the WHERE does not seem to make a successful find even though the data exists to satisfy the argument. Above is the statement that FM SQL Query builder is creating for the WHERE argument. I have tried the curly brackets around the date but no help. Last problem is, what should I use on the "import field mapping" screen? Add, Replace o
  14. It appears to me that this should be a Relational type question. Why don't you have a directors db?
  15. Tired of the workarounds and lack of FMI releasing what they should have in each release? If you do not need cross platform use, you must try their demo. Offering encryption, Xbasic code for exceptional coding capabilities, print to pdf html from toolbar....Largest list of enhancements/improvements ever released. Free Trial www.alphasoftware.com
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