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  1. Is there another BB like this one that has more traffic and patronage? I really need alot of help, and there were only two messages in this catagory before I came here for the last 45 days. Any suggestions appreciated.
  2. I just got FMPro Unlimited, and have a huge learning curve ahead of me, but I really want to overcome and become proficient at it. I kind of have to.... Anyway, I am greatly daunted by the array of choices out there for training. I can see that the Scriptology book is the one to get for advanced training, but I will have to get some basics under my belt first. The question is WHERE? I need a very rudimentary tutorial in it, and though I loaded the tutorial that is on the program, I cannot find it anywhere for use. Is the book, "File Maker Pro for Dummies" any good.... it would seem to be deali
  3. I just got File Maker Pro Unlimited 5.0, and have installed it, but cannot get the Web Server Companion to install, but get an error message. Does anyone know why it is doing this? Thanks
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