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  1. I started with separation because of remote access over slow line from distant branch. The system is much more responsive after initial delay (open used files). It can be called "Interface file"
  2. Hammerton I am still with FM server version 5 The most important thing was fast disk/RAID and not processor. That maybe that was changed, but you should try your machine first.
  3. What more can one add? Just more of the same rant. FMI never replied to any of my report of reproducible bugs. Exactly the same reaction as Apple Inc. The same and very wrong policy. We are the best; we know everything better than you (user) do. I've worked for Apple IMC and I was distributor of FM over here. When I've found problem in Windows product, usually the problem or bug was already sorted out by that time I got there. To report major bugs with Apple Inc. and their subsidiaries is a joke and there is never any fix. In few cases I've got response so off the track that I am not even tryi
  4. FMS is not using any special functions available on Windows server. It is NOT using FileSharing, nor IIS or FTP. The only functions, which are used, are disk access TCP/IP and nothing else. The TCP/IP output from FMS is going straight to TCP network. So even the W2k workstation software cannot accommodate more than (I believe) 10 guests for filesharing, the FMS will happily supply data to 250 connected users. One can disable most services on W2k and get extra bit of speed. If someone wants to waste money on idle Windows Server just do it. That is fine with me :
  5. RE: 2. FileMaker seems to be extremely client-oriented when it comes to performance of scripts. That leads me to the question: are the scripts/calculations processed on the server or on the client? Apart of indexing everything is processed on client machine.
  6. Check the help. There is also set of command line request. Console has something to do with browser version. Try IE 5.
  7. I was never happy with FM cookies. Maybe you can use JavaScript to set cookie.
  8. If the machine has separate profile for each user, then FM UserName will be also different and can be checked with Status functions. HTH
  9. RE: So anyway, my question.. can anyone compair PCAnyware with TS? Better speed or about the same? Those are two different technologies. PC Anywhere is just remote control over local PC. TS are fast; in fact I do some of the programming over 64k ISDN line very comfortably. Also you can have 10-40 remote clients hooked to single TS. For TS you need VLA license of FMP. HTH
  10. BTW, MySQL is now part of Lasso and it is the fully licensed MySQL. All the security and session management is build into Lasso with the help of MySQL. Lasso is IMHO still the best for FM driven website, but now can be any combination with MySQL. Imagine to do all temporary processing for shopping basket in Lasso/MySQL and when finalized order is placed Lasso will post that order into FM company wide solution. Of course that can be done also with PHP.
  11. No, not possible. You can use another database, which will keep the items for value list. That can be updated from web.
  12. RE: i seem to misunderstand the relationship between the layout file and the format file? There is not such thing as layout file. The -lay specifies FM layout from which the fields are pulled for web. What is not present on the layout FormView cannot be served to the html form results.htm. If your layout is only for CDML (and will not be used in future for Lasso middleware) you can have single "web" layout with all the fields from database. Then you must build html for form display of single record and "list" html form for presenting list of records found set. CDML for this lis
  13. I am also curious about this. But maybe if one user will start the Unlimited in user process and only the Unlimited will use port 591, it may work. There will be probably other issues with security of such box, we will see.
  14. Sorry I couldn't resist -- that is why I prefer Lasso, Install and Go. The installation of Lasso and MySQL inclusive of basic security configuration is single click process.
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