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  1. Is there a way, under program control, in FM 11 or 12, to set the Preferences > User Name, and then disable access to this by the user?
  2. Hello AndyMac: I was reading your question with interest. I have a situation that is similar. But, what I would like to do is actually close all of the database files, quit FileMaker Server at a specified time, then restart FileMaker Server at a specified time. Do you know the best way to do this? Thanks DGM
  3. Configuration: FM Server 3.0 running on a Blue G3 with Mac/OS 8.5.1. The database files (44 of them) are stored on a Novell server. There are a mixture of Win95, Win98 and various Macs all running FMP 4.1v3. No more than 10 workstations are using the Host at one time. Only on a few Macs do we get times when part or all of the contents of a window go blank. The FM menus seem to work, we can use keyboard commands and if you know where a button is supposed to be on the layout you can click on it and the script will run. However if we try to continue, FM will soon lock up the computer. This does not happen every time or always with the same computer. Never on the PCs. Any suggestions (Help!)would be greatly appreciated. Doug
  4. I now understand how to host a FM file on a local Web server. How do have an ISP host a FM database?
  5. When using FM 5 for Windows when in layout mode the mouse pointer blinks, alot. Whenever I move it to size an object or move an object the pointer arrow actually disappears for a second. When I am trying to select a specific point on the layout I have to wait for the pointer to settle down before using the mouse button. Any ideas? Thanks Doug
  6. Just a thought. The error you mentioned indicates that the QuickTime dll caused the problem. Does the database contain QuickTime movies in container fields? Are you sure that FileMaker is properly (complete) installed on the various computers? I am a 95% Win person, I would remove FM from one of the computers then reinstall it making sure I use the custom install and check all the options. Then check that you have QuickTime installed and it is not an old version. (Not sure on the most current version). Good Luck. Doug
  7. I have a frustrating problem were when I start FM 4 the menu bar and pull-down menus are blank or displayed in a very strange way. The keyboard still controls FM. If you know where a menu item is you can guess on its' location and it will work. Also the layout does not display correctly, large portions are blank. Searched FileMaker technical database. Found references to fonts causing problems. I have reviewed, examined, replaced, etc. the fonts and have come up with nothing. Followed all the other suggestions I could find in that database. This problem does not occur every time, no predictable pattern yet. Only remedy is to restart the computer not just FM. Any ideas? Doug
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