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  1. I presume ".mdb" stands for "Microsoft Data Base". It's really disgusting that MS doesn't make their databases available for Mac, either directly by releasing a Mac version of Access, or indirectly by allowing Mac users to access the Access files. Is it because Access isn't ODBC-compliant, or just because MS is such an arrogant behemoth that they just don't give a d___?
  2. Thanks, but it's no help. The suggestion (exporting the Access file) can only be done on Windows with Access installed. I'm on a Mac.
  3. So here I am, with a Mac (yes, all you Windows types can razz me now) and an Access ".mdb" file, and no apparent way to import the data. Any suggestions?
  4. Set the "blank" password as the default in Preferences. High privilege users would have to hold down the option key on a Mac or the shift key in Windows when opening the file in order to get the dialog box where they can enter their password (thus "overriding" the default).
  5. In find mode, a question mark means "invalid date or time". It's in the list of symbols that show up in the status bar when in find mode. Basically, the answer is not to use the question mark in find mode. Just look up the rest of the value.
  6. The dates can still be changed manually. Try it in a "dummy" file first.
  7. You sure there isn't anything in front of the left side of the field? Like a big white box, for instance? Just a thought.
  8. Set up a field in the Master file that contains the end date of the latest task. Then set up a relationship from the Tasks file that auto-enters that date as the beginning date of the task, and resets the date based on the length of the task.
  9. Lookups are kludgy things, and they don't always work. I suggest changing that part of the script. Check to make sure that any relevant calculations are unstored.
  10. Under the "File" menu, choose "Export records". Unfortunately, container fields can only be exported to another Filemaker document; someone done led you wrong.
  11. Either you have a global field (which would be chosen in Define Fields rather than Field Format), or you imported the same picture into different records -- or possibly did a global replace, or when you say "this layout can and often does contain more than 1 record" that's not exactly what you mean. Personally, the latter option is what first triggered my alarm. Layouts don't contain records; files (also called "tables") contain records. They also have layouts in them. A layout contains fields, buttons, graphics, etc., and is merely a method of showing some (or all) of the data in a re
  12. I have developed a couple of modular solutions that contain mail merges -- including one for a ticketing agency here in NYC, and one for actors to do targeted mailings. E-mail me at djp@danjacoby.com for details.
  13. One (or more) of the fields involved in the relationship you are trying to create cannot be indexed. Find the field(s) involved, and change the relationship (or the fields). Without more details (like what all the fields are and exactly what the relationship is), that's the best that we can do. Personally, I recommend that rather than sending the file and having someone else figure it out, you go through the affected fields and figure it out yourself -- that way, you'll know how to solve this problem in the future. "When someone tells you something, you have been told; when you dis
  14. BTW -- you don't want checkboxes, you want radio buttons.
  15. My answer is still valid -- if you have: If(A, B, You expect to get "B" regardless of the "If". If you want something else, you have to set it up that way.
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