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  1. Greetings. I am not sure this is the best location for this request. But here goes, maybe point me in the right direction if answers to this have been posted before. I have searched, but I suppose I don't even know what terms to search for. I have a FMP 11 DB that is published using IWP on 11 server. The DB is open to the public for browsing, but all edits are done by one or two people. For performance purposes, there is a bulk of data manipulations/calculations done when new data is entered. I know it is generally not good practice to store calculated values, but some reports need multiple passes through 10's of thousands of records up to 100 times time come up with the correct values. When you have lot of people running these reports at the same time, the server crawls at best. So we run one pass to do all the calculations, and then it runs well for the masses. The data entry and calculations are down with FMP installed locally, connecting to the to FMP Server hosted DB in a data center. That calculation process is pretty slow due to the remote connection, and amount of numbers to be crunched. What takes 5 minutes locally, can take 2 hours remotely. So, I am hoping there is a reasonable way to automate the process of updating/processing a fop db locally, and then pushing that complete and recalculated file to the FMP server, and have the FMP server start serving the updated data. The user doing the updates can be trained, but that person changes from time to time, and I would like to automate this as much as possible. The server is a windows server, and I have complete control of that, at the windows level. Suggestions welcome (other than rewrite the whole thing -- that is on the agenda, but even then I don't believe I can eliminate the pre-calculation of these values). Thanks, Bob
  2. One if many sites that might eliminate some running around with computers: https://join.me/ Bob
  3. I have known about this issue for some time. I thought values with no spaces would work "properly," in fact I thought I solved this issue in the past by making value lists with no spaces. My situation is slightly different. The user will initiate the search, and the field type is a pop up based on a value list. There are about 20 items in the value list now, but that will grow some and change by user action over time; as an example of two of them: Staff REO-Staff The problem is a search for Staff returns both values. It seems the same not matter the field type (check boxes, etc), which makes sense. I could put REO in a different field, but there is no logical value for the plain "Staff" value for the field that would hold REO. For a variety of reasons the list needs to be editable. I am probably not savvy enough with scripting to make a work around without help, but not sure that would even be possible (I am thinking of a field exit script, but not sure how that works in find mode,etc, but it seems there should be a simple fix for this. Suggestions welcome.
  4. RSGC

    eMail a chart

    OK, thanks. Sounds like no easy way to embed in the email then. I will explore the link to a web page I think. The above sounds a bit messy in as much as I need to do this for thousands of users. Seems like the above will be a lot of processing, more than is warranted. Thanks for the quick reply!
  5. RSGC

    eMail a chart

    Hi, Wondering if there is a way to embed an image of a chart I have on a layout in an email. I have not settled on any specific email technique/tool/plugin, so all options are on the table there. Essentially I have a group of users that I need to push some recent historic disk space usage info to. These user will NOT proactively come and check if they are using to much disk space. SO . . . I need to push the info to them. It would be great to show them in a chart right in the email last month or two of info. I have data and the charts working in FMP, but can not think of a way to grab an image of the chart, format an email, and send it. I have looked at a bunch of email solutions, built in and plugin, and would consider any if I could accomplish this. If this is simply not possible, I can display the info on a web page (FMP Server is available), but in that case I would want to embed a link in the email that took the user right to the users individual chart, in other words, I would want the link in the email to run a script and pass the user ID or something similar to the script so that the search would be done for them and they would go right to their usage summary. The URL is off topic for the Chart forum, but want to put all the options I can think of on the table. Other options I have not thought of are welcome to, not stuck on "my way" -- just need a simple way to push this info out, and showing it in a chart rather than a table would make it much more obvious to these users. Thanks for any idea/help.
  6. RSGC

    Portal to Portal

    You are right, it does not work as I had hoped -- As long as the portal retains focus, it works fine. When it looses focus, and regains it, it reverts to row one. I think I will need to revise the original layout plan to make it user friendly and functional, and not worry about memory use. Though I guess I question that, thinking maybe FMP is smarter than me (not much question there), and the memory is a non-issue, or folks here would know about and report about it. Off to re-work the plan. Thanks for all the help. I am much closer now than before. Bob
  7. RSGC

    Portal to Portal

    Thanks, I think I will be able to accomplish what I need with the Goto to Object, not sure how I missed that before. As for the other comments, I am either missing a big part of the solution (which I don't think is the case), or you are over thinking what I am trying to do. I simply need a button that will advance to the next row in the child portal. ie change the "current" record from row1 to row2 in the "child" portal. When that is done, I want the grandchildren records to show for the then "current" row in children. I have now reviewed and setup both the global field and variable/filtered portal methods, and am testing both. I am curious about the memory implications if there are thousands and/or tens of thousands of records involved. Is there a way to release global variables, or have them time out after a some period? Timeout would seem to defeat the purpose, so I imaging that is not an option. But if someone is in FMP for hours, and browsing many records, what is the best way to handle the "accumulation" of all these variables. Maybe I missed it, but I did not see any place where they are cleared? I saw questions but o clear answers about this in the threads you directed me to. Thanks, Bob
  8. RSGC

    Portal to Portal

    Sorry if I was not clear in what I am trying to do. I have two portals on one layout. I also have a button that is on the layout, but not "within" either portal. I would like clicking the button to run a script. No problem there. I would like the script to advance the "current" record in a particular portal (call it PORTAL1) to the next record in PORTAL1. Everything currently works as long as when the click event happens, PORTAL1 is the most recently "selected" portal. If PORTAL2 is the most recently selected portal, then the current record is advanced in that portal; it makes sense to me why that is happening. I was/am looking for the most efficient way of having the script advance the record specifically in PORTAL1. Thinking it through, I don't care if PORTAL1 is selected after the script is completed. Currently my script is using the "Goto Portal Row: Next" step. Thanks for any advice on this. Bob
  9. RSGC

    Portal to Portal

    Well, let's see. I followed the link you provided above. The reply to that poster's question was to use a global field. Then you posted in that thread a link to another thread, and referred to variables/filtered portals. Then the next post included and attached file that demo's the global field route, I tried it and it works. I stopped researching once the first example provided worked. I will go review the thread the next hop away, I did not understand that was where you wee directing me. Will it solve my problem of selecting the correct portal as the first script step?? Thanks, bob
  10. RSGC

    Portal to Portal

    Perfect -- I was close, the examples showed the error of my ways. Many thanks! Now, I am trying to put buttons OUTSIDE the portal. The buttons calls a script with does a next (or prev) portal row, followed by setting the global field that drives the relationship. If the most recently selected portal is PORTAL2, the script, rightfully, works on PORTAL2. What is the bets way to "select" PORTAL1 as the first script step? I can GOTO a field in the portal, but that does not seem right somehow. Thanks, Bob
  11. RSGC

    Portal to Portal

    Hi, I think this will have already been discussed, but I have not been able to find the thread. Happy to read another similar solution to fix my problem. Thanks for any pointers to previous discussions. I have three tables: client, computer, filepath. They are one to many links: One client can have many computers and one computer can have many file paths. I am trying to setup a layout that looks like this CLIENT INFO BLOCK [PORTAL1: fields from COMPUTER, records filtered to show only related to current company] [[PORTAL2: fields from FILEPATH, records filtered to show only related to currently select COMPUTER in PORTAL1]] Seems simple. So far my PORTAL2 shows ALL the records associated with the current COMPANY not the currently selected COMPUTER in PORTAL1. I have tried a simple relationship diagram/relationships at this point: Relationship1: COMPANYR:KeyID = COMPUTER:CompanyID Relationship2: COMPUTER:KeyID = FILEPATH:ComputerID I tried a couple of other things with global fields (second instance of FILEPATH, additional relationship and basing PORTAL2 on that), but I am doing that wrong, or it is not the right answer as I had worse results, too hard to explain, even if I could. There must be a simple solution to this that I have not found yet. Thanks, I hope my desired outcome is clear . . . not sure i have made it so. bob
  12. Hi to those that responded to my question. I appreciate the fact that using copy/paste is NOT a good idea, which is WHY I asked for other options. I have been using FMP for years, since the name was just Filemaker. but, unfortunately just casually, and script variables were not part of the product then, and their existence had slipped by me. I have used globals as sort of variables in the past, and did not think of their use for this. I will look into script variable and figure out what they are all about. Thanks! Bob
  13. Hi -- great solution. I have so much to learn. Sorry for the delayed response, just back to this project after too long a delay. As a follow up, what would be the best process to add a new child record. I have a button on the form that I can make work with a script that: copies keyID form parent switches to child form new record paste parent keyid into appropriate field goto original layout I do a couple other things in there, but is there a way to avoid the copy/paste that is not obvious to me. Unless I missed something there is no portal anymore (I know you had one on the example, but for simplicity of interface thinking I will eliminate that. I don't find a "create child record" script step, but maybe there is another way? Thanks so much for your prompt and significant help! Bob
  14. Hi, I hope this has not been answered many times. My (seemingly?) simple problem: I have a parent/child relationship, and in the vast majority of cases there will be only one child. But there will be cases when there are two, three, or more child records, and those need to be accommodated. The chance of the number of child records growing to a large number (more than 3 or 4) is VERY slim. There are about 10 specific fields fields for each child, and a notes field. As in most cases it will be a 1 to 1, I am hoping to have a portal with all these fields for one record showing on my layout (like a little "standard layout" with the main layout). Then place buttons to do things, like add another child record, go to the next child record, go to the previous child record, etc. I have the portal setup, and it is showing the appropriate first child record. And there are multiple child records created (if I delete one, the next in order shows up too!). I have tried two things for next/prev buttons so far: 1) I tried setting the buttons to the script step "Go To Portal Row Next" or "Go To Portal Row Previous" recognizing there was technically not another portal row to GOTO, hoping it would increment the record. It does not, at least how I have implemented it. Seemed simple, but no go. 2) I made a simple script "GotoChildNext" with the steps: - Go to related record - Go to Record Next - Go to Layout Original Layout Again, hoping for the best, but this is not incrementing the displayed record either. I have the buttons "inside" the portal, thinking that would indicate to FMP which portal to affect. BTW, I am on FMP 10 advanced at the moment. Thanks for any pointers on this. Bob
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