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  1. An update to this problem. The HomePage FileMaker Connection Assistant does still work fine with Web Companion 5.0v4. It only breaks with 5.0v5. FileMaker Inc. has acknowledged the problem with the Connection Assistant and Web Companion 5.0v5. They have posted a notice at <http://www.filemaker.com/support/webcompanion.html>. Hopefully an updater will be out soon to fix this problem. Although HomePage is rather outdated and probably becoming a dead product, I do find the FileMaker Connection Assistant to be big time saver for creating base pages for Custom Web Publishing. --Brian
  2. What version of FileMaker? What version of Netscape? What platform is serving the database and what platform is Netscape running on? And most importantly if you are running FM 5, what Web Style did you choose in the Web Companion View Setup? --Brian
  3. Donna, I suggest taking a look at the ExactSearch capability of the Web Security Database. Using this feature, a user could enter a password of some sort and then the rest of their information (address, phone, etc.) could be pulled from the matching record. Of course, doing this requires Custom Web Publshing and enabling the Web Security Database. --Brian
  4. Maria Langer, in her book "Database Publishing with FileMaker Pro on the Web", provides the following definition of CDML: "CDML is a collection of tags, similar in many respects to HTML, that can be interpreted by Web Companion. They provide the instructions that Web Companion needs to interact with a FileMaker Pro database." (36). CDML is an acronym for Claris Dynamic Markup Language. Web Companion is the included plug-in that provides FileMaker Pro's web publishing capabilities. A very simple example of a CDML tag is [FMP-field:Name]. When processed by Web Companion, this tag is replaced with the contents of the specified field for a record from the FileMaker database. So if there was a field defined as LastName in the FileMaker database, and there was a record with "Jones" in that field, the CDML tag [FMP-field:LastName] would be replaced with "Jones" on the web page for that record after being processed by Web Companion. No knowledge of CDML is necessary for FileMaker Pro Instant Web Publishing (IWP), but is very necessary for Custom Web Publishing (CWP). XML will probably replace CDML for CWP eventually, but the complete abandonment of CDML is a few years away. To learn more about CDML take a look at Langer, Maria. "Database Publishing with FileMaker Pro on the Web." Berkeley: Peachpit Press, 1998. or Feiler, Jesse. "FileMaker Pro 4 and the World Wide Web." San Diego: AP Professional, 1999. Both of these titles were written for FileMaker Pro 4, but most of the material is still applicable to FMPro 5. There were a few new CDML tags added with version 5. FileMaker Pro 4 included the CDML Reference and CDML Tool, but these have been removed with 5 (by converting these files to FMPro 5 format, they can still be used if you have them from FMPro 4). HomePage 3 also includes a couple of CWP tools, but the FileMaker Pro Assistant no longer works with Web Companion 5.0v5. It seems that FileMaker is making Developer required for CWP. Hope this helps, Brian
  5. Has anyone else noticed that the Home Page FileMaker Connection Assistant won't work with Web Companion 5.0v5? After installing the Web Companion 5.0v5, FileMaker always returns the message "FM Server is not responding at this address" when trying to connect. With everything else the same it worked fine with 5.0v3. I've tried it on Windows 95 and 2000. I will go back and see if it works with Web Companion 5.0v4. --Brian
  6. Geod, Yes, I am looking for "personal experience" type reply. I have read the info on FMP Dev. Ed. at FileMaker's site but didn't find answers to my questions. I am especially interested in hearing about the Custom Web Publishing tools that are included. Are they greatly improved over what was included with FMP 4.x or are they quite similar but add an XML tool? And how does the new XML tool work? Is it similar to the old CDML tool? Thanks, --Brian
  7. I am considering purchasing FMP Developer 5. Can someone who has it give a run down of what is included? Is Home Page 3 included or is there an updated tool similar to the FileMaker Connection Assistant? Is there an updated version of the CDML tool that was included in FMP 4.x? What do the new XML tools consist of? How extensive are the included examples and documentation? Thanks, Brian ------------------
  8. Ben, I haven't been able to get at the code that Instant Web Publishing actually creates. You can copy the source from your browser, but this is after it has been processed by FileMaker and parsed by your Web browser. IWP creates the HTML, etc. code on the fly and I don't think that it uses actual format files that you can edit in order to do this. If you use Home Page 3.0 you can use the FileMaker Connection Assistant which will create HTML/CDML format files for your databases that you can then modify. Also, versions 4.0 and 4.1 of FMP included some excellent format files for example web databases that you can use as starting points for creating your own. Unfortunately these examples are not included with version 5. --Brian
  9. Charles, For basic FMP 5 coverage I recommend "FileMaker Pro 5 for Windows & Macintosh: Visual Quickstart Guide" by Nolan Hester. For Web publishing, "FileMaker Pro 4 and the World Wide Web" by Jesse Feiler is good. Although, it was written with FMP 4 in mind, nearly all of it applies to FMP 5 Pro and Unlimited. There are some new CDML tags for FMP 5 and Database Pros has a guide to these on their Web site in the Resources section <http://www.databasepros.com/resources.html>. Search for "New CDML Tags". There was also a very good article in the June 2000 issue of FileMaker Pro Advisor on using the Web Server Connector in Unlimited titled "Turbocharge Your Web Site." Hope these give you some places to start. --Brian
  10. Yes, you can use Instant Web Publishing to have FileMaker create Web pages for you. However, the results can be disappointing and it gives you little control over the look of the pages. This has improved with version 5's use of Cascading Style Sheets, but as you suspect this creates problems with older browsers (in the case of FMP 5's Instant Web Publishing style sheets there are problems with anything other than IE 4 and 5). Usually older browsers will just revert to a default look that may not look anything like you intended. If want more control over the look of your pages, the use of CDML or, with version 5, XML is required.
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