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  1. I was curious if anyone had any performance comparison with Lasso vs PHP. Currently I am using Lasso and have a file in which I need to update 500plus records. It is only updating 3 records a sec max. Didn't know if fxPHP or the PHPapi would be any faster since they use the same xml string that lasso uses. Thanks for any input
  2. Thanks for the response Livi. Yep I only have 4 fields on the layout that I am updating. I went from about 15 to 4 fields but did not see any difference in performance. I spoke with lasso and they said that it should update the records extremly fast. I am going to check my FM server and see if I can do anything there. Thanks
  3. I have a general performance question. I am running FMSA 8 on Windows2k3. I am also running lasso 8.5 on Win2k3. I can do an Inline search and get back 500 records in about 6 secs(Thats Great!), where I am having problems is when I do a nested Inline. I am searching for those 500 records and then updating them 1 @ a time. It updates about 3 records a sec. Is this about all the speed I am going to get when it comes to updating records? Thanks for any input. [inline: -Search, -Database = 'db', -Table = 'table', -UserName = 'name', -Password = 'pass', -MaxRecords = 'All', 'job_name' = 'y500629' ] [records] [Var: 'key' = (KeyField_Value)] [Field: 'image_name'] [inline:-Update, -Database=(Database_Name), -Table=(Table_Name), -KeyValue=($KEY), 'part_name' = 's' ] [/inline] [/records] [/inline]
  4. You would have to loop thru each layout and on each layout you would If(GetLayoutTableName) = "TblIamlookingfor";Get(LayoutName);"") Hope this helps.
  5. I am using FTPit 1.5.5 . It is taking about 1 min per 10mb when I use the Put command (External ( "doFTP-Put"; Files::tFile_Name )). When I connect to the same site using Fetch or any other FTP app it only takes about 2-3 seconds per 10mb when uploading. Has anyone else had the same problem. Thanks Brian
  6. I am trying to import from a ODBC data source. When I create the sql statement using a calculation the Query fails. If I take the results of that calc and put them into the FM Query Builder, the Query works like a champ. Any ideas? Here is an example of my calc. Let([ pr = "."; tblcovers = Quote("tblcovers") & pr; C1 = Quote("C1") & pr; C2 = Quote("C2") & pr; C3 = Quote("C3") & pr; C4 = Quote("C4") & pr; C5 = Quote("C5") & pr; C6 = Quote("C6") & pr; CoverColorID = Quote("CoverColorID"); tblCoverColors = Quote ("tblCoverColors") ]; "SELECT " & Quote("tblCovers") & pr & "*" & ", " & Quote("C1") & pr & Quote("ColorName") & " AS CoverGraphicColorName, " & Quote("C2") & pr & Quote("ColorName") & " AS CoverTitleColorName, " & Quote("C3") & pr & Quote("ColorName") & " AS CoverThemeColorName, " & Quote("C4") & pr & Quote("ColorName") & " AS SpineSchoolColorName, " & Quote("C5") & pr & Quote("ColorName") & " AS SpineTitleColorName, " & Quote("C6") & pr & Quote("ColorName") & " AS SpineVolumeColorName" &"¶" & "FROM " & tblCoverColors & " C2 INNER JOIN" &"¶" & "tblCovers INNER JOIN" &"¶" & tblCoverColors & " C1 ON " & tblCovers & Quote("CoverGraphicColor") & " = " & C1 & CoverColorID & " ON " & C2 & CoverColorID & " = " & tblCovers & Quote("CoverTitleColor") & " INNER JOIN" &"¶" & tblCoverColors & " C3 ON " & tblCovers & Quote("CoverThemeColor") & " = " & C3 & CoverColorID & " INNER JOIN" &"¶" & tblCoverColors & " C4 ON " & tblCovers & Quote("SpineSchoolNameColor") & " = " & C4 & CoverColorID & " INNER JOIN " &"¶" & tblCoverColors & " C5 ON " & tblCovers & Quote ("SpineTitleColor") & " = " & C5 & CoverColorID & " INNER JOIN" &"¶" & tblCoverColors & " C6 ON " & tblCovers & Quote("SpineVolumeColor") &" = " & C6 & CoverColorID &"¶" & "WHERE (" & tblCovers & Quote("CoverID") & " = 14)" ) and here is the result of the calculation. SELECT "tblCovers".*, "C1"."ColorName" AS CoverGraphicColorName, "C2"."ColorName" AS CoverTitleColorName, "C3"."ColorName" AS CoverThemeColorName, "C4"."ColorName" AS SpineSchoolColorName, "C5"."ColorName" AS SpineTitleColorName, "C6"."ColorName" AS SpineVolumeColorName FROM "tblCoverColors" C2 INNER JOIN tblCovers INNER JOIN "tblCoverColors" C1 ON "tblcovers"."CoverGraphicColor" = "C1"."CoverColorID" ON "C2"."CoverColorID" = "tblcovers"."CoverTitleColor" INNER JOIN "tblCoverColors" C3 ON "tblcovers"."CoverThemeColor" = "C3"."CoverColorID" INNER JOIN "tblCoverColors" C4 ON "tblcovers"."SpineSchoolNameColor" = "C4"."CoverColorID" INNER JOIN "tblCoverColors" C5 ON "tblcovers"."SpineTitleColor" = "C5"."CoverColorID" INNER JOIN "tblCoverColors" C6 ON "tblcovers"."SpineVolumeColor" = "C6"."CoverColorID" WHERE ("tblcovers"."CoverID" = 14)
  7. If you choose Update existing records it overwrites your data record by record, it does not do data comparison. So record 1 of your imported data overwrites record 1 of your FM data. If you want it to do data comparison you need to choose Update Matching records and then click on the mapping arrow and change it to a = to tell what field you want to use as a comparison. If you want to add new records make sure you check Add remaing data as new records. Hope this helps
  8. You could delete the file with Applescript for the Mac and/or use the command line on Win.
  9. Do you have any records in your test file? If you do not you will need to create a record before you can insert data into it. Here is a very basic AS to insert into record 1 tell application "FileMaker Developer" tell database "test.fp7" set cell "test" of record 1 of table "test" to "test" end tell end tell hope this helps Later
  10. Did you create the ID plugin in house or was it something you purchased? Thanks,
  11. Try -Enter Find Mode [Restore]-(action) Find Records-(criteria) Order Entry::Job Complete [=No] -Perfom Find -Go to Layout ["Open Orders-Shop"(Order Entry)] -Sort Records [Restore;No Dialog] You need to do a Perform Find after entering Find Mode. If you do not the find is not performed and when it got to Enter Browse Mode it ignored your Find critera
  12. Is there a way to connect to more than one ODBC data source in FM 7. I need to be able to connect to a SQL server and a MySQL server and pass data between. I know I can connect to one get the data in FM and then connect to another and pass it on. I am basically wanting to do a "Insert into SQl select from Mysql" statment. Hope this makes sence. Thanks, Brian
  13. Found my problem. There is an update to the Plugin you can find it at http://www.rumora.nl/english/ .Loaded the SQL Plugin and the JavaPlugins and everything is working. Later, Brian
  14. Has anyone had any problems using the PDM SQLPlugin v2.1.2 on OS 10.3.4. I am using FM 7v2 and when I add the plugin to the extensions folder FM will not launch, it gives me an error report to send to Apple. I am using on 10.2.8 using Dev 7v2 with no problems. Any suggestions ??!! Thanks Brian
  15. Does anyone know how to convert a FM6 to 7 without prompting the user to rename the old file or where to place the new 7 file? I have tried the Covert File script step but it always asks to rename and where to place the new file. Thanks, Brian
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