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  1. Yeah I saw this post but wasn't sure, The symptoms we get look to be very much bandwidth affected - hence the more noticeable affect when on mobile data. Does anyone have any tips on FM Server Caching that might be a starting point for me? Thanks Matt
  2. Hi Guys, First of all it's important to say we've been blown away by just how good FM Go really is. It opened and ran the database solution we developed over the last 10 years without modification. I now find that it may be a good idea to optimise layouts for a better user experience. My question relates to performance and how FM Go actually communicates with FM Server. Local network access using iPad is fine, however when on mobile data it's too slow to use. Does anyone know if each fp7 file is loaded in full to the device or whether it only downloads only the selected layout information and data on request. Essentially this will decide if i'm to put the time into designing custom layouts for iPads, or whether I need to try and reduce the overall file size of our database files by archiving data & deleting rarely used layouts for example?? I know this housekeeping should already be done! We use two main fp7 files: Contract (3mb) Call Log (240mb) Call log contains around 23,000 records over 10 years. Any help or info appreciated, Regards Matt
  3. Hello, I have a call log db solution that allows our customers to log problems by email. My question is to do with Server 9 & SQL integration - so I hope i'm in the correct area We use two SQL tables for 'mail_in' and 'mail_out'. I have added the SQL 'mail_in' table to my FM Schema & created a relationship to 'match' the incoming domain address to the correct customer in my FM Customers table... My problem is this - I'm wanting the server to execute the send/receive script by schedule & i'm having a problem with my only supplemental field. The supplemental field I have in my shadow table uses the above relation to 'lookup/calculate' the desired 'destination' customer contract for the inbound email. When I execute this script on an FM client, the calculated field 'looks up' the value and the call is placed on the correct contract perfectly, however, when the server executes this script, the supplemental field doesn't lookup the required value automatically (which I need it to do by the time the script completes). Is there another way to do this?? I kind of understand why the server (not being an FM client) doesn't do this, however I've tried to add some additional script steps for it to 'force' the population of this field without having to manually 'fetch' the value from the other customer table each time. Script steps i've tried are various refresh/flush looked up values etc I hope this is clear? Any help appreciated. Matt
  4. Thanks for the reply - just the advise I needed... Out of interest, has the Set Variable option been introduced recently (i.e. FM 8 >) as I don't recall this being here before!! With the tables being in the same file, this looks like it will do the job, however, [if I may] could you give me more details on assembling a string in FM (for when this pops up across multiple files in future) Thanks again
  5. Hello All! This should be really simple... I have 2 database tables that are unrelated (and I wish them to stay that way). I'm wanting to pass some data from certain fields in one table into a new record in the other using a script. Using the set field script step or insert calculated result doesn't seem to pass anything - the lack of relation seems to provide no 'source pointer' so to speak and I don't want to copy & paste the data! In the past I have avoided such a problem by relating the two tables in question (which then seems to allow the set field script step to work). What is the best method of passing this data or a way to set some kind of pointer or reference point in the source file combined with a calculation maybe? Thanks for any help!
  6. Still having this problem, but tried & uncovered the following in the meantime: I have been running the 8.5 client (responsible to getmail & sendmail) on a Windows 2003 Server (running an 8.5 client). After re-checking the Fusion website, it only lists Windows 95 - Windows XP Pro (FM 5 - 8) as compatible. After performing a server restart, Windows has popped up with "Filemaker has encountered a problem and needs to close" error message for each instance that it crashed and closed previously. After examining the error report, it shows that there has been a "faulting module in ntdll.dll". Thinking now that this may be a incompatibility with W2k3 server, I moved the Getmail/Sendmail duties running in Filemaker 8.5 to an XP box. It has just fallen over again on XP - here is a copy of the error report: "Faulting application filemaker pro.exe, version, faulting module ntdll.dll, version 5.1.2600.2180, fault address 0x00011629" Just thought I would give an update if this rings a bell with anyone?? Regards Matt
  7. Hello There, I have a really strange problem, which is going to be long winded to explain so please bear with me... First of all, I have just upgraded to Filemaker Server 8 (Running on Win2k3) and 5 x Filemaker 8.5 clients. The server only handles about 5 databases with only 2 having regular access. 1 x 8.5 client is used to perform getmail & sendmail duties (scripted on a 1 minute loop to check and send). We run a call logging database which staff enter into manually and emails feed into using the Getmail plugin (from fusion). Getmail checks for inbound messages, then using a series of scripts and relations I match the inbound email domain to a customer contract. Global fields are used to transport the data and new records are created in my call DB if all conditions are met - this has worked perfectly for 6 months, my problems started when I introduced the Sendmail plugin... When a new call is opened, a field is marked with a "1" indicating that an email needs to be sent. The same field is marked with a "1" when closing the call, triggering a second email to be sent. The send email script resets this field to "0" went each email has been sent. Simple. My problem is that the FM 8.5 client that runs this checking and sending routine now randomly quits with no errors, leaving it very difficult to track the problem down. There are no script errors and not even a Windows or application error - it just closes! My initial thoughts were maybe a plugin error, crashing Filemaker, so I contacted Fusion and they sent the latest plugin versions which made no difference. My second thoughts were RAM/Cache related, so I have increased the 8.5 client cache size. The machine has bags of RAM 2GB. I'm fairly confident that all my scripting is good because I have had this routine (Get & Send) running successfully for as long as 5 days with no problems. I have also had it quit within 10 minutes!! You can see how this is difficult to track down?! Anyone else had anything like this? Any feedback would be very much appreciated. Best Regards Matt
  8. Thanks for the help guys... Looks like it was a schoolboy error! My error trapping line wasn't the very next script step. Plus FMP7 caught me out with the record locking - it now allows entry to a field but doesn't lock it until input is made. Might be back if I encounter more probs Thanks again Matt
  9. Hello There Can anyone help me please... I have a multiuser FMP7 DB used for call logging. We have recently added the getmail & sendmail plugins to 'pipe' calls directly into the DB (which works great), however i'm having some trouble extracting data back out to use sendmail due to record locking. Users are editing records all the time and when a record is created, a mail is meant to be sent to our customer. I have created global fields which are poulated using the set field command with the relevant info to be sent. A script then runs every minute to see if there are any new mails to be sent. If one of our users is editing the record at the time, I want filemaker to detect that the record is locked/being modified and wait until the next loop when it isn't locked. I have tried error trapping for this using error codes 300 and 301, however this doesn't seem to work. If I get(last error), it shows a "0" which means it didn't detect one (however the record being modified error shows on screen). Is there another way to tackle this where maybe FM can request a record lock, then exit script if denied and wait to try again next loop? Hope this makes sense Cheers Matt
  10. Just noticed you mentioned a Dual G5. Parallels is written for the New Intel Mac's which is why it's so fast. It can address the new hardware directly, removing the 'lag' of an emulation layer (very basically put). Unfortunetely it won't be much use to you on a G5 Matt
  11. I would have to say that Parallels is brilliant! I have been involved in the Beta program from the start & we are now on Release Candidate 2 (which seems to coincide with my FM date problem!). The performance has been tweeked over the beta's & (i'll just go out and say it) it's near native speed - Win XP runs amazingly quick on my MacBook Pro. The only thing to watch thus far is the graphics performance, as it relies on a parallels driver which is still basic. I have a dual monitor setup at work running Mac OS X on the Laptop and Win XP Pro on the external display. Works great for me. Matt
  12. Hi There I have a multi user database that has been working fine for years, however I have just added my new MacBook and seem to have a date issue only of this machine - The problem seems to coincide with arrival of my new Macbook or in the installation of Parallels Workstation software. I use a global field which is refreshed via a script with the system current date on login, however on my Mac only, the date is entered in a US format instead of UK. All the regional settings on my Macbook are correct & I have tried looking at the use system format setting. Other standard "auto enter" date fields seem to work fine, just the global script updated field that is causing a problem. I have checked the date field format & everything look good. Any Ideas? Matt
  13. Hi There Can someone help me breifly? What's the best way to trim text between quotes in a text field: "test text" xyz123 returns just test text I am having problems with positioning & substitution with the quotes! Thanks
  14. That's great - worked straight away. Must improve my function knowledge!
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