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  1. Is it possible to slide a container field/text field left so that if there is nothing in the container field the text field to the right will slide left ignoring the empty container field?
  2. Hi there, I have a strange problem that I would love some help on to resolve. I enclose a sample set of files to demonstrate this issue. However to test this problem you need to open them on a peer to peer network. The problem only appears on the client side and not on the server. What I want to do in the Reports file is to limit the viewing of the records to only those with the same cost centre code (CC Code). So only those logged in with CC code 1 can see records for CC code 1. I am using the global field G CC Code to set the cost centre in each case. In the Visits file I have a portal in which I wish to display all the records regardless of whether they belong to CC Code 1 or 2. I am acheiving this by limiting the security settings in the reports file as follows "CC Code = G User ID or Get ( LayoutName ) = "Visits" This all works fine until I move these files to a server and then only the records that are visible in the Reports file are visible in the Visits file. The master account name and password is "admin" and "admin" and the user password is "edit" and "edit" Any help gratefully received
  3. I'm looking for an elegant solution that would do the following: I have a table with Title First name and Last name as 3 separate fields. I want to create a value list which would display the Last Name, First Name and when selected would enter the Title First Name Last name in the field in that order. So for example the list should look like: Smith Peter Smithers Andy Select Smith Peter and get Dr. Peter Smith Select Smithers Andy and get Prof. Andy Smithers Any help would be appreciated.
  4. I have a list of bank transactions Payments and receipts. When I go to the Bank I group the list of receipts together under one Lodgement date and code. What I want to do is get a list similar to my bank statement which shows each payment but instead of showing each receipt it just shows the total lodgement. I can do this in a summary report but I need to do this in normal browse mode. I have setup a self join relationship based on lodgement date and put the totals from the portal on the layout but I can't seem to stop all the other lodgement transactions from appearing. I enclose a rough if my layout and as you can see the first 4 records are copies of each other which I don't want displayed. Any help greatly appreciated as always.
  5. I have a script that sets a variable $Filename Value: Get(DesktopPath) & "xxxfilename" When I export data with the output file path as $Filename it works fine on a Mac but returns an error on a PC (XP Pro) saying: "xxxfilename" could not be created on this disk. Use a different name, make more room on the disk, unlock it or use a different disk" When I export the file as normal it creates the file on the disk as expected. I am not hung up on using the desktop as the save location. Essentially I want to save a file with a variable filename and then attach it as an email that will work under any OS. Help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I am also having the same problem sharing using Vista Business. FileMaker seem to be ignoring the problem. There seems to be no problem sharing from VISTA to a Mac but not another VISTA machine. I am awaiting a support call from FileMaker about this. The only viable solution appears to be to downgrade to XP. :P
  7. I agree with what you're saying, but how come both Excel and FM6 can read the file without difficulties?
  8. Problem: importing CSV file with 12242 records only shows 8110 records after importing into FM9. Import the same file into Excel or FM6 and you get the correct 12242 records. Any ideas or is this a bug? I enclose sample files Text File.txt - original text file containing 12242 lines/records CSV from windows platform Text File Converted.FP5 - original file opened in FM 6 12242 records Text File Converted.FP7 - original file opened in FM 9 Advanced, 8110 records and prices missing also. Archive.zip
  9. Fenton, Here are some sample files. The Right.txt file contains a character after the 18.5 on the first line which I am taking as a LF character. The Wrong.txt is the file generated with your stylesheet. Am I assuming too much about this character? Right.txt Wrong.txt
  10. Fenton, I was hoping you would respond as you really seem to know XML! Many thanks for that, but it appears to strip out both CR and LF. Unfortunately I need the LF without the CR. Thanks in anticipation.
  11. Hi there, I am trying to export a tab delimitated text file for importing into another system. The problem is that the other system doesn't like the line feed (LF) and Carriage Return (CR) combination that FM produces. It only wants to see the LF character. Does anyone have an idea how to do this. I believe there may be a solution using XML, but I'm not familiar with xml.
  12. My problem is happening on Windows and not on Mac, sorry if I didn't make that clear. The HP printers I am using are new printers, both are 1320 printers, one a network version and one using parrallel. Stephen.
  13. I am having the same problem in 2 locations both using FM8v2 and HP Laser printer. Got client to create a new file and print one line - no problem. Asked them to copy and paste a text block into new database - prints rubbish. Changed font to Times from Arial and prints OK. I have hundreds of layouts in my solution and any help on this one would be appreciated as I don't fancy changing them all by hand.
  14. Using FM8v2 on New Win XP SP2 and the winexample plugin no longer works or even displays in the plug in window. Works fine on a mac. I use the call script on field modification throughout my project. Any ideas?? :
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