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  1. I have four files related to each other. i have made a password for the first file. When I make the password for the second file and make it for editing only, the second file won't open and it says access denied! I thought editing only would let me get in the file. It doesn't. I must be doing something wrong. Help!! Also, can I make one password for each file and open them allwith some type of script? Help!! thanks, Barry
  2. ZuperZZ, I don't think I'm cool enough to come up with a cool name. That is a problem for another day. regarding your answer: I have lots of lookup stuf in this file. Don't I have to check"perform auto-enter" in order to have all the lookups work? quote:Originally posted by ZuperZZ: Barry, When you import a file that contains an auto-enter serial field, you have to be sure to do not check in the "Import options" dialog : "Perform auto-enter option while importing" , that give to the records you are importing another numeration. zz [This message has been edited by ZuperZZ (edited July 14, 2000).]
  3. Tell me I'm not dumb. I have set up an Appointment # field as an auto-enter serial number to increase by 1. Everything was going fine for the first 600 appointments. I thought I was pretty cool. Then, it happened. One day, the next Appointment number jumped 400 to 1,100! What the heck? It stayed ok for a few weeks going up from 1,100 one at a time. Then, it went down to 758 and I started entering appointments on top of other existing appointments and everything got screwed up. So, I went into the appointment field and set the number to start at 2,000. All fine for a few weeks and then it went down to 1,438 and I screwed up the data again. Today, I caught it happening right after I installed a new version and imported the data into the new version. Come to think of it, this could be where all my trouble is coming from. I do design on my laptop at home and bring in a disk to the desktop at work. Then, I put my newest design on the desktop every once in awhile and import the exisiting data into it. So, the question is this. Do I have to check the appointment number that the field is set at every time I import into a new design and manually set it properly? Am I importing wrong? Am I an imbecile? If so, why is that? And even more troubling, what do I do about this? Barry - would appreciate your words of wisdom and encouragement. Thanks.
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