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  1. thanks for clearing things up. works fine now.
  2. Queue, Thanks for the response. I tried creating what you are talking about, but it's not working. Can you (or anyone) take a look at this scaled down file (FM7) and see what i'm doing wrong? Thanks Jeremy selfjoinprob.zip
  3. In a Client System i have a Field: ClientType which can be set to "Potential", "Active", or "Inactive" From my main entry system, i like to use X join portals to show all the available records for any given system. In this client system i would like the portal to show any given set: All Potential, All Active, or All Inactive (no problem so far)... or SHOW ALL. That's where i hit my snag. Theorhetically i can think of a solution using three extra fields, but it seems messy and it uses calc fields as join fields which sometimes give me issues (I get the "relationship won't work" message alot when calc joins are involved...). Any solution ideas? or if i didn't explain it enough, please let me know. Thanks in advance. Jeremy
  4. Thanks a thousand times over for your quick response and your help. Not only does everything work now, but the logic makes sense enough to where i should be able to implement multi-level portals with fewer problems now... Thanks again. Jeremy W
  5. I was under the impression that relationships could work beyond one level in portals and such in FM7, but, alas, i am not getting the desired results. DB's: Vendor, Category where Vendors can have an unlimited number of Categories assigned to them. I have a "Primary Category" field that sets the vendors specified category to "primary" otherwise, it is considered a secondary category. Relationships: "vendor.category" - Vendor::VendorID = Category::VendorID - sorts based first on Primary/Secondary and then by category name. "vendor.sj.all" - Vendor::Developer x Vendor::Developer - Creates the "show all" relationship On my Vendor Entry / Edit screen i have adopted the method of having a "Show All" portal to list all available Vendors, and upon a click of a vendor in the portal, it becomes the active record. What i was hoping is that i could put these fields in the portal: [vendor.sj.all::VendorName] and [vendor.category::Category] My thinking is that it should show the Vendor, plus the primary category of the Vendor. I am getting the expected results for VendorName, but for Category, every category in the portal is showing the active vendor's category. What method should I have in place to show the Vendor Name and the Vendor Category (which is an extra level deep) in the same portal? Thanks Jeremy W
  6. sorry i wasn't clear. A zebra is a thermal label printer. Thermals are mainly used for box shipping labels like you see on UPS boxes. The come out on label per sheet, so it's not something like an avery label where there's multiple labels per 8.5 x 11 sheet: http://www.pcmall.com/pcmall/shop/detail.asp?dpno=969524 Quintech, thanks for the suggestion. I tried that option in FM 6 the last time i had to make a similar program, unfortunately it would not print all of the pages, as if the program tried to print too quickly for the printer driver. But that was in 6 and not using a thermal printer (which receive their data very quickly) so i will try that as well. How i alleviated this problem last time was kinda a pain, so i'm hoping that either the print counter works, or there is another way. here's how i did it last time since the print counter method didn't work: Show all Omit record Show omitted ( this confirmed that i was on the exact label they needed ) set field ( labelcount, 1) Loop duplicate record set field ( labelcount, labelcount + 1 ) exit loop if labelcount = totalboxes print found records so, that works wonderfully, but it's messy and not very elegant. Something i didn't think about then that i will do now is also mark the duplicates for deletion, then on exit, find all "duplicates" and delete. i am hoping there is a better way. I will try the print counter method and let you know if it worked. Thanks
  7. Is it possible to tell FM to print x amount of copies based on a particular field? here's the issue, maybe there's another way to it. I created a packing slip / shipping label program that we have printing to a Zebra. The user puts in the total qnty and the qnty per box. From there i need it to print however many labels of the same label needed... (i.e. - 100 total pieces, 10 / box, i'd need 10 labels)... is there an automated way to do this? TIA
  8. thanks for the response... i figured it out this morning... i was just being lazy and forgot to change "read only" to "full access" in the guest privelages. This is only the second IWP i've done, so i guess it's an honest mistake huh? Thanks again though.
  9. i have a contact logging system that i developed with online in mind. Everything is web compatible (unless i missed something). When going through the system within FM, everything works fine. i shared the system online, and i can't get it to let me enter anything into the fields at all! Even when i'm in "edit" mode it's just not letting me edit anything. I can't even click in the fields and the checkbox and radio buttons are greyed out. If someone has heard of this and has any ideas plese let me know. Or, even better, if you are fairly familiar with FM7 and IWP and can take a look at the file, drop me a line and i'll send it your way through email. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Jeremy
  10. The solution i'm working on right now will have two main windows: A navigation window - this is not only the nav menu for the system, but also the nav / functionality window per each table. the data window. At any given time, other windows may be open as well, to view a quick list, select from a list, etc etc. I would like to include a button that goes back to the original state of the solution which is having only the main navigation window open on the system navigation layout. Potentially, there could be 5 or 6 windows open at any given time. I would hope not, but it would be possible. I was thinking i can use an unstored calc set to [windownames]. From there, i can know what windows are possibly open based on the layout / table i'm in. I script to check for those window names within the calc. field. if the pattern count = 1 for a particular window name, than i select that window and close it... Not a huge deal if i only have a few layout possibilities... but, to give you an idea, this solution is one i'm upgrading from 6 and it has about 20 tables in it, most of which will have some sort of UI. So, this type of scripting would be cumbersome and time consuming. I'm new to 7 and wasn't all that good in 6 or below. So forgive me if this is simple... is there an easy way to close all windows except for one? the main one? (further design notes. All new windows open up with a pre-determined window name. i have a global field for each possible window name.)
  11. in response to your original question, if you are still not getting your desired results: Assuming you have an AddressID per address, in address have a global field g_SelectedAddressID. Create a self join relationship between AddressID and g_SelectedAddressID. For this example, it's well call the table occurence (relationship) Address.Selected in your script that runs from clicking the portal: set field [Address::g_SelectedAddressID, Address::AddressID] New Window GTTR [only related, Table "Address.Selected", Layout "Edit_Address"] I am doing something very similar. this is off the top of my head, but it should work just fine. HTH
  12. thank you very much, that works exactly how i need it to.
  13. I have a timestamp field that is auto-enter upon the commiting of a record. What i need is a field that returns the previous day of the record. Not 24 hrs. If someone commits it on 4/28/04 at 12:01 AM, then it should say 4/27/04. I looked through the date functions and didnt see anyway to extract the date from a time stamp field so i used: LeftWords ( timestamp ; 1 ) this returned the date of the timestamp value. So, i added a - 1 to the calc. Leftwords(timestamp ; 1) -1 But this gives me a ? in the field. Oddly if i create a two extra fields (three total), i can get it to work: "Timestamp" ; timestamp format ; auto-enters timestamp "ExtractDate" ; Calculation-date format ; Leftwords(timestamp ; 1) "PreviousDate" ; calc.-date format ; ExtractDate - 1 While this will work... why do i have to split the calculation into two fields? In my mind, Leftwords(timestamp ; 1) - 1 should work? that is essentially what i am doing anyway...
  14. i haven't worked with PORTALS over the net yet, but i know #1 is not a web supported feature. However I have seen issues with related records in some cases in list view, but nothing yet that match what you are describing here. As far as a better solution... learn PHP, or ASP, or similar along with XML and XSLT to talk with filemaker and you can pretty much do whatever you want. The less complex the solution is, the more you can get away with using the IWP. IWP works for our solutions because they are very straight forward with little "dynamic" features.
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