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  1. I just installed some new Automator actions from FMP. One of them is to export data. My automator steps are this: Goto Layout (in FMP) Get Record Data (this is the export) Format Record Data New Folder (this is a Finder action) The Workflow seems to run - but no data is put into my new folder that is created. Thanks for any advice. CS
  2. Yes - once I received an updated version of the Automator file I could see the action withing Automator. Thanks.
  3. This Automater FMP Extractor sounds like exactly like what I need. I downloaded the file and installed it, but now I cannot fine it!!! Should I be looking for it within Automater now? Thank you for your help. CS
  4. Solved my own problem - by looking at the calculation field that I had attached to this field definition. thaks
  5. I am using the Patterncount feature to find the work "signed" in a description field. Here is my calculation: PatternCount(FoundDescription, "signed"). This works fine, except that it is only finally exactly the word "signed" - not SIGNED or Signed. Can I adjust for this easily. I need to find the word Signed in any format within my FoundDescription field. thanks -
  6. Let's see - more information I have a statement that prints every month. On the statment is a list of list of invoices that have been put through the system and then a section below that is showing the amounts due for Current, Past 30, Past 60, and Past 90. these are all Summary fields. This is all set up on a payment plan structute and the individual payments are entered in another layout. So - sometimes - a client might pay $600 when only $300 is due. Well that extra $300 shows up as a credit - when I really want it to apply itself to any amount that is oustanding in the Current, Past 30, Past 60, and Past 90 fields. Does that make any more sense - to help me out. Thanks -
  7. I can picture what I want in my head and on paper, but I can't get my mind around it using the FMP functions - thanks in advance for the help. I am working on a accounts statements page. I have summary fields that add up my Over 90, Over 60, Over 30, and current due. My situation is - if there is a credit balance in the Over 90 column, I first want it to apply to the Over 60, and if 0, then Over 30, and if O then Current. And the same is true for the Over 60 with credits, Over 30. And the same is true for the other direction. If there is a credit in the current, Over 30, Over 60, and a balance in the Over 90 - I want it applied to the Over 90 first. Basically - I need some calculation that will apply any credit to the most outstanding amount due. Sounds simply enough - but I am just not wrapping my head around it. Thank you for you help.
  8. That worked wonderfully!!! Thank you for help on this one. Tweety
  9. Hi - I am looking for some sort of simple (hopefully free) time tracking software. It could be in FMP, but doesn't have to be. Just want something simple - a basic stopwatch - I can start at the beginning of a call or project and stop when I am done. Any good ideas or suggestions out there. Thanks Tweety
  10. Hi - Thanks for the advice. Using =="" doesn't work on every category unfortunatetly. Unless someone has another idea. I think i will have to split apart the value lists into two - one be awards and one being awards finals. And still from there - I will have to adjust my wording slightly to catch those matchines. Thanks for your help and any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  11. I have a value list that is a list of 25 or so award categories. The last has some values - such as: book award, book award finalist, pulitzer award, pulitzer award finalist I want to be able to do a Find on this value list. If I do a Find and check the checkbox with the category Book Award - the find does a find for any of the values that have the word Book or the word Award in them. So it finds all the book awards and the book award finalists, not just the sing value Book Award. I tried creating a new filed that is a Text field - that does look at the value lists and pulls any of the awards over into it with a space between each word. but - still here - i am not able to do just a single Find to get the exact data that is wanted. I have tried Finds with literal text ("") and with exact match (==). But when the data is moved over from the list to the field, it just places one award right after another and then I lose my specific Find capabilites. All I am after - is to be able to do a Find on the value list for a particular type of award and have to find that set only. I don't want to have to use any scripting. Can anyone help.
  12. Hi - "You can create a self-join relationship based on the price field. Then create a calculated field called cCountOfPrice with the formula: Count(selfjoinRel::Price) That will give you the number of books at each price." The above solution works well - but i must have forgot to say one small part. There is a criteria in here. The find is per author - so the calculated number needs to be per author not over the whole database. If I do a find on William Poe - the calculated field should bring up how many books at each price for William Poe only, not for all the authors in the database. Yes - i am doing a Find, but my calc field is still pulling information for the whole database. Thanks so much for your help with this step in my project.
  13. HI - Yes - this looks more like what I am looking for. I am currently working on creating scripts for calculating the mode for each group. If your solution does not work - I will be back in touch. Thanks you
  14. "You don't need a loop or even a script really. Just create a summary field defined as count of Price. Then make a subsummary part (sorted on price) on your layout. Put the summary field in there. Sort by price and print, or look at it in preview mode." This is all and good - except that I don't want to print or preview the data. It is going to be used to create a graph of how many books there are at different price ranges. That's why I was thinking a looped script - that would go through the records compare it to the one before and then set a field with a counter number when the price field changes. I can picture it in my head, but can't get it down on paper or the screen. I know that I could possibly need up to 100 count fields. Any direction would be greatly appreciated.
  15. okay - here is what I have: I need to create some sort of counter. Thought it sounded easy, but I am getting stuck. I am using FMP6 on OSX. I have a script that does a find. On each set of criteria it will find no more then 100 records. On this set of records - I sort by price ascending. Now - I need to take those sorted and found records and break them down by how many there are of each price. For example - if there are two books at $200 - I need a field to populate with the number 2, and then another field would populate with the number 5 if there were 5 books available at $1000 and so on. My ultimate goal is a graph of how many books at the different price levels. I actually think I have the graphing portion, if I can just figure out how to group the books by price. Would anyone be able to help me with how to script this counting loop for me. I thank you in advance. If you need more detail - please let me know.
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