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  1. yes, I did that already. great minds think alike! thank you!
  2. Can you venture a guess about how long "too long" might be? I am patient but would like to know.
  3. I have Scriptmaster installed on Filemaker Server 16, and on my iMac workstation as well in FMPA 17. The Export Container example works perfectly on my workstation when connected to the server, but when the same script is executed on the server, nothing is written to the destination file path FileMaker Server/Data/Documents. I know that the script is running properly on the server because all other elements of the script run. It is intended to send an email message with an attachment that is exported from a container field. The email is delivered, but missing the attachment and that
  4. My situation is a bit different. My server script is writing the desired PDF file to the Documents folder, (FileMaker Server/Data/Documents) on a Mac server, but then, it is unable to insert that PDF into the target container field. When I run the same script on my FMP client, it works perfectly. This is a routine that was working fine in FMS 16 on Windows, but when the database moved to FMS 17 on Mac, it stopped working I tried running a simple test script to see if Base Elements could create a folder. The FMP client does it just fine, but the server running the same script yi
  5. How about this compromises: show it as a broken reference if there is anything in there, active or not, which is broken. But if there is nothing broken in an inactive calculation, let it be unreported as something broken.
  6. I am having the same problem. Freshly installed Mac OS-X 10.8.2 Only one user in the OS, with admin credentials. Using Terminal to try to start the adminserver because the Start Page times out in the browser, thus I can't launch the Admin Console. Seeing various terminal errors I don't understand: Error: 10006 and Error: 0 with "Permission denied". Also sometimes "Connection Refused: Server is unavailable" --- which is contradicted by the fact that I can access the running Sample Database either remotely or on the host server itself, using FileMaker Pro 12. I'm stuck becau
  7. I can't seem to make this work. The summary field gives me all 856 records in the child table, but the portal has only 717 rows because it is filtered. I am trying to determine the number of rows in a filtered portal and the summary field doesn't do it.
  8. If you are a UPS technician with experience integrating with FileMaker, would you contact me? I have a client who is a UPS shipper in Connecticut. ODBC has worked for years, but he upgraded to FIleMaker Server 11 (not Advanced) and he needs to switch to XML for his "keyed imports". Please contact me ASAP if possible. Dennis Burnham 972.930.0525 dennis@asnap.com
  9. I hope that my question is on the same topic. The spanish language part is throwing me off track ... I am looking for a stylesheet that will permit me to export data from FIleMaker so that it conforms to the schema required by OpenShipments.xdr (attached) The idea is to substitute XML processing for the ODBC method of making shipments using FileMaker data.
  10. I am trying to accomplish the same thing. I want to give users a URL that goes directly to their record and no others. Is there a way to do this?
  11. I am having the same problem on a Windows 2003 server. Service Pack 2 is installed. Java 6.7 is installed and updated successfully. I uninstalled FMS10 completely and reinstalled it, then ran the 10.2 update, and I still get the same error message: Deployment/Configuration error -150 Starting the WPE(wpe1) component failed: error code = 2504 The odd thing is that if I click the icon to start the web publishing engine, the result is that the icon changes to make the STOP icon active, but if I touch Web Publishing in the menu to configure it, the result is the same error message.
  12. I am trying to reinstall FMS9 on a Windows 2003 Server and I get the same error message described above: "Database server is not available." The FileMaker service is stopped. There is no other licensed edition of FMS 9 running on the network, in fact, I was getting this error even before I plugged in a network cable to give the server an IP address. What else can it be? I am not very proficient in Windows, so if it involves Java, I need direction to find the necessary components. thanks in advance Dennis
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