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  1. Filemaker 5.5 supports Outlook correctly! Good luck.
  2. Fonts do not kern the same from PC to MAC. I usually make the file work on a Mac first, then make another layout in the file for the PC version(same file). Then use a script to decide which layout to show or go to based on the status(platform) function.
  3. The record will switch when a web request is made. That is by software design and is normal. I use 3 machines as a "web server system". FileMaker Pro Server, and then unlimited as a guest of that to respond to web request... and then I develop on another machine with a regular FM5 client installed. FMP Server is far more reliable, and you never see "rebuilding databases" or the "files were not closed properly" error, and never the dreaded "please rebuild these files" errors! FMServer also makes backups a sinch. You can do everything in "development", field defining, and layout mode, from a
  4. Whats the reason that FMWSC does not support multiple cookies on one page? What is that all about?
  5. Yes... the above code goes in a form submission that makes a CDML web call. I would suggest that if you can help it, don't call script from the web. While script is processing, it refuses new web connection. If you have traffic, it could crawl along. The inline tag in FMP5 Web Companion Could help you out...
  6. You can send a "field" as an email body, therefore your challenge is to write a script that calculate the text in that field before mailing it. You can go crazy with scripts....have fun...
  7. FMPWSC can only write one cookie per format page? Multiple cookies are allowed through the Web Companion Server? What the heck is that all obout?#@!$#@%%$@^#
  8. The two ways are... db Portals... Web Frames. Probably portals are the best way for you....
  9. Get Dreameaver, all that stuff is built in! I have not had a problem with the error pages not coming up. Check your syntax again. Show us the code you are using?
  10. [FMP-SetCookie:CookieName={Field FieldName}] "Developer" has the info you seek.
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