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  1. Here's a cleaner URL: https://www.fminventorystarter.com/ The URL in the original post still works as well.
  2. (SYLVANIA, OH, USA, March 2018) - New Leaf Data, LLC is excited to announce the immediate availability of FM Inventory Starter (FMIS). Built on the FileMaker platform, FMIS is an ideal starter application for organizations and teams with inventory management needs, including: • Manufacturers • Distributors • Warehouses • Procurement Teams • Sales Teams FMIS includes the tables and fields needed for an inventory management solution. FMIS also has over 40 desktop layouts, including 3 templates. FMIS is extremely flexible. FMIS is not an off-the-shelf
  3. I tried again - this time I stopped/started Services after I closed FMS and that seemed to work.
  4. Thanks Wim. I'll check the Java version. As far as the "easiest way to install", I can try the script step as you recommended. However, the installation instructions indicate that I should be able to drag the plugin file into the server extension folder.
  5. I'm trying to install an Enterprise version of the email plugin on FMS. I copied the 64bit plugin to the FMS Extensions folder (see screenshot), shut down FMS, and restarted. But the plugin does not appear in the list of plugins available to the server (see screenshot). Using FMS 15 on Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard (see screenshot). Any suggestions?
  6. Thanks Caleb. I used the Example Script from the "How to use Scribe" file in order to get the list of fields, as you recommend (see attached). I used the ScribeDocListFields in a local variable but it doesn't appear to return anything. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I also changed the ScribeDocSubstitute to ScribeDocWriteValue and entered the key/value pair. But each time, an error occurs, telling me that I'm using an unknown tag (the "key" of the key/value pair). I presume that the key I'm using is not the actual name of the control field but not sure how to get that inf
  7. First of all, I'm not sure that "placeholder text" is the correct term for the MS Word object. I'm working with multiple MS Word documents from the state government. The content is locked but there seems to be placeholder text that I can tab through. The placeholder text is highlighted in gray and marked with an asterisk before and after the text (see image). I'm experiencing a couple of issues: 1. If I choose the text inside the asterisk, then the substitution works but it leaves the asterisks (see #1 in Scribe_New_doc). 2. When I choose "Amount", inside the asterisks, a NUL
  8. I have a client who currently has a report using multiple portals. The report is based on a table with many child records but those related records are all first generation children, not child, grandchild, etc. Thus, the report cannot be created on the last child table. Can I use Scribe to create a MS Word document that will contain these multiple portal records? I looked at the documentation but didn't see anything for "Portal" or "Related Records".
  9. Hi Sarah, Â Thanks for the reply. Â Here is more information. Â I'm syncing 10 tables, doing a one-way sync from an iPad to the server. Â All tables have a unique id using Get ( UUID ) and are marked as Not Empty, Unique. Â All tables also have a modification timestamp. Â It seems that all tables sync properly except one, the Job table. Â When I perform the sync I receive an error message (this is performed on a desktop for better debugging). Â Â When I make the ID field not unique, the sync kind of works; it doesn't sync with the original record on the server. Â Rather, it cre
  10. Trying to perform one-way sync from iPad to hosted file and this error message comes up (shown in 4 photos): Â Â Â Â Â Not sure what to do next. Â Any help is appreciated. Â Thanks.
  11. Thanks Sarah, Â I went through the MirrorSync configuration again, setting the tables and fields. Â However, when I looked in the MirrorSync script there are several Set Fields that have <Table Missing>. Â Â Suggestions?
  12. When doing my initial sync on the iPad (i.e. running the MirrorSync script for the first time) I received a "Sync failed/aborted" message (see attached images). Â I reviewed the tables/fields in Manage Database and also reviewed the layouts. Â I then re-downloaded the database from the MirrorSync dialog and re-installed that database on my iPad, having deleted the previous one. Â Once I had the new database on the iPad I once again ran the initial sync script. Â However, I received the same error message. Â One thing that I am doing is changing the name of the database - would that make
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