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  1. Hi again David, Just want to see if what we are experiencing is the normal behavior or if something is not working right. When I go to the layout with 4 SCs (see SS above), they all get the "Connecting To SuperContainer Server..." message for 5-6 seconds. After they all load, if I click to the next record, this all happens again until all 4 load (and so on for each subsequent record). The load time is the same for a SC with or without an image. If I click back to a record that had already loaded, the SCs are already there - and do not have to reload. Is that what you mean by caching?
  2. Hi again David, I'll try to do a little more investigating here now that I know it should cache and not reload like it is. It can't be a script as it happens when just clicking from one record to the next using the built in FM Toolbar. You mentioned default behavior of the browser - in our case, would a setting in Safari have any impact on the SCs on the layout. Not sure if the webviewers on the Mac tap into those settings or not. I'll take a look and see if I can find anything. Thanks, Jerremy
  3. Hi again David, Thanks again for the quick replies. You say that usually the comp caches the applet - is there something we can do to make it do so and not have to reload every time? All of our users are experiencing this - it's not just a few Macs that have the problem. We'd like to continue to use the drag and drop... and sounds like for whatever reason, it's not caching as it should. Thanks again, Jerremy
  4. Hi David, Thanks for the reply. Maybe that is the issue? It seems like the applet loads for each instance of SC on the layout, then again as you navigate to the next record and so on. Even if there is not a file in the SC, the four panels take 5-6 seconds to load until it displays the upload button. It takes another 5-6 seconds when you go to the next record, etc. Whereas, if I change the SCs on that same layout to no applet, I can flick through the records a second at a time and have the SCs load immediately, no waiting. Are you saying that after the applet is triggered to load on
  5. Hi all, We are using the latest version of SuperContainer, 2.792 with Mac OS 10.6.8 with all Java updates installed. FM Server is v10. I've noticed a significant speed difference in SC when applying the noapplet style. If I click through records on a layout that has say 4 SCs on it, using the applet, all four areas will display a message "Connecting to SuperContainer Server...", then after 5 to 6 seconds, the images will finally load (see attached image). However, if I switch the SCs to noapplet, the images load instantaneously as I cycle through the records. Is the java
  6. Yes, please (on the new plugin build). 2 more theaddeaths today... ...and I was surprised how many places in our system we were using the SCGetInfo to indicate that a SC attachment was present. I had to go through and remove them all - making our users grumpy. Here is a typical calc: Case(not IsEmpty(SCGetInfo( Job_Number & "/" & "Graphics" & "/" & Panel_Number & "/" & Random_SC_Link)); "YES"; "NO") Checks the path to see if the attachment is there. These all worked perfectly before we upgraded the plugin to the current version. Looking ba
  7. David: Any updates? Users are still reporting threaddeath errors (although less than before - now using the test 2.745 plugin). I've also had to disable fields on layouts that use the SCGetInfo call because of the massive slowdown introduced in a recent plugin update. This is a key feature in our system as it indicates if a SuperContainer is present. Please - any progress? Thanks, Jerremy
  8. Hi David, Any updates on the threaddeath and/or SCGetInfo issues? Thanks, Jerremy
  9. Doh. I jinxed it. Just received a call from a user that just received the error. Confirmed that they have the 'new' version of the plugin. From the Console: Apr 30, 2010 1:54:57 PM com.prosc.fmkit.PluginBridge doFunction WARNING: No result in main thread AWT-AppKit for PluginFunction{name='SCGetInfo', functionID=-8372, minArgs=1, maxArgs=-1}. All plugin functions should always return a result!!! Apr 30, 2010 1:54:57 PM com.prosc.fmkit.PluginBridge doFunction WARNING: No result in main thread AWT-AppKit for PluginFunction{name='SCGetInfo', functionID=-8372, minArgs=1, maxArgs=-1
  10. Hi all, The test version that David sent over appears to have fixed the java.lang.threaddeath error. It was installed on all machines on Tuesday morning, and there has not been a report of the error since. However, we are still experiencing an issue with SCGetInfo calls. Fields on layouts that use this calc SLOW use down to a crawl, making the layout beachball. This behavior was not present in previous versions of the the plugin. oilcan, I'd be interested to see what happens if you install the plugin and use the technique to create the error... Hopefully this fixes the
  11. Hi again Dave, Sending some log data to you now. Thanks for your help. Jerremy
  12. Hi David, I will try to capture some console errors as soon as I can. Users are in 10.4.11 and 10.5.8 with all other OS updates applied. All users have the latest SC (2.744) and SM (3.33) plugins installed. Also of note with the latest SC: Users are reporting - and I have confirmed that any layout that has a field that calls the SCGetInfo() command will beachball FileMaker for 15 seconds before allowing the next input. For example, we have a layout that shows a list Work Orders for a job in a portal. There is a field that calls SCGetInfo() to see if there are files in
  13. Hi all, Users are reporting an error in FileMaker that looks to be caused by SuperContainer. While on a layout that has a SuperContainer, a popup error message displays with: "java.lang.threaddeath". The user then cannot close this window and has to force quit FileMaker. We are running the latest SC, 2.744 on Mac OS 10.6.3 Server in standalone mode. All users that have experienced the error are running the latest version of Mac OS 10.4 or 10.5 will all secondary updates installed. All users also have the latest SuperContainer and ScriptMaster plugins installed. Also,
  14. Hi Jesse, THANK YOU! This works. It is also noticeably faster when loading the images. Our design department will be VERY happy. Thanks for fixing this - SC is going to be a very useful tool in our FM system. Have a great holiday weekend. Jerremy
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