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  1. Vaughan can you explain?
  2. My plan was to have a FM 6 Client station setup and connect to a server - with 2 servers total and then those two client machines connecting to the SyncDek server. Other users would be connecting with seperate clients to the 1st of the two servers.... But it's sounding like it might be best to accelerate my migration to FM 8.
  3. We're currently using FileMaker 5/6 solution - running FMS 5.5 and v6 Clients on both OS X and Win XP. On your FM 6 solution how frequently did you Sync? We've got just under 100 files that total about 800MB and around 120 users, I was hoping to Sync every 2 mins or so - with the intent being in the future we could use the 2nd server station to balance load - and a couple of minute difference would be close enough to real-time for our workflow. Is this quick of a Sync turnaround possible? -A
  4. One or more of your files may be corrupt. Try opening them on a client workstation, and/or running a restore on them.
  5. Is anyone currently using a "SyncDek" based sync solution to replicate solutions between multiple FileMaker servers? If so what version of FMP are you using it with, and how reliable is it? The SYncDek product can be found here: http://www.syncdek.com/ Thanks - Arin
  6. Does anyone have any experiences using SyncDek that they can share? Does it work well? How frequently do you Sync?
  7. Hmm... not sure why that would be... Is anyone here using this successfully? How about FX.php ?
  8. I'm not so concerned with the IP limit, as I'm already running FileMaker Unlimited in OS 9 to connect to my WSC anyway... I just thought it was interesting that FX.php only used 1 IP... I'll take another look at the docs, but it seemed to me that you couldn't use the 'Web Security.fp5' but I did find the FX.php code for $fmPassword which is used to access the FileMaker password. But I'll try translate some of that page... and see what I can find... thanks...
  9. I also found that accessing FM using FX.php from an Apache/PHP server only uses the 1 IP from the Apache/PHP server... the cool thing is that you can then setup a firewall to block all other IPs from whatever port your FM / WSC is using so the security is increased. This is all fine for databases that have 'full access' but I'm having trouble understanding how to integrate FX.php with the Web Security Databases... maybe it just doesn't work. If not I'm sure a custom solution using php can be built, or I'm already somewhat familiar with MySQL/PHP user authentication so I could go that route, and then just mix the FX.php code with the MySQL authentication on any given .php page. There sure are a lot of options with the FX.php stuff...
  10. Here's updated info after 4 days of uptime... still using the 200Mhz PII... still no crashes... ______________________ Disk KB/sec - 7384 Files - 26 Users - 4 Network KB/Sec - 2640 Transactions - 11160 ______________________ (did I mention that with linux you can 'reload' the preferences (conf file) from the CLI WITHOUT having to restart FMS and kick everyone off!)
  11. Here's info from our recently setup 200Mhz PII running RedHat Linux 7.3 / 96 Megs Ram / 1Gig IDE & 3 Gig SCSI - using server 5.5 with cache set at 8 Megs (all info is peak info) ______________________ Disk KB/sec - 4652 Files - 26 Users - 4 Network KB/Sec - 2640 Transactions - 5600 ______________________ After using FM Server on Mac OS X (G3s & G4s) and OS 9 I'm happiest with the performance / stability / price that linux offers. We may be upgrading to a 2Gig P4... if so I'll post those stats as well.
  12. Ahh I see... so it 'works' from a technical standpoint, but it doesn't from a licensing standpoint....
  13. It turns out I made an error, the Web Security Database DOES work with "All Users" mode (if you make sure you put the space between All and Users ) After reading the supplied FX.php docs (I guess I should know better than to read the README last by now) I found out there is a php function for a 'database' password, but it only seems to work when using the "FileMaker Pro Access Privliges" but at least there is _some_ security... Oh and the IP limit thing doesn't seem to work at all with FX.php, it returns an error just like having Web Security enabled with a user/pass does. Hope this helps someone... I'll post if I find anything else...
  14. Stepping back to the original question... I've been wondering the same thing... I haven't been able to access the sample FX.php database while Web Security is enabled (even in 'AllUsers' mode with no passwd). I'm starting to think it may not be possible (may not be built in to the FX.php class yet). One possible workaround I was thinking of for my solution ( I work with MySQL as well, and noticed FX.php's new caching class uses a MySQL database to speed up frequent FM requests) was to use a PHP/MySQL user/login authentication system, and then have only THOSE user authenticated pages access the FMP stuff, and basically shift the security control to the MySQL and PHP design... in order to make this secure I would also use the Web Companion config dialog to 'restrict to IP adress(es)' of my web server (where the php requests are coming from). I'm also still running FMP Unlimited 5 on OS 9, but would love to switch to OS X on my 867 G4, but I only own the standard version of FMP 6 for OS X... but it seems as if FX.php doesn't care if I have the Unlimited version or not (where the version 5 WSC does). Let me know if you find any other solutions to this... and feel free to email me with info about FX.php and Web Security... arinbrown@astound.net -A
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