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  1. Yes, that last tip with the extra TO is great. Just adding a script trigger to the drop down menu and it's just what I was hoping for. Thank you very much!
  2. Thanks for your suggestions. I'd rather not switch layouts if I don't need to, because in the real solution is are already a sizeable number of layouts. Adding another TO seems to be the easiest way, but I don't see how that fixes the problem and how it ties in with the selection of the global field. Would it be easier if the global field is part of the contacts table? I don't want to add that calc field in contacts, because it's actually a separation model solution, however, I suppose I could script a field instead. If a field had several skills, would that work as long as they are separated by a return character? At any rate, using an extra TO would be the best idea. Thanks
  3. I have a parent table with contacts. This points to a child table in a portal with various skills the contacts have. Some contacts may not have any skills filled out, others may have one or several. Adding skills dynamically fills a value list of all entries in this field. There is also a portal which shows all contacts and I want to be able to filter it by skill. So I have added a global field, formatted as a drop down menu listing all the skills. So far, so good. Choosing a skill is supposed to filter the portal with all matching contacts, of course, but this does not work. I can kind of see why it doesn’t work, based on the way I set up the relationship, but I don’t know how to go about it. Hope this is clear. I have attached a template to my question for you to try. Thanks for your help! portal_filter.fmp12
  4. Ah yes, that sounds simple enough. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the demo. This works well, but of course it's not elegant having to select 'client' in a (to the user) unnecessary field before you can select a client. This is the complicated I tried. This worked sort of, but not when I asked to sort the value list by the second field and not show the first field in the 'Manage ValueLists' dialog. - Checking a category in the contacts table populates a calculation field with the category ID (I suppose this could also be literal text instead). Say clients are ID 1. So you check 'client', then that field contains 1. - A different table has globals for each category. The globals contain ID numbers, like 1=client, 2=staff. Create a relationship from each of these globals to the category field in contacts. - Create a value list for each category (all work the same, but have a different category). - Put contact ID field for the required category (e.g. clients) on the layout to popup a list of all clients, but don't show the IDs, only the names. - Overlay this field with a non-editable field of the client name.
  6. Hi all, In my contacts table, I have a check box field where the user can categorize any contact into three categories that are used in several places throughout the solution. So a contact may be in the 'client' or 'personnel' category. Ideally I would end up with three value lists that can be applied anywhere a contact needs to be entered. For example, when creating an invoice the contacts menu would pop up a list of only those contacts that have the 'client' checkbox set. I keep running into problems with globals not being indexable or the popup list showing the contact ID along with the name which I don't want. So obviously I'm approaching this wrong. Thanks for any help, Stefan
  7. That sounds like what Matt Petrowsky might be up to in this video: https://www.filemakermagazine.com/videos/creative-single-checkboxes Mind you, I haven't watched the subscribers part of it.
  8. Thanks again - you're completely correct. Overcomplicating things is actually an area I excel in! I will try both of your suggestions, but I also think that a filtered portal will be a good thing, since I eventually want to also filter by a user field (who is assigned to the task) as well. Didn't know about the GetAsBoolean function. I used to have a script attached to boolean check boxes like SetField (checkbox, not checkbox) Yeah, overcomplicating 😉
  9. A project would hardly ever have more than 50 steps, usually more like 30. I was actually trying to use the 'done' indirectly for the relationship like this: Projects table: If (filter_todo = 1; ID_project & "|" & 1; ID_project) Tasks table: If (done = 1; ID_project; ID_project & "|" & 1) The idea is that if the check box is unchecked, then the match fields would simply contain a duplicate of the primary key. I will have a go with portal filtering next. Thanks!
  10. I have a primary table 'Projects' connected to a child 'Tasks' table in a portal. In the child records, there is a check box labeled 'done' to mark off completed steps. In the Projects table, I also have a check box labeled 'Show to do'. When clicked, the idea is to update the portal with only those records that don't have the 'done' box checked. Unchecking would show all tasks again. I have experimented with all kinds of calculated key fields, but the way I see it, I cannot generate the proper key on the child side without looking at the status of the parent side. At that point, however, I can't index the field any longer and so it doesn't work. Any ideas? Thanks!
  11. In trying to fix a non-refreshing portal in my FMA 13, I also stumbled on Daniel Woods original article "Ditch those Flush Caches, Use Cartesian Join Instead!" at https://www.teamdf.com/blogs/ditch-those-flush-caches-use-cartesian-join-instead In his follow-up article, he mentions that one of the issues with this method is that the cartesian relationship does not allow for records to be created on the portal. Also it's a hack to be creating a field just for refreshing purposes. But while we're hacking, why not hack some more and introduce another field in the child table. Both Refresh_1 fields auto-enter 1 in their respective tables. What do you think about this: Parent_ID = Child_ID and Refresh_1 = Refresh=1 So refreshing now works as well as adding new records in the portal. I know it's a hack for an older version, but since it's the one I'm using right now, it would be interesting to know if perhaps I didn't foresee some completely different problem down the road. Stefan
  12. In addition to the FM tab interface, I also use tabs that looks similar but actually move to different layouts (so that the table focus can change). Is there an easy way (in FM 13) to have the tab buttons change color just like the built-in tabs using a conditional format? Thanks, Stefan
  13. Thanks Wim, actually I don't care which way as long as I can access the data. I thought it might work with GO, but if it doesn't then GO isn't as great as I thought it was. Buying FMS just to access a file is overkill for me. So, as disappointing as the answer is, I'm glad I know and I don't have to dig any further. I probably end up having a copy of the file on my phone and use GO anyway, then update the two files every so often - hassle.... Thanks, Stefan
  14. I'm not a noob at FM, but never did anything on the web with it. I'd like to put a FM file on a web space (like where my homepage is) and access that with my desktop or my phone. This is only personal data used only by me. Searching turns up a lot of info on hosting services, FMS, and stuff I don't understand. In the manual I found what sounded right (using an URL) but I couldn't get it to work. Are there any step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish this? Thanks, Stefan
  15. Just a push really... anyone want to try my template and comment on it? Ideas for improving it? Would be happy to get some feedback! Thanks, Stefan
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