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  1. Hi guys, I have an older version of FMA (v13) for Mac and I would like to test it also on a Windows machine. I browsed the FileMaker site up and down but I can't find a download link anywhere except to the latest version. Does anyone know where to get older versions? Thanks,
  2. Now that's something I haven't thought of. Good point - I will try to have a look at a Windows machine to see how it behaves/looks. Thanks!
  3. Thanks Wim, good to know. That roadmap video though... I've been out of FileMaker upgrades for a while, but their announcement that FMA will be discontinued with the next release is a major bummer for me. Whatever they gave as a reason, I don't think anyone has any doubts as to why they're doing that. Very sad indeed. I'm too old to learn another platform, otherwise I could save the $540.00 they want for their last release of FMA with end of support in sight.
  4. I am planning to upgrade my stuff soon. Does FMA 18 open .fp12 files or has it changed again? If so, will it convert or do I need one or several older versions to convert to the current format? Presumably, FMA 19 is just around the corner, so I might as well wait for a little longer. Is the word out on compatibility yet? Thanks, Stefan
  5. Just thinking... I have a global variable 'debug' in my files that, when set to 1, does or does not a bunch of things while I develop. I can then just reset this to 0 to see how the file behaves to a normal user. I would be great to have the custom menu set look at this variable and when it's 1 it would always install the standard menu set. I find it distracting to have FM always revert to the custom menu set while developing. Is there some other way to prohibit this?
  6. I see, so there's no connection between a custom menu set and a particular set of access privileges. That explains it, then. Thanks!
  7. I want to deploy a runtime created with FMA 13. The FileMaker site says that this will work with Mac OS 10.10 and may also work with later versions. Does anyone here know what the latest OS is for this to work, perhaps even the current one? Oh, and I have the same question regarding iOS, because this may be great to have on an iPad as well. Thanks, Stefan
  8. Hi all, In my solution, I have scripted most functions so that the standard menu commands are not needed, or rather, shouldn't be used. As such, I have created a custom menu set that removes all commands that aren't necessary. But now I can go in and select the Standard FileMaker commands from the Tools menu to bring up a standard menu set anyway. Is that just because I have FMA rather FMP and does that mean anyone with FMA can change to the default menus as well? I thought the menu set would somehow be tied to the privilege set, but there doesn't seem to be a way to select one. What am I missing here? Thanks,
  9. Perfect, thanks! I'm glad I don't need to deal with ghost fields 😉
  10. I have a portal with the alternate row colors turned on. There is a field in the rows that is overlayed on top of another one. So as to not mess up the appearance, the upper field needs a fill. But this looks ugly in every other portal row. Is there a way to format this, depending on whether it's an odd or even row? At least in my v13 I can 't see this, but perhaps there's a better way to accomplish the same thing. Thanks
  11. That's a good idea! I'll try this tomorrow when I'm at the office. And regarding the move to more current FM versions, I just looked at this ;-) https://community.filemaker.com/en/s/question/0D50H00006o3mDHSAY/omg-why-did-they-break-the-smtp-send-mail-script-step-in-fmpa-18- Of course, this may be another trick altogether.
  12. Well these guys were not very helpful, to say the least. Bummer :-(
  13. I'm with 1&1 which is big over here. Asking them about logs is probably a long shot, but it's definitely worth a try. Thanks!
  14. So I tried my test file using FMA 13 on Mavericks. Same difference.
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