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  1. Interesting! I suppose then there are ways to prevent the user from moving or resizing the window, otherwise this trick would break. Why would you want to open a new window off-screen? You can't interact with that, can you?
  2. Now you have my curiosity. How would the user not know? Do you mean by setting the window coordinates so that both windows align on top of one another? Also, the user will be presented with yet another window that has tabs, so this process may end up opening a lot of windows.
  3. Perfect, thanks. I think it is more intuitive to the user than opening a new window, but that depends on the application. In my case, this option is great!
  4. Hi all, I have a problem similar to the one discussed in this thread. It was suggested that the active tab could be captured using a normal script step with a script trigger on exiting the layout, but I can't find the proper script step. I messed around with OnPanelSwitch and GetLayoutObjectAttribute, but whatever I tried, didn't work. At least, going back to the proper tab with Go to Object is easy. Thanks for any help,
  5. True - that layout was created last, so that would make sense, as far as a bug can make sense. Unfortunately, I missed the upgrade phase after v13, so I will need to get a full version again. Pretty stiff upgrade policy, but that's not really a complaint.
  6. You guys are awesome. This was, in fact, the problem! I have renamed the folder and then the layout back to inventory. Now it works! Incredible. The odd thing is, that I am doing the exact same thing with the other layouts which also have folders with the same name. For some reason, it didn't choke on them, only with 'inventory'. The only difference I can see is that, up to now, the inventory folder only contains a single layout. Whatever the reason, I'm very happy that the problem was found. Thanks so much!
  7. I have 6 layouts, only one is called inventory, although it's inside a folder also called inventory, but that applies to other layouts in a similar fashion as well. Also, it seems to work for the folks here who tried my file, but not on mine.
  8. I don't even know what that is, so I probably don't have one.
  9. Just to wrap this thing up (hopefully), I have renamed the script parameter and layout name from "inventory" to "inventoree". Now it works. But changing it back to "inventory" breaks it again. It's almost like "inventory" is a reserved word. So "inventoree" is it then. The word never shows to the user, so I suppose I can live with it. Thanks all for your help and checking out the file.
  10. The script is only 1 line :-) Not that I know of. It's just a plain vanilla installment. I will try to install on my wife's laptop which is similar and see if it works there. Thanks much,
  11. Very strange. The file also has never crashed on me. I will try to create the script over again and remap it to the buttons and see what happens. Thanks,
  12. No, that step was added later. The script didn't even work for me before I added that. So since it appears that this script works for everyone but me, it must be something peculiar in my setup. Could it be useful to reinstall FMP?
  13. There's always a more elegant way, but the first sentence in that article sums it up for me: >>Have you ever inherited a system built by someone else, changed a field’s name and everything stopped working?<< I don't work on other people's files and nobody works on mine, so I can live with that. It is just so nice and easy. Yes, v13 and no custom function.
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