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  1. Thanks Wim, I'll pester them and see if they help me sort it out.
  2. How do I escalate a ticket? I thought this is something only support can do.
  3. Very interesting read! Of course, I immediately tried your suggestion of opening the app the a right-click. But the same error message appeared. Now I want a copy of Fm17. What's the tooling magic in Terminal you talked about. I guess eventually I will have to give up on this problem, but I'm not there just yet. Here's an excerpt from Claris support mail: Kind of like the verbose version of 'Good luck'
  4. It's a total pain. I bought FM18 just about a month ago, because I still need runtimes. I wouldn't call it a deprecated feature, it actually doesn't work. Watch here:
  5. FileMaker won't even answer my question about runtimes, because the feature is deprecated. They still sold it to me, though and it is something I use. As far as I'm concerned, the feature isn't deprecated, it just doesn't work. Watch for yourself and let me know if you know how to fix that, please! https://youtu.be/3_5O4-e7IKY
  6. I have followed these instructions and the runtime worked. Now I created a zip and uploaded to my server. I then download the zip from the server. Both folders have the exact same number of bytes. But the local copy works and the downloaded copy does not. It says, the app is damaged and should be moved to the trash. What the hell is going on?? I tried both zipping the folder itself and creating a .dmg around it before zipping. Makes no difference. Help please
  7. I asked FM support for help. Apparently, they were able to open my file just fine. However, I received problem reports of the solution crashing on startup. I wonder if the runtime app created on Mac 10.15.x may not work with an older MacOS version? According to the published system requirements, it should work with 10.13 and up. Has anyone tried this? I can't try it, because I can't create a partition with an older system on my machine which is a bummer.
  8. A script with the Dial Phone script step?
  9. So I compiled a runtime with FM18 running on 10.15. Client says it won't open on his machine with 10.14. My instructions were: 1. Open Terminal app 2. Type codesign --remove-signature 3. Drag the application icon into the Terminal window. This procedure made the runtime work on my machine, but it's a different OS. I really don't understand the ins and outs of this codesign stuff, but I would like to know if perhaps you know some trick that will make the runtime work. Thanks, Stefan
  10. Sorry, I'm talking about the desktop version. My screen goes blank so many times in a day, and then I have to type a bunch of passwords to get back to where I was. No FaceID available there. FM Go is different, of course.
  11. Is the silence here an indication that this behavior can't be turned off? 🤔
  12. When I'm at home, it bothers me that I have to enter my password to wake the screen just to find FM ask for passwords for each open database (since I upgraded to v18). How can I defeat that? Thanks,
  13. Ok, I will take a long hard look at it 😁 Thanks Wim, looks like I'm not going to watch TV tonight!
  14. The stuff in the article you posted is way over my head. I'm not going to learn this much just to send a couple of dozen emails per year or so. The reason I'm so stubborn with the FM mail is because it's the only script language I know. But I'm happy to switch my web hosting service which also serves my email needs. What questions should I ask?
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