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  1. OK big guy, you've done me a good service. I've actually been able to close a database using a browser and the "-DBclose" tag. But (of course there's a but) I haven't as yet been able to use "-DBopen" to start one up, what gives? I moved the files I'm testing to the 'Web' directory, setup multi-user access with the appropriate uid/password combos and still nothing on the "-dbopen" front. Any other clues? Thanks, E. quote:Originally posted by jwtidwell: Well, here goes....You can't technically "start" or "stop" a database from the web through Web Companion because in order to do that you would have to have access to the Multi-User sharing capabilities of FMP. With that said, the obvious way to "stop" or "start" a database remotely is to "open" or "close" the database using: "-DBOpen" and "DBClose" since a database is only shared when it is open. Here is the complete info for the commands... What it does Closes a database on the FileMaker host machine from a remote browser. The -DBOpen and -DBClose actions tags would only use the -db variable tag for the name of the database and the partial path before FMPro? in the URL to determine on which database to apply the action. The database administrator will have to have remote administration privileges and the database to be closed must be in the Web folder. A format file is required to be specified in the URL in order for -DBOpen to be processed. For security reasons, it is important to use the Remote Administration Requires Password option, otherwise users can close your database without an Administrator password. Syntax example(s) Close a database with a URL HTTP://thehost.com/FMPro?-Db=Employees.fp5&-format=aFormatFile.htm&-DbClose HTTP://thehost.com/asite/onlineordering/FMPro?-Db=main.fp5&-format=aFormatFile.htm& -DbClose Other tags that are required -DB, -format
  2. OK, I've looked several places for this info and have been frustrated to no end. Can someone please tell me how to start and stop a database remotely (via the web) when using FMPro 5 Unlimited and the Web Companion!!!
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