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  1. So I've seen the examples of putting fields in portals and making fields invisible that way, but I want the fields to lock, not be invisible. I want them always to be visible, just some times editable and sometimes not. I tried using the portal as an overlay, putting the editable one on top, but because the portal isn't truley transparent there's no way to show the group underneath when the function is complete. Sorry for the confusing description, Alan
  2. It sounds like, if I've got this correct, that you'll need a separate related DB that is just the models of computers and how many available slots they have. (And any other specs you want to include about the computer.) The validation check would be a calculation field based on the memory wanted in the main DB and the available slots in the related DB. The calculation could be if (how_much_ram < Computer_DB:Slots_Available, "You have " & Computer_DB:Slots_Available - how_much_ram & ", left after you install the ram.", "There aren't that many slots available." Where: how_much
  3. I heard a rumor that you could lock indiviual records from being edited through scripting. Is this true? Thanks Alan
  4. I`ve recently answered my own question about how to post HTTP to a remote server using FileMaker and Mondo Mail. Does anyone know of a similar plugin to Mondo Mail for Windows? Something that will let me send HTTP commands directly from FileMaker.
  5. Never mind, I got Mondo Mail to do the job.
  6. The other server is not a FileMaker server. I tried using the regular redirect in JavaScript, but because it is a non SSL server I get an access denied message when I try to access any of the information in the server. If I can post directly from FileMaker I won't get the access denied problem.
  7. I want to post http commands from FileMaker to a remote Records Server. I use MondoMail Plugin to send mail, does anyone know of an application that will make FileMaker send to a remote web server?
  8. This is an FMP problem. We run 2 web servers for different content. The Webstar server runs fine, the FMP server is really slow to accept changes.
  9. I'm trying to modify a web page. Everytime I look at it live, I'm seeing the old page. I've done the Misc. Script command to Flush Cache, but nothing happens. Is there something more radical I can do to flush the cache?
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