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  1. Sending Text Messages

    Thanks for the relevant information. Very interesting!
  2. Hi there I was wondering if it was possible to send a text to a phone. If so, what functions are involved to make this possible? Thanks for your tips
  3. Missing Themes in Pro 16

    I've just upgraded to FileMaker Pro Advanced 18 and I realized that most of the themes are missing!!!! Is there any way to recover or import them from previous version like Pro 14? Thanks
  4. Import Feature

    Hi there, I tried to import an Excel file located under FileMaker Go / FileMaker Documents and the import command doesn't work. Am I missing something here? Thanks for your tips
  5. See the notes section here: http://www.filemaker.com/help/14/fmp/en/html/add_view_data.4.38.html#1065761
  6. Pro 14 versus QuickTime

    Thanks Wim You made my day!!
  7. Hi there Under Pro 13, QuickTime was available under Insert. Now with Pro 14, it is gone. This makes my life miserable. Is there a way to run wav file in an other way?
  8. File locked or in use (FM Pro 13)

    I was able to compile a runtime solution on a Mac Book Pro operating El Capitan with 13 Still a mystery
  9. File locked or in use (FM Pro 13)

    I always close Pro 13 before compiling a runtime solution. Beside, i tried with Pro 11 and the same error popped on screen running El Capitan (4 GB) ???? I tried on a Mac Book Pro and it went through. Where is the catch?
  10. When I try to compile a runtime solution, during the process, I got this message: Any help!
  11. Admin privileges

    I don't want the admin guy to have full access to all the privileges. Just want to let him manage passwords linked to the account names. I cannot let the users to manage their passwords due to their activities. Overtime, some of them will have new assignments that change their privileges.
  12. Admin privileges

    I am planning a Web Direct application hosted on a dedicated server and I find difficult to set up the Admin privileges to change passwords only. I don't want to grant full access to the db. Is it possible to do that? The guy who will be in charge of the password issue is not familiar with FileMaker Pro and I want to make sure he will not mess up with the programming. Thanks for your tips
  13. User Name Calc

    Indeed, thanks
  14. Here is my situation I got a main db with 2 other dbs. Databases are set with account names and passwords. When a user logs in, I want to get his account name in a calc field with Get (Account Name) (Text) but I still get the full access account name. Thanks for your tips
  15. Get age from birthday and Today

    Thanks for your posts.

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