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  1. Thanks! I came across and third party that will fix this issue.
  2. Hi there Any suggestions to connect an iPad to a printer?
  3. Hi there I implemented a sales chart into a Runtime Solution. No chart is displayed when I open the runtime solution. However, when I use FM Pro to open the Runtime solution, it works perfectly. Bars are displayed accordingly to the sales. This database is not set with privileges. Any help is welcome
  4. Does anyone know about a plug-in for Sales Force?
  5. Hi My window browser did not display all the calc length you posted. So, it raised confusion on my end. Thanks !
  6. Okay, let me add more information. I have Table A where there are 5 records that are used as ongoing monthly entries. These records can be imported in Table B during the next month at any time. In order to save time, the date field must jump by one month. I've set up a loop to update the date field but my issue is December to January.
  7. Hi there, I want to set a date field that upon a click will jump one month like this example : 11-24-2018 to 12-24-2018 to 01-24-2019 etc... Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi there. I have two tables. One for accounts payable and a second one for monthly ongoing payables. The last one holds 10 records which are recurring expenses. I am struggling to transfer the recurring expenses to the accounts payable table. What would be the best approach to deal with this issue?
  9. The issue seems to come from the client's Excel file. Some restrictions must be implemented I've fixed the issue by exporting the newly data from the fm db to a new Excel file. Then reimported the data in the fm db. Then no empty records
  10. Hi there I imported around 900 records into a fm pro db from an Excel db (.xlsx) . It's all there but when I go back to the db, I got 900 empty records. The data is gone but the records are still there??? The Start script checks fine. No weird action to perform. Just a simple sort. Any ideas?
  11. Thanks for the relevant information. Very interesting!
  12. Hi there I was wondering if it was possible to send a text to a phone. If so, what functions are involved to make this possible? Thanks for your tips
  13. I've just upgraded to FileMaker Pro Advanced 18 and I realized that most of the themes are missing!!!! Is there any way to recover or import them from previous version like Pro 14? Thanks
  14. Hi there, I tried to import an Excel file located under FileMaker Go / FileMaker Documents and the import command doesn't work. Am I missing something here? Thanks for your tips
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