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  1. Actually, you can name the file with a variable - you just have to use something based on the record. You could set up a popup to ask for a file name, then use that. I use this for our printing orders. It names the file the PO number. I also use the desktop ( Get(DesktopPath) ) as the default place to create the file. It's not perfect, but it's usually easy for non-techies to find the file.
  2. Very nice solution. Now, how to make it work in Windows 7.
  3. DykstrL

    Portal Subtotals

    Nevermind - I found another post with a custom function that works just fine. Thanx.
  4. DykstrL

    Portal Subtotals

    Sorry - don't work. It either gives me just the amount for each portal row, or the total for all of the portal rows. Maybe I need to be a little more explicit: I have 4 portals of the same related file which has a field named "Amount" (Quantity*UnitPrice). Each portal defines specific rows to display: Portal 1 shows rows 1-9 Portal 2 shows rows 10-34 Portal 3 shows rows 35-59 Portal 4 shows rows 60-84 I need to show (preferably just below and outside the portal) the subtotals for each portal or: subtotal of "Amount" for portal rows 1-9 subtotal of "Amount" for portal rows 10-34 subtotal of "Amount" for portal rows 35-59 subtotal of "Amount" for portal rows 60-84 Even a custom calculation - I just can't wrap my brain around this one.
  5. DykstrL

    Portal Subtotals

    I have 4 portals of the same data with differing rows for each portal in a purchase order form. One of the fields is a dollar amount for a line item. What I need to do is get a subtotal for each portal. I just can't seem to figure it out. Anyone know how I can do this?
  6. We use Diskeeper on our FM servers on WS 2003 and it works fine - no problems. Just set it to run when the machine is idle.
  7. When FileMaker Server backs up a file, it suspends or pauses the file. User data and requests are not lost - just suspended until the file finishes the backup file. That is why your users are getting the dreaded coffee cup. This cannot be avoided using automated backups. The only way I can see to, at least, mitigate the slowdown would be to run a script in the file(s) that would just export just the data into a FMPRO file. You would still have to save copies of the original files to retain layouts, calculations, and scripts in the files any time changes were made.
  8. What Lee was saying is that FileMaker Inc. has the option where you can purchase a license for a version 7 product and install an earlier version. I'm almost sure that they still offer that option. It would be a little more expensive, but at least you know you would be legal.
  9. More than likely, you have a corrupt printer driver on that machine. Set a different printer as the default system printer and try again. To fix the corrupt printer driver, you will have to delete the printer, manually delete the related driver files from the system folder, then reinstall the printer with the latest drivers from the manufacturer.
  10. I tested your formuals and they work just fine. Keep in mind that a standard date field with an auto-enter calculation is static once the field has data in it - they will not change automatically. You have to clear the field before changing the approval date to have it re-enter the new calculated date. You might use unstored calcuation date fields that will recalculate whenever the approval date is changed.
  11. Make sure you have defined fixed page margins for your print layout. Also, if you use <> on your print layout, you will find that they handle page breaks much better than regular fields.
  12. You might want to check their sales support again. I'm not sure if they still offer it, but when V7 first came out they allowed you to purchase and V7 license and back-load an older version. It may be a little more expensive, but it would work.
  13. It's in the Event Viewer in the Administrative Tools in the Control Panel. You can filter the entries to just show FileMaker events. It will be under the Applications tab.
  14. Here's how I do backups for my server: I have 2 internal drives - one for OS and one for FMS and data files. FMS backsup to a folder on the OS drive nightly. I then have Task Scheduler copy the files to an external drive in specific folders. I have folders for every day for 4 weeks worth of backups. It takes a while to setup the Task Scheduler tasks, but it works very nicely.
  15. The only thing I can guess is that your machine knows that the "exe" file was created on your machine so does not issue the warning, whereas the warning will popup on any other XPSP2 machine. You may just have to include a readme file that explains the warning and what to do. I would guess that most XP users would know that if they are initiating the action, it is OK to click the yes or ok.
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