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  1. Xas

    .net work with FMP8?

    Does .net work with FMP? FMP is XML, and so is .net, so why can't I find anything on the internet about this?
  2. Okay - On a second search using 2 separate clients I got this. Eureeka. Both CPU's came alive. THEN WHY DOES FM say this has been corrected in version 8 of FMPSA?? I have been testing it using a single client. Single client does not invoke multi-threading apparently. Picture_5.pdf
  3. Here is FMSA7 (no web companion) handling a query that searched through 4 million records. Note that one CPU is handling all the work.
  4. Hate to disappoint, but nearly ALL of FMP inc. sales literature and product reviews clearly say' - "FileMaker Server 7 is coming early this summer. It's still limited to 250 concurrent clients and 125 hosted databases, but Wide Area Network (WAN) performance has been dramatically improved, according to FileMaker, and data transfer can be encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL). FileMaker Server 7 is also now optimized for dual-processor machines...." [color:gray]Maybe you are mixing up this "While FileMaker itself is capable of running on a dual-processor system, the Web Companion module that it uses to communicate with middleware such as Lasso or PHP is not. " I specifically bought FMPSA7 because of Filemaker Inc. website claims of 64 bit dual processor support. It was clearly stated then and not now. They have cleaned their site of any product literature for 7. You are protecting FMP and I doubt you are getting paid either. Why I never checked this before is kind of naive of me. Now shake your head and read on. Reading directly from Page 7 (Filemaker software documents that I paid for), of the 'Upgrading to Filemaker 7: Migrating Existing Solutions' Under "More Server Power"... Filemaker Server is radically enhanced...More processing is done on the Server and it can now take advantage of multiple processors and additional RAM . . . Am I reading something into this that you interpret differently? When did the English language change??
  5. I examined the CPU activity when FMSA7 was running as of recent and detected that both processors are not engaged on my dual 2.0 gHz G5. No matter what the query is, only one processor shows any activity in the Apple Activity Monitor. I think FM has lied about the server capable of being dual processor.
  6. You may notice some of my posts concerning Lasso in the past have not been very cool - in fact they were the result of my freaking out over getting a very large and complicated database system converted. The problems I was having were not at all related to Lasso but were caused by corrupted data that FMP6 had absolutely no trouble with! FMP7 chokes on hidden binary nulls and other unusual cryptic characters that were coming from my mainframe connection. After I cleaned up the data - LASSO ROCKS. Since FMP6 had no problem with the data I had no idea FMP7 XML was choking on me. It was really hard to discover the source of my trouble. Lasso tech spport was very understanding and tried to help but they had no experience with this problem either. I can heartly recommend it as a fantastic way to acces mySQL and FMP7 XML data. It's stable, efficient, fast and very very easy to use. Well worth the 650 dollars. It converts CDML to LDML in a flash (with a few little errors that are easy to correct) and your solution is up and running in no time. Just be patient and give it some time to sink in and get the settings right. Lasso tech will help with that too. Lasso also has a fantastic security system to control data access and create user privileges using the Lasso Admin control panel. Something you won't get from any other FMP7 add-on - or you will have to write it yourself!
  7. Could I trouble you to tell me how I can get info on how to set up 2 G5's each with an additional gigabit card? I figure a crossover cable for the gigabit ethernet and then one machine has to publish to the net through the internal ethernet connection to the web. What kind of IP's do I assign the gigabit interfaces? The one machine to the net will have a static IP associated with the network it is on. But what kind of ip's do you assign the gigabit interfaces? Is it the 192.x.x.x scheme? I want to put the FMPSA7 on one G5 and the FMP7 web publishing engine on the second machine.
  8. Wrote some scripts in Applescript to move some import files and another script startup a fp7 file which had an embedded FMP script to do some data imports. Everything worked well for 3-4 days and then poof - nothing. The scripts won't come alive anymore through the FMP Server Scheduler. It may have something to do with permissions changing - but I DID NOT modify anything. The only way the scripts will run - is if I launch them myself. This is a crappy waste of my time - I followed FMP instructions on how to set privilieges for the script folder and the scripts still are quiet. Anybody run into this before?
  9. [color:"blue"] Is it worth the expense to possibly [color:"red"]improve [color:"blue"]performance and use 2 machines with Server 7 Advanced and serving the database on the web? FMP inc. claims that using one machine for the web publishing engine and the other for the 7 Server will provide the best improvement in performance. Has anyone tried this with any sukcess? It would be nice to know before I spend another 3 grand and a few days modifying the system.
  10. Found out what was wrong. (It's always me - isn't it) Eliminating my relations (in portals) cleared up all the delay. Then I slowly enabled the relations on test records I created manually. There was no delays! Then I discovered that FMPSA7 was choking (bottlenecked) on records in my relationships that had binary nulls in them. Apparently my mainframe feed supplies data to me that FMP6 never had a problem with. BUT FMP7 went nuts on this. Missing data on my mainframe database is filled with binary nulls that I COULD NOT SEE. After I remove them (with a filter I wrote on the mainframe) LASSO and FMP7SA really runs FAST!!! So mea culpa, mea culpa, mea culpa, (latin), the Lasso people were confused on this and so was I.
  11. What wrong with using 6 and CDML? Heck, it's just for school!
  12. Add me to the SLOOOOW list. FMP6/WebCompanion/CDML 500 records, search, sort, calculate = 13 seconds to completion (finalized in graphic applet). Just converted the whole mess to FMP7 SA, using Lasso 8 and inline commands, 500 records, search, sort, calculate = 53 seconds to completion (finalized in graphic applet). This is unacceptable, disgusting and pathetic. This is a web-enabled example. I have spent a good 4 days hyper-customizing and streamlining this database solution - all energized by my faith in FMP - but it is waning - very, very fast. The XML Link to Lasso is sludgey chunky. Slow and plodding. Someone needs to get their act together. A warning to newbies, don't ask FMP to sort ANYTHING either!
  13. Add me to the SLOOOOW list. FMP6/WebCompanion/CDML 500 records, search, sort, calculate = 13 seconds to completion (finalized in graphic applet). Just converted the whole mess to FMP7 SA, using Lasso 8 and inline commands, 500 records, search, sort, calculate = 53 seconds to completion (finalized in graphic applet). This is unacceptable, disgusting and pathetic. This is a web-enabled example.
  14. Here is Ramone's answer. Apparently all relations (tables) have to be placed in portals or they 'break' the XLM coming out of FMP7 and Lasso can not parse it properly. This answer DOES seem to work on most of my databases. With some of them - even doing that (above) DOES NOT fix the problem. What do I do now? Lasso people insist they can not reproduce my problem (eh, eh), Even after I send them my files. Go figure. But they said they have had many calls from users on this - so I am not the first one.
  15. It comes with Lasso - in your browser just type: http://localhost/Lasso/DatabaseBrowser.LassoApp And it pops up. I have discovered a new problem I have Ramone working on at Lasso (omnipilot). On perfectly good working databases - when I add a relation to another simple 2 variable file, my XML browsing breaks and I get zero records. I update everything in Lasso,, security - you name it and the file just breaks. I don't know where to turn at this point and the Lasso Console output (in OSX), says that XML ended 'prematurely'. How's that for a cool way to confuse you? HAHA.. So I am waitng for Ramone at Lasso to explain this. Have you ever had this problem?
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