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  1. Use 'Insert QuickTime' instead of 'Insert Picture'.
  2. Both Safari 2 & Adobe Reader 7 let you to view pdf files in the browser.
  3. Have you applied the latest update (8.0v2), this fixes a bug with summary fields. from the update read me... 1.9. Summary values based on fraction of totals sorted by a field now return correct results. See my original post for more details... http://fmforums.com/forum/showtopic.php?tid/170283/post/177675/hl//
  4. The 'ValueListItems' function might be able to do this for you. Define a value list returning related data from your surnames field. Then define a calcuation field using the 'ValueListItems' function (have a look at FileMaker help fo syntax). I think it returns a list separated by carriage returns, you could use the substitute function to change the returns to commas if required. I haven't tested this, but it might get you on your way to a solution.
  5. I have spoken to FileMaker support about this, they were able to replicate the problem & have 'escalated it to engineering'.
  6. OK, more info. Summary fields don't work as they did in FM 7 & FM 6 when defined as 'Fraction of Total' with the 'Subtotaled' check box checked. If you open the attached file in FM 7 & run the 'Report' script the subtotaling works correctly. In FM 8 the subtotaled summary fields always return 1. The file has screenshots of the report in FM8 & FM7 if you don't have both (or either). sumFieldsBug.fp7.zip
  7. Having trouble getting a 'Fraction of Total' to work in a summary field with FileMaker 8. Works as expected in FM 6 & 7. Has anyone else noticed this, or is it just me?
  8. You will need to upgrade to Filemaker Server Advanced. Server Advanced home page
  9. You can edit multiple records through a portal, you need to use the 'current portal row number' replacement tag. e.g. input type="text" name="relationshipname::fieldname.[fmp-currentportalrownumber]" Hope this helps.
  10. What mail server are you using?
  11. Garry, do you know about the developer licence for server advanced? If you own a copy of Developer 7 you can get it for about $15.
  12. Create a calculation field, the result would be the url with the field containing the tracking number inserted at the correct spot. eg. "http://www...etc" & TrackingNumberField & "RemainderOfUrl"
  13. You might want to have a look at the 'Publishing FileMaker Online' category (right below 'Serving it up...').
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