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  1. FYI I have an FMS19.3.2 install, and get the same thing. For this install, WebDirect is running fine, and I don't need any of the options in CWPConfig. So I have never needed to use that CLI command.
  2. my bet would be to re install FMS on the worker. Jerry
  3. I up dated a server on Monday to FMS19.1 After that WebDirect stopped responding every 2-3 hours while people were using it. This solution only sends 1 type of email using WebD. I downgraded that email from 360email to simple FIleMaker Native email. Since then I only had one issue, there might be other places WebD people are calling 360email. Anyone else having problems with 360Works and WebD? Jerry
  4. the $path variable should be; get(temporaryPath) & "Name.PDF" you need to specify the name of the file (it can be a calculation too) Try that. Jerry
  5. Ryan I thought that was the issue. However (I believe) you can only have one email in the FROM section. So the plugin doesn't need to check for commas there.
  6. Using emailCreate you can specify the from address for a new message. The online manual says; the FROM address for the new message. Use "Name <[email protected]>" for displaying the name instead. This works fine for 'Jerry Salem <[email protected]>' However if I use this; 'Salem, Jerry <[email protected]>' I get an error. Other than removing the comma are there any work arounds?
  7. I find that in general layouts designed for GO or WebD always look fine on the desktop (not always true the the other way around!) My default design paradigm is to always use the Touch themes even for desktop layouts. This keeps the layout duplication to a minimum. Keep in mind there are aways exceptions where you will have to have duplicate layouts for Go and Desktop based on other demands (or workflow).
  8. I have been using the email plugin more or less successfully over the last couple months. Last night I ran a script that looped threw 50 records and sent an email to each one. The script I was using has worked flawlessly in the past for a singe record. The script is called as a PSOS. After about 5 emails the scripting engine appeared to hang, and left the remaining 45 or so scripts on the server. I needed to restart the FileMaker scripting engine. Has anyone else seen this behavior, where calling the plugin multiple times would cause the Scripting Engine to hang? Jerry
  9. Hey I am using 360works plugins in server side scripts. Also they are used by WebDirect. On my server, the plugins have created a log folder along with two log files (360Plugins_Server.log and 360Plugins_Web64.log) The Server log has grown substantially and is now about 300Mb (I have seen it get to 600MB) I am trying to rename the log files to off load them. Smaller files are easier to open and move around. When I try to rename or move them I get an error saying the file is open in Java. I have tried restarting the scripting engine, and also unchecking the enable button for the plugin in the Admin Console, but still get the same error. How can i remove, or rename the log file with minimal interruption to my users? TIA Jerry
  10. you can create a shortcut to open your database directly. I wrote this post an eternity ago, but it still is relevant (you will need to change the protocol from fmp7 to fmp) https://phillyfilemaker.wordpress.com/2009/04/27/tips-and-tricks-open-a-filemaker-database-using-a-hyperlink/ This will bypass the Launch Center, but not delete it. Jerry
  11. Brent On the web site 3.05 is still the current version. Can you confirm what version you are talking about? Jerry
  12. I have narrowed this issue down to a problem when running the plugin in a PSOS environment. I see that the last update addressed at least some issue when running this plugin on the server. Perhaps there are still some issues. I have submitted a ticket but as of yet haven't heard back. Jerry
  13. Guys I have been using 360email successfully for a couple weeks now. The plugin is used to send emails from the server. The script that calls it registers the plugin (already installed on the server), creates an email and sends it (SMTP). Last week I started to get the error string 'License string is empty' after the sendmail plugin call. The error comes up occasionally, not all the time. any ideas? (FMS16 on AWS, users are mostly WebD) TIA Jerry
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