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  1. Hello, Is there anyway to deactivate the shortcut to duplicating a record. I, and several others use cntl-f all the time which is very close to cntl-D.....? OR Is there anyway to defeat duplicating records while still allowing users to create records? thanks in advance
  2. We have restricted users from editing records once they have created them. Is they a way to allow editing access to a particular layout (or field) without compromising the above mentioned security. example- an invoice file has restricted editing access to all records after the original creation. We would like to allow a particular user to edit one field (which can be placed on any layout) at any time... however we don't want that user to have further access. thanks in advance.
  3. Would like to be able to tell who is adding records to a simple database. Is there any kind of script to poll the windows and auto enter a unique number/name from the particular machine or sign on info?? Thanks in advance.
  4. I've recently exported data from another source into an Excel spreadsheet. The exporting program limited export fields to 255 (and so does Excel). Now I have three excel files that I would like to rejoin all 600 fields back into a single Filemaker file. I have simply opened the 1st Excel doc and converted to a filemaker doc-all went fine. I can't seem to find a way to import (and thus create) the field names of the remaining two files. If I can just get the fields into the existing filemaker file then I can easily import the records of each file (mapping). Please tell me to calm down and get a grip because this is so easy..... Thanks is advance.
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