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  1. I downloaded Claris homepage3.0 and is using it .I am trying to connect to Filemaker-server using the filemaker Assistant but it is is returning a message like "Server not Responding ".But I have given proper IP address .Where is the mistake can any body help me ? ------------------
  2. I configured my FilemakerPro for web security. And viewed the security page in the browser. It is not allowing me to create a new database for security(but I can create new record(database) from FMpro web securityfile).But in browser it gives an error like this "Unexpected Error Unable to process your request because server encountered an unexpected condition For more details on error number-50 Refer to the File Maker help Topic status[current error] and contact your System administrator" Can any body help me!! ------------------
  3. I created a filemaker pro5 file added some buttons in it . When I viewed from the browser it seems that the buttons with perform script- "Go To Lay out " only is working and other buttons are seems to be inactive .Why it is happening ? Am I going in a wrong way? Any body having solution for this Please help me?. ------------------
  4. Can I have different passwords for different layouts so that when navigating from one layout to another it should ask for the password. Can any body help me? ------------------
  5. I have created a home page 'myhome.htm' and have given a link to a filemaker file 'first.fm5' from this page like <a href="first.fm5">First</a>. I put my home page in web folder and the file 'first.fm5' in another folder named 'hosted' of the site. when I am run the homepage using URL http://servername/myhome.htm and when I am clicking to the link message is coming "File not found" Why it is ? Any body can help me?
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