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  1. I didnt explain it very well at first - thats my fault. I'll upload a sample database when I get a moment to strip out some junk from the solution thanks for your assistance!
  2. gotcha - but will this show me only locations that already have the item in it. So if Item AB405 is found in locations/qty: Bin QTY 102a 1 105b 10 110a 2 205C 2 and we want to consolidate everything in bin 110a & 205C into 102a, Value list on 110a to show 102a, 105b, 205c Value list on 205C to show 102a, 105b, 110A I don't want to show every location in the warehouse, for a midsize warehouse we have over 8,000 locations
  3. gotcha - this will be used by single users, or in the case of multiple users they handle specific locations/warehouses so that shouldnt be an issue. but I will keep it in mind for the day they decide everyone can do everything all the time
  4. we are leaving the original location for record keeping, but the general thought process of the script will do exactly what I need i think. Thanks
  5. having trouble with calculating related fields scenario: inventory bin consolidation app Item 3AT17 is in 5 locations - 2 locations have just 1 unit, other 2 have 36, 65, 94 units. we want to move the two single units to the 36 unit bin. (see below) the locations/item info is in a portal. The move to list from the related locations field - showing all locations with the item. How do I calculate the new total for the "move to" field? Layout is pulling from Item Master (IM_) with related tables Count (CO_) and location (LO_) Relationships: IM_ITEM=C
  6. Working on an inventory bin consolidation solution, I have a portal that shows all of the locations & qty for an item. I also have a drop down that the user marks as yes to move, the qty they want to move, and the bins with the same item in them. I would like to filter out the current bin from the drop down, the current value list is the location field from the "count" table. Suggestions?
  7. I was afraid of the Each Order as a record problem... I now have a table that has only the order number and the item ID Each warehouse will only have one entry for each sku
  8. I am working on a system that will take orders and find the warehouse that has the stock to fulfill the order. We have 19 warehouses that hold various different items, Based on inventory some items are at all warehouse some are only at one, some are at none. I have created a portal that allows me to search for a SKU and see all warehouses that have the item in stock. I would like to be able to import the orders as csv - create a record for each order - then show the warehouse that has all items available. Current structure: INVENTORY: Table with SKU, Warehouse Name, Warehouse
  9. First off, I used to use FM all the time - years ago - and could usually do whatever I needed... seems I have lost my FMskills though. Here is what I have: 3 tables table 1: all orders placed: order number, order date, customer name, oder total table 2: is all customers: customer name, shipping address, billing address, total number of orders for that customer table 3: list of people catalog was sent to I need to create a report that will show me total sales from each state, total sales from each catalog recipient from each state I think once I can figure out this report I
  10. so here is my problem i have a list of addresses. the entire address is in one field. ie: John Doe 1234 street city state zip i need to break it out to atleast 2 fields ie: first last 1234 street city state zip in all records the address starts with a number. can i create a calculation that will find the first number in the field and then populate 2 new fields with the now parsed information. i have been able to create a formula in excel that gives me the first number - but so far have been unable to find someway to split the name and address. ideas?
  11. before I go looking for FM6 - will it behave differently in FM9? I didnt realize i had not updated my profile in a while...
  12. I gotta be honest... I dont have a clue as to what you just said! I get the each address should be unique... after that you lost me
  13. I am working on cleaning up the mailing list for the company I work for. We produce 4 catalogs for different brands. People request the catalogs and now we have 25000 addresses, but some are the same people asking for each catalog one at a time - instead of asking for all 4 catalogs. or some ask for 3 catalogs, then come back and ask for the 4th, or 2 and 2... how can i merge the duplicate records and include all of the catalogs they are requesting into one record? example Record 1 John Doe cat2 Record 2 John Doe cat 4 record 3 John Doe cat 1 and I nee
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