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  1. Hello, Can anyone provide an updated list of which windows platforms a runtime solution created with Developer 5 can run on? Thanks, Bill
  2. Hello, I've just tried porting a runtime solution to Mac and most everything works okay. One odd behavior; in a portal that shows only one row at a time, the "go to next row" and "go to previous row" scripts do change the row number but the field data remains what appears in the first row. If you click in the fields, they update to what should be in the row navigated to. The full version that I brought to the mac, navigates the portal rows as expected, only the runtime appears not to update portal row data. If I click in the scroll bar area, above or below the scroll bar, the page up, page down effect does switch portal rows with updated data. FMPro Dev 5 Mac 8.5. Thanks, Bill
  3. Hello, My solution just acquired some plugins which I've got working as needed. When I spool up the files with the developer tool, they're gone. What I've read suggests that plugins can travel with runtime solutions. Tried putting the .fmx's in the runtime folder. Tried putting them in the system folder of the developer tool. Nothin so far. Application preferences shows an empty roster for plugins. FMDev5 w/98. Thanks, Bill
  4. Hello, I would like to add security to my runtime application which will be sold to many (I hope) users. I see too many holes in the password system I've set up. Someone suggested Crypto Toolbox Plugin which can get the users machine ID and encrypt it for a password. Does anyone have enough experience with it to walk me through it some? I have downloaded it and installed it; viewed and ran the test files. There isn't much documentation and I could use a push start here. MO & TIA, Bill
  5. Hi Steve, And thanks for replying. When you say "open the EXE" do you mean DeveloperExe or my runtime.exe. In either case, opening seems to start the program rather than giving access to files. Thanks, Bill [ August 13, 2001: Message edited by: Bill Jaynes ]
  6. Hello, I'm wondering if there is a way to have a custom icon/logo for runtime solutions. The FMPro folder icon is nice but, if I could, I'd use my own. Have looked in Developer 5 and Windows but haven't seen an option for this. Any ideas? Bill
  7. Hello, I'm wondering if there has been any discussion of (or a plugin for) how to document the Filemaker features that are available to clients with a runtime version. I just got (I hope) through documenting my 10 file runtime application and realized I was going to have to account for all the options in the menu bar. I'd like to see the corp provide some documentation for us to supply users. We'd have to fill in a dovetail to our apps but it would be better than having to reinvent FM's own docs. I'd rather not go to kiosk mode since that means no Insert from Index and other goodies. Also, do developers include a pointer to some of FM's web help? I haven't looked at that and maybe there's something there. Thanks, Bill
  8. Hi Moon, And thanks. I import into an empty runtime file of customers all the records from a runtime file with customer contact data. The newly filled file seems in order. Then I import into an empty runtime invoice file all the records from a file with about 65 invoices. They don't look as good; their dates are there in the sorted chronological list but their sequence numbers are missing and they won't populate with customers. The two files are related; invoice is master showing records from customer. The match field is a serial number, each customer gets one when added to the file. Invoices are created by a script in customer that creates a new invoice and pastes (sets) the ID field in invoice. So, I'm wondering why the new files filled by importation don't link in the sense of customers appearing in the invoices. Is there a jump start method? I would like to read an extended discussion about this stuff. I don't know why field import order is important, for one. The dialog seems to show all the fields paired correctly when it opens. I go through it making sure everything is set to import. It appears that neither related fields get imported (until their file is imported) nor calculation fields either. As I say, there are ten related files, I'm just trying to get two of the most important to accept imported data and then display their relationship correctly. The original files work well in relationship and are in daily use. Thanks, Bill
  9. Thanks Moon, I really appreciate your response. Can we discuss more? I'll try to keep it simple. Two related files that didn't link up so far (importing, FMPro/Dev 5) are Invoices and Customers. The match field is a generated serial number for a customer; when Invoices are created a script sets the invoice Cust Id to that serial. That field doesn't appear on any layouts in the runtime. Could that be an issue. Thanks, Bill
  10. Hello, I'm reading the fine print to ready my solution. I think FM5 is saying I should see the DLL files in my solution folder after running the Developer tool. The solution seems to work but the DLL's aren't visible Also interested in knowing from someone who's done it, what exactly to copy over from FMP DEV 5 in Windows. Is it just that whole System folder. Thanks for your response Bill
  11. Hello, I am starting from scratch with import/export. I have a runtime solution that has ten related files that handle customer/contact, parts and invoices (mainly). The invoices are pretty complicated and since it seems you can't imp/exp related files, I can't imagine how I could import(or export) all the different files and have them come together in a new file system. I'm trying to see what would be feasible since Developer 5 sez we need to be able to have users update files when we distribute updated version. So, my first question is when is import and when export the best way to go. Second, in a complex solution is it better to simply update customers and vendors and create a new generation of invoices from there forward? I did try an import into empty duplicate runtime files; customers came over fine as did vendors; the invoices had gone somewhere else for lunch! Thanks, Bill
  12. Thanks Steve, You said they were there and I kept looking. It was a case of Folder Options (w98)"Do not show system files" Bill
  13. Hello, Im trying to print a found set of records in a list. There is a header then a body that I've made the height of one row with a record. In list view I only see one row at a time; same with form view. In table view you see all the rows of the found set and all print. I can't get them to print in list view even when I make sure Records being browsed is checked in print setup. Thanks, Bill
  14. Bruce, Thanks again! I've been on this project for many months and your help is very much appreciated. Bill
  15. Thanks Bruce, Very clear and useful response. We're up here in Montana but my wife is from Warrensburg so we fly to KC from time to time. Bill
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