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  1. I am the administratorDeveloper of the Colleges system that is currently generated in Filemaker 5.5. I have been informed that someone (not disclosed) has accessed areas of the system that are not allowed to. I have asked how this has been discovered and again this is not being disclosed but I have been told to plug the problem, unforuntately I have tested the system and I can not find a way through and other users have tested with the same result. The only solution I can come up with is someone is logging on with someone elses password. Is there any system that could record the users
  2. Hi guys appologies if this has already been discussed, I have read through some of the old posts and whilst they are similar(ish) to what I need, I am still lacking the information I require as a lot of the other post refer to Mac and I am using a PC. In the past we have used Troi Grabber to take students photographs and store the pictures in Filemaker next to the students details. This system works fine unless the file is stored on a server, with this in mind our IT department has decided that the photographs are better stored on the server so that they are accessible by more than just
  3. Thanks Guys I will look at this and let you know
  4. Hi All I am having a problem with my system, it is currently set up to store student data, subjects studying etc. I have designed a script to allow a member of staff to create a new subject for a student, which works a new subject form is generated with the new subject on, a timetable is generated with the new subject on and then for some reason over night some subjects are vanishing. I am the only person with deletion rights and there does not appear to be any blank records and records are vanishing even when created individually. They system crashed and I had to recover the relev
  5. For some reason Filemaker is bringing an error message as part of a script. This message occurs early on in the script and there is no reason for it appearing. Is there a way of continueing the script without the user performing any action???
  6. Lee Thanks for your reply but sadly I can not allow general staff to have the master password as this will allow them access to confidential data. I have spoken to my Boss and she has no idea what the problem could be. I might reqrite the scipt myself and see if that solves the problem. McGoo
  7. Dear All I have a huge problem that I have no Idea about. My Boss wrote an enrolment process for the college and has since gone on Maternity leave. When I go through the enrolment process using the enrolment password an error comes up at the end when the script tries to print a report <Filemaker Pro Print has been cancelled. Do you wish to continue with Script>. The report prints no matter what you select. If I run through the process using the master password the error message does not appear, I have checked the passwords and the settings are all correct. I can not hav
  8. I am currently considering updating to Filemaker 7 and want to benefit from all the excellent improvements but our current system on Filemaker 7 is enormous containing 127 files. We have just spent a lot of time ensuring that the system is as efficient as possible, renewing many of the procedures. Is there a way on Filemaker 7 to convert a file from V6 in to a table?? I think that I know the answer but I have to ask. I also wanted to check can I define a field in a table when the file is being shared and other users are accessing tables within the file I want to define fields in??
  9. COuld this problem be down to how my fields are defined or could it be my relationships or both. I am still stuggling and require help. PLEASE HELP ME!!! Version: v6.x Platform: Windows 2000
  10. The file structure is a bit more complicated that I explained and I was hoping it would be a simple solution........never mind. I am using three fields to achieve my final look up. The first field is a global and the value list is based on the contents of a field in another file. The second field is a global whose definitions is based on a relationship of the first field. The third field is a text field whose field definition is based on a relationship using a calculation of the first field and the second field. Sounds complicated but it is the most user friendly method of using th
  11. Dear All I have created a value list that is based on a relationship. When two people are trying to enter the same value in to their record it says that the other person is modifying the record. Is there any way around this. All help much appreciated Version: Developer v6 Platform: Windows 2000
  12. Many thanks to everyone for their help, I have taken these steps and it is now virtually idiot proof
  13. Stanley Part of the problem is that whilst in the middle of finding the student they are finding the script. I can set the start of the script to perform the find but I want the member of staff in question to be aware of the mistakes they are making and potentially make it such a pain when they have made a mistake that they start thinking about the process. Thanks for the ideas though
  14. I have designed a script that will create a payment for a student. Unfortunately the member of staff who generates payments keeps trying to run this script whilst in find mode. I know that at the start of the script I could have the perform find script step but I want to give them a message to remind them to perform the find. Is there any way to do this??? Thanks
  15. Apologies if this is in the wrong place but I wasn't sure where to post it. We are currently trialling the oAzium Events plug in, and as one aspect of the plug in we are asking it to open a file which it does fine. The problem is when the file is opening a message stating the Date format is different to system settings comes on the screen and stops the proceedings. How can I get around this?B)
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