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  1. I figured out how to solve this problem years ago. Here is how: First - Go to the layout you would like to print a letter size and go to page setup. Second - Go to print from file menu Third - Go to Filemaker from pull down menu and make all the need changes here then choose Copies and pages from pull down menu Fourth - Choose tray and Print Now go back to your Filemaker print script and select it as if you were going to edit it. Now hit ok and it will give you the dialog for pagesetup / sort / etc - choose replace for page setup. This fixed it for our Xerox / Canon / Ri
  2. I created a global filed and made it a container. I then placed the field on a layout and inserted an image into it. It works great until I quit Filemaker then it looses the image. What am I doing wrong?
  3. I am looing for a program that will bring a Filemaker window to the front if Filemaker is not the program open. I am using Keepitup to make sure the program is open but incase the program goes to the back I need it in front to work.
  4. I am looing for a program that will bring a Filemaker window to the front if Filemaker is not the program open. I am using Keepitup to make sure the program is open but incase the program goes to the back I need it in front to work.
  5. I have a online inventory website that has 68 categories and of those it has 197 sub-categories. I have 3 databases. 1 Inventory, 1 Categories, and 1 Sub-Categories. They are setup relational and work properly. (at least I think) Now here is the problem: When I do a search for a item via a value list on the web it find 207 matches which is correct but I only have 3 sub-categories and it displays all 197 of them. How can I make only show the sub-categories that are associated with this category?
  6. Yes it is FM 6 unlimited. I reinstalled 5 unlimted and it worked immediately. I want to use FM 6 unlimited for OS X stablility. Did anything change? any extra options need to be turned on? Like I said I only have web companion turned on in plugins. Do I need remote or local on? I didnt need these on with Fm 5
  7. I have been using FM 5 unlimted for almost 1 year now with Lasso 5 and we decided to upgrade to FM 6. Now I get Add Error codes. Lasso finds the database but it will not work. Did anything change from 5 to 6 unlimted? Do I need remote on? I only have web companion on.
  8. I have seen Company names in the place of scripts on the top menu bar. http://www.nightwing.com.au/FileMaker/ All of his demo's (not developer solutions) have his company name in the place of scripts. How is this done? BTW his demos have opened my eye's to some cool things that can be done. I would love to know how he mahe that drop down menu - is it another layout?
  9. We have been having a problem with employees using the find mode to enter data in instead of browse. Now we all know that in find mode you cant enter data so to say the least you can go to all the layouts via scripts and it will make you think you have completey entered all information when you havent. Now is there a way to create a field that shows a graphic when in find mode? I tried status(current mode) but that did not show it in find mode. This problems has happened with just about every employee. They sometimes look up a customers via find mode and then sometimes they dont
  10. I am creating some fields like phone number. Here is what I have phone1 , phone2, phone3. The calc is phone1 & -phone2 & -phone3 if one of the numbers begin with a 0 it elimates its. Example: fiedls 800-XXX-0XXX Views 800-XXX-XXX How can I get around it? All fields are number fields. I tried text fields with same results.
  11. Here is the info - FileMaker to develop for OS X only Apple's subsidiary FileMaker today announced it intends to develop new software for Mac OS X only , and not for earlier Mac OS versions, noting that its FileMaker 6 line will be its last developed for Mac OS 9: "FileMaker sees strong adoption of Mac OS X among our customers and developers, and by focusing on Mac OS X, we can best harness and deliver its benefits...A recent survey of our customers showed us that 41 percent of those using FileMaker on Mac OS are already running on Mac OS X. That
  12. Has anyone tried this? I am about to. I cant see how this would conflict with each other. Setup - Mac Os X, Fm Server 5.5, WSC 5.5 on same machine. If I did this I would save one machine.
  13. I tried using FM Server 5.5 on OS X a few months ago and had all my databases corrupted. Anyone else experience this? Anyone out there using OS X and using FM Server 5.5 with no problems? Any tricks?
  14. I am using Fm 5 unlimited with 2 databases connected via host to a fm 5.5 server with TCP/IP connections on. This is a Mac network that both machines use OS 9.2.2 About every 15-24 hours the databases close. This just started after 6 months of working with no problems. I have turned on the disconnect idle guest and turned off with no change in the results. Any ideas on how to fix this? I am about to reformat machiens and reinstall software and then replace hubs/switches.
  15. I find that using a machine just for Fm WSC only on it works the best. I had mine on my web server and it was very unreliable. But with it on a seperate machine I have had no problems since I made the switch.
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